The story of Pippin Babba and J J Coy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
young white girl and black boy in 1950 american bible belt
have romance have baby boy is killed , she asks jesus for revenge

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



The storey of Pippin Babba and J. J. Coy

By D. W. Phoenix

The wind blew down the valley

As if trying to blow our sins away

Things haven’t been the same round here

Since what happened that fateful day.

Pippin Babba was only seventeen

When she met the boy of her dreams

She thought her love would last forever

Never thought of how it seems.

Pippin Babba and J. J. Coy

Had found their first romance

Their hearts were full of happiness

But they never stood a chance.

This was 1950,s America

Deep in the Bible belt

Different races weren’t allowed to mix

No matter how they felt.

Pippin Babba and J. J. Coy

They had a secret place

Where they would meet and talk about

Changing hate in the human race.

Then one night beneath the stars

As the moon was shinning bright

Cupid shot his arrow straight

And they made love that night.

Now everything stayed fine

Until her belly grew

She gave birth to a little girl

Then every body knew.

The town folk they were angry

Held a meeting in the general store

He must have forced himself upon her

He must have raped her on the floor.

The preacher stood and shouted

Its devil worship at its worst

J. J. must be punished

And his soul it must be cursed.

And what about Pippin Babba

And the devil child she has

She can’t be allowed to keep it

We will have to bury it in the pass.

Then that night with torches lit

When J. J. was alone

They dragged him out and beat him

Then set fire to his home.

They stripped him naked on the ground

Broke his bones until they bled

Hung him from the nearest tree

With a sign that read . Now the Devils Dead.

Then round they went to Pippin babba

To take her child away

Although she cried and screamed and fought

They just told her to prey.

So Pippin Babba then decided

That she couldn’t stay no more

She packed some things in a battered case

And walked out through the door.

Walking barefoot down a dirt track

That led her out of town

She saw J. J. still hanging there

For no one had taken him down.

Pippin Babba didn’t shed a tear

As she took him down that day

She dug his grave with just her hands

Then knelt by his side to prey.

She said dear lord forgive me

But it’s time to set me free

I’ve nothing left inside to give

I’ve nothing left but me.

She said my J. J. and little girl

They never hurt a soul

Lord put right this wrong for me

For I offer you my soul.

She layed down her head and closed her eyes

Then smiling she began to weep

And soon her spirit was lifted up

As she slept her everlasting sleep.

Then from no where a man appeared

Who carried her and layed her down

Beside J. J. and her little girl

Then he headed of to town.

(The Revenge of Pippin Babba)

The local church was crowded

As every one was there

When in walked the stranger man

Who just ignored their stare.

He walked slowly down the isle

To the pulpit on the stage

Then he opened up his Bible

While looking at their rage.

There stood the stranger man

Whose dog collar gleamed like gold

He had the darkest skin they’d seen

But there was silence when he said “behold”.

All of you with out sin

Let you be the first to leave

And for all of you remaining

How strong is your believe.

Do you believe that Jesus

Died to take our sins away

And that one day our saviour

Will come back to us one day.

All the town folk cheered

Shouted “Halleluiah we believe”

Then the stranger told them some thing

That made some sick and heave.

If I said that I was Jesus

And I’ve come back to visit you

Would you rejoice and praise me

Would you believe it’s all true.

The congregation mocked him

They did not believe a word

Shouted out “Blasphemer”

What you’re saying is just absurd.

Some shouted out to beat him

Some shouted out for worse

Some wanted to run him out of town

Believing he might be cursed.

The stranger man looked down and said

“How would you expect Jesus to look

For it does not say Jesus was not a black man

On any page in the Holy Book.

You believe Jesus will come again

But you don’t believe in me

How many miracles will I have to do

Before you believe in what you see.

What type of proof do you want of me

Before you believe in who I am

But if you believe with all your hearts

I would not need to proof I am that man”.

The congregation got more angry

And tempers began to rise

They could not believe that Jesus

Was a black man in their eyes.

If I stood before you a white man

With long hair and tiny beard

If I wore a long white robe

Would your prejudice be cleared.

Or is your faith in Jesus

Only as deep as the proof you see

For if I give you wealth and power

Would you sell your faith to me.

The congregation stood and shouted

They tried to tie him to a post

But there hands just went through him

As he stood there like a ghost.

When all the people saw this

They ran screaming towards the door

The stranger just lifted his finger

Which made the door secure.

Vengeance is mine said the Lord

For there is evil in this hall

He started to sing the Lords prayer

As the building began to fall.

The stranger’s voice got louder

Then the roof came falling in

Soon the stranger was stood alone

As he dusted of their sin.

The stranger man then disappeared

The same way that he came

Now the people don’t talk no more

They just hide behind their shame.

Now every year on Pippins grave

A single rose appears

No one knows who puts it there

For its petals are shaped like tears

© Copyright 2020 DW Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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