live of love?

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A small town boy is friends with the one he loves but they must face many things in order to finally be together

Submitted: April 27, 2008

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Submitted: April 27, 2008



Life or Love?
Everyone thought that this kid was stupid, but this boy had something about him no one knew and that was compassion for others. No matter what people had told him, money was the only thing that was really worth anything to others but what meant the most to him was the one person that has always been there for him. This person was a girl about the age of 18 she was the only thing he had ever saw beauty in, but he had never told her that. The boy’s name was Christopher and the girl’s name was Juliana, if you saw them stand next to each other you would think that this girl was short because she only stood about 5 feet 6 inches off the ground. Chris was only 6 feet 4 inches off the ground but these two never cared about that at all. The only thing this girl ever really cared about was him even if he never knew it she was just too afraid to tell him as was he.
They both thought that the other one only wanted money from the other one Juliana had money and yet she didn’t care she knew deep inside that she wanted him more than anything in this world. One afternoon Christopher had found out that his mother was about to give birth to two wonderful little boys, the first person he told was Juliana. Juliana was happy for his family but it also meant that he had to work more to help his family get by. He only had to work because unlike Juliana’s family that had money well his barely had any, she offered him if he wanted to have her help but he only shook his head no. This was a shock to her because anyone else would have taken the money from her, and yet he did not. His father had left the family because of an illness that was untreatable at the time but the family got through it, with Juliana by Christopher’s side, he could get through anything and he knew that.
A few weeks later Juliana had fallen ill. No one was sure of what it was just like his father. She stayed at the hospital for a while first for only a few days but she had to keep going back and things were looking worse for her. The only way she would be able to get better was if she was brought to the city, the city was far away, from where they reside now. No one could take her to the city, not her family because her mother had to work and her father well he was another story, her only chance was Chris. When Chris had heard about her condition he agreed to take her to the city. He had decided to tell her how he really felt about her. It never happened because when he was driving he looked over at her and he just started to cry. She asked him what was wrong, and he told her that he loved her that very moment. In a soft and sweet voice, he heard I love you too. He was so shocked about this that he started to cry even more, after few hours he got her to the hospital in the city where she was given the right medical treatment and when they allowed Chris to see Juliana.
Chris walked right in looked in her eyes and said, “I love you Juliana” and then he leaned in to give her a kiss.In that moment they learned so many things about each other and a few days later when she was able to leave he had asked her if he could marry her. He asked her in the same way she wanted a man to ask her because he remembered everything that she had ever said. Things about what she wanted, like, loved, and the most important thing was that she did not want to marry because of money but only for love, love was all she had ever wanted from a man.Through out the night Juliana was still not feeling good, but she did not tell anyone.
“Hey is everything ok?” asked Chris, but he got no reply from her. He got up from where he was sitting and he went over to her, with his arm around her, he smiled and said, “I know something is wrong because when you don’t answer my questions something has to be wrong.” As Juliana looked at Chris, she wanted to tell him and then she told him “I don’t feel to well it’s like I’m always weak and um…..”“Go on now finish what you were going to say please I don’t want you to keep everything bundle up inside now” he said. “I just don’t want you to go to work because if you go to work then well I won’t be with you and it’s hard for me to be without you.” For a few moments there was a long pause between the both of them then Chris just said “Don’t worry nothing will happen and every break I have I will come to see you” “Do you promise?” With a little laugh from Chris, he said, “I promise I would never lie to you so trust me please.”
The next day Juliana woke up without Chris by her side, she started to worry about him because he did not tell her where he was going as he normally does. Juliana got out of bed and asked her mother if she knew where he went, her mother did not reply but she did give her an envelope with her name on it. She resisted opening it until she got back into her room, when she was finally in her room she started to think about what was in the letter. As she drifted off she heard a knock on her door, she wondered how it could be because her mother was at work at this time. Juliana slowly approached the door, as she got closer she felt nervous, but at the same moment she opened the door she had seen her best friend Sarah. Sarah was a girl Juliana knew since she was 15, Sarah never really talked much but these two understood each other without talking a whole lot. They knew each other inside and out, (as all best friends do) but Juliana knew that something was wrong with Sarah. Sarah was looking at the floor trying hard not to show emotion because if she did Juliana would start asking questions and Sarah did not want that at all.
Deep down inside Sarah wanted to tell her that her mother had died in a horrible car crash but she said nothing. The next thing that happened was that Sarah gives Juliana a hug and said she was happy for her, because soon she would get married to Chris. “So have you decided where you are going to get married” asked Sarah “No I haven’t… Sarah could you be my maid of honor please.” It was a shock to Sarah that she was asking her but without thinking. She had answered, “Yes I would be honored to be your maid of honor” and they both talk about things for the next few hours. Sarah asked Juliana how she wanted her dream wedding to be like. “My dream wedding let me think… I would want to have a small ceremony with family and friends, my dress would be a long white dress made of silk. My vale would be made of daffodils; my long hair would be down.As I walk down the center of the benches, I would look right into Chris’s eyes and smile at him. The only thing that would be on my mind would be how much I loved him, as the priest recites the ceremony I would recite my vows and even the part where father would say “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offence and it is not resentful.” The most beautiful quote I have ever heard in my life” Juliana drifts off into her own little world at this moment but then she hears Sarah say that that quote is very beautiful because it means so much to a man and women in love.
The two friends say goodbye for the night, finally Juliana opens the letter and Chris explains where he was. He was at his house because his mother needs help with his brothers and further on in the letter he explained how much he deeply loved her. His love for her was strong because he knew that if anything happened to her he would die because she was the reason why he was still alive. His friends picked on him because of how he always had to talk about her, and the way he would just sit there and look off into space when actually he was thinking about her and how much he loved her. Juliana was not really paying any attention to what was going on down stairs so she almost had a heart attack when Christopher came up behind her, put his arms around he waist and said I love you in a sweet tone.
Chris apologized about not being with her the whole day but she said it was ok because Sarah came over to talk for a few hours. It was time for bed Juliana changed into her bedclothes, as did Chris. The first one to get in bed was Juliana as soon as Chris got in she gave him a kiss, and said goodnight. She laid on her right side, Chris got close to her and wrapped his arm around her and he held her tight all night as if he did not want her to leave. He hoped that she did not ask him what he did at his mom’s house because he was not there at all. Instead of being, where he had written, he was at her fathers place talking to him because he caused so much heartache to Juliana when she was younger by the way he just left her and her mother when she was only six.
The next morning both Chris and Juliana went into town just to spend time together, time they needed to talk about their wedding and future. The future to the two of them was the same; they saw three kids in their lives and a wonderful life with each other. Little did they know that one of their lives would be shattered because of the other ones stupid mistake…who would ever think that bad things could happen to such a nice young couple.

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