More is never enough

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What is worth more a lizard or gold?

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



A plumber is doing his job, wandering about what could have been if he had been a lawyer. He would live in a big house with no financial problems at all. People would respect him and what he does.

A lawyer envies the king, for he has might and even his own plane. He lives in a castle and receives money for just sitting on his throne. He does nothing and is given everything.

The king listens quietly towards the man who stands before him. The man is complaining about the environment, but that is not what the king is interested in. His majesty wants to be free, he want to say that he does not care, but that would not be proper. The king wants to be as careless as a child again, he wants to be the child.

A schooler cycles to school and hates it. Why can parent drive in cars and we have to cycle? The schooler wants to be an adult. He quits school and becomes a delivery man.

The delivery man still cycles, but now through the rain, he sees a plumber working in the next house. The plumber works in a warm place. And the delivery man wants to be a plumber.

A plumber wants to be a lawyer, a lawyer wants to be a king and a king a child, the child wants to be a plumber. When is it enough? When will our desires stop? And if everyone wants to be anyone, why is not everyone equal? Or are they?

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