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This is an opinion piece i wrote last year in College in my Journalism class when i was a staff writer for their paper... a month after the paper was publish I literally got anonymous hate mail letters...which just means i did my job as a writer..if my paragraphs seem short that is because...the point of any article is to be short and to the point

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012




O-Gay Marriage Pro- #1

HEAD: Do We Really Represent the Land of the Free?

By Destyne' O'Connell Staff Writer

The controversial topic making headlines once again is that of Proposition 8, a law proposal banning same-sex marriages in California.

The two main opinions regarding same-sex marriage seems to be religion and human rights in politics.

It is true everyone has a right to their own opinions and beliefs. But what right do you have to judge how someone else lives their life? Who has the right to deny rights to someone else?

Marriage is about more than just the title itself and financial stability. For most people, marriage is the ultimate expression of love and loyalty. No matter who you are, what your religion, culture or sexuality is, everyone is entitled to love.

The word marriage is defined as a relationship between two people. It is a personal commitment between these two people. That is no one else's business.

How exactly does gay marriage hurt society or the people around if you are not personally involved?

You can say gay marriage goes against religious beliefs, but religion has no authority in politics or the government. According to Church vs. State and the First Amendment, religion and state remain separate and protect freedom of religion. Denying marriages is a form of discrimination.

Some people argue that God makes no mistakes and that you are supposed to follow the path to heaven by making the right choices. This implies that being gay is a choice. But ask yourself this: Is being straight a choice? Why would anyone choose to be ridiculed, bullied, threatened or cast from their own family and friends?

Someone choosing their own sexuality is no more their own choice than the color of their skin or the family they are born in to.

If you take a moment to think about why people oppose gay marriage, it seems like most people are hiding behind religion to stay close minded. People are afraid of what is different and they are quick to pass judgment. I personally believe we do not live in such a "perfect" society. We have been taught to turn our backs on what is out of our comfort zone or what we do not understand. The truth is, no one is perfect. We go through life wearing a symbolic mask or front in order to thrive in an increasingly judgmental society.

The point of this article is not to insult any religion in any way or to tell people what to believe, but to get you thinking and open your mind. An opinion or belief should not stand in the way of legalizing same-sex marriage. Not everyone has to agree with the lives same-sex couples lead, but individuals deserve as much respect and equality as anyone else.

The next time someone wants to pass judgment on others ask yourself how you would feel if you were being seen as less than equal because of who you love? How would you feel if the person you love-like your child- was gay and discriminated against or possibly hated themselves for following their heart?

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