Blakes 7 - Nexxar (lost screenplay to British Science Fiction Series)

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Blake, Avon, Villa, Dayna, Soo Lyn, Tarrant, Orac, and Slave are all rebels of the federation. Suddenly A strange type of energy weapon is used against them while they are in their spaceship, the Scorpio !

What happens next ?
You'll have to read the rest to find out !

Submitted: May 17, 2010

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Submitted: May 17, 2010




Blake's 7 is a British science-fiction series about a renegade of outlaws, primarily Blake, Avon, and 5 other members. Blake vanished early in the series and did not appear until the final episode where everyone was killed (true lack of funding in the project) so it was up to Avon to carry the command of the crew for almost all of the episodes in-between.I had a real interest in Blake's 7 years ago, especially the personality behind Avon, his ruthlessness, and unpredictable nature in the series. I submitted this to KERA years ago, hoping it would actually get produced into a real episode.

Unfortunately, the Blake's 7 project was out of funding and the story was returned to me, however the reply I received was that they would have CONSIDERED it had the series still been active which is the highest compliment I have ever received on my writing. :)

3 companies stated they would continue the Blake's 7 project, however none of them came through. Blake's 7 did return later as a type of audio-series, to my dismay it lacked the voice of the the real Avon character, Paul Darrow, so, disappointed, I had not been inclined to write further fan fiction.

You will see that in Nexxar, Avon plays a vital role and is ultimately the star of the story.

This story is recreated from OCRscan recently with the help of my good friend Chris who liked it enough to put on a small play to its effect for a grade in college in acting class. It is scanned from the printout I gave him originally typed out in DOSEDIT. Please enjoy.

Screenplay for KERA's Blake's 7 series, "Nexxar"

written by David A. Wicker 1993

please do not reprint without permission



Fade to: Scorpio in space, moving standard by 10.

Cut to: Villa with bottle in hand, swaying slightly.

Villa : (triumphantly and loudly) I won again!

Tarrant : Yes, Villa. But its not surprising, you made
the stupid game.

Soo Lyn : We must have really been bored to try one of your
ideas, Villa. "The winner indulges in what they
like best."

Dayna : (shocked) How much of that stuff have you drunk,

Villa : (voice slurring) 3 boshtles, but who's counting?

Avon : (disgusted) That will be quite enough, Villa. Go
and get yourself cleaned up. Dayna, see if you
can't sober him any. We're due to land in 2

Fade to: Ship's movement. Standard by 12.

Fade to: Ship approaching Koros, the planet of their

Villa : (stumbles on flight deck) Ohhh. My head.

Tarrant : (cynical) Feeling better, Villa?

Avon : (turning to Slave) Slave, how far to -

He is cut off by an explosion that rocks the ship at a very
serious angle. ** Special Effects ** tilt camera 45 degrees
or better. Large explosions, red lights flashing, parts of
ship, collapsing, Villa falling down. Tarrant practically
blown out of chair, etc. Serious damage to ship. Camera pan
on destruction, all of crew are unconscious.

Cut to: Main Screen which still works, it shows a ship,
searing a blinding blast of a tight blue beam
directly at the Scorpio. Suddenly the firing ship
explodes brilliantly. During ship's explosion, main
view screen suffers as well, sparks and small
explosions come out of sides of it. All of crew are
still unconscious. All fades to quiet, except for
sound of Orac.

Cut to: Orac which is active, still operating around the

Fade to: different scene of same ship, all are still

Cut to: main View Scan which, sparking, automatically clicks

Fade to: Crew finally arising, slowly. Tarrant is the first
to speak.

Tarrant : (dazed) Ohhh. My head.

Villa : Now you know how I feel! Hey! My headache's

Soo Lyn : (irritable) Speak for yourself, Villa.

Avon : What the hell was that! Slave, report!

Slave : Critical damage to main drives, life support
failing, weaponry systems inoperative, shielding
down. (pitiful) I'm sorry, master, but I think
we were hit by something.

Avon : (angry) I gathered that much! Slave, Playback
visual scan since critical event began.

Slave : Yes, master.

Cut to: Viewscreen which shows clear, blue stars, approaching
orbit of Koros, Suddenly, a massive flash of fast
moving pictures of an unknown ship moving in, firing,
exploding, then the screen goes blank.

Avon : (still angry) Playback at quarter speed, Slave.

Cut to: Viewscreen with stars, ship can now be clearly
identified as Federation, and when blue beam emits
out of cannons

Cut to: Avon, mouthing the words, "How?"

Suddenly Orac cuts in the silence.


Orac : Fascinating!

Avon : What, Orac?

Orac : I said Fascinating! (excitedly) And it was.
That ship was moving at standard by 5O. Further,
the firepower was equivalent to a hundred
Federation pursuit ships. Unfortunately however,
it exploded (emphasis) before it could do more
damage to the Scorpio.

Avon : "Unfortunately?" Just what do you mean by that.

Orac : (haughty) I hadn't finished examining it.

Avon : (somewhat grateful) Thank you, Orac. But that
still doesn't explain why it exploded. (turning
to Tarrant who is back in his chair) Did you fire
on it?

Tarrant : No, Avon. I really don't think anything did. I
think it exploded all by itself.

Slave : (inquiring) Master?

Avon : (irritable) Not now, Slave. Orac, were you
recording what happened before it exploded?

Orac : (huffy) Of course Avon, you really don't think I
would let an opportunity like this pass me by
without my recording it do you.

Avon : Good! According to your record, why did that
ship go supercritical?

Orac : My sensors showed a serious overload in the
ship's main power unit. Further information I
could not receive. Alas, the great ship was
destroyed by being improperly built with such a
powerful energy source.

Villa : Avon, you don't think this has anything to do
with that new energy source your old friend,
Tansil radioed you about, is it?

Avon : Possibly, (grim) but that was a Federation ship
using it!

Slave : (interrupting) I really hate to bother you,
master, but I think there is something you should

Avon : What is it, Slave?


Slave : Life supports systems will be depleted in 5

Avon : (angry) Why didn't you mention that earlier?

Slave : (pitiful) I tried to master, but you didn't want
to listen at the time, (meekly) I'm sure you had
much more important things on your mind at the
time and -

Avon : That will be enough, Slave. Land this ship

Slave : At once, master.

Cut to: Scorpio making rough landing on planet Koros.

Cut to: Inside Scorpio main flight deck.

Dayna : (bewildered) What happened?

Avon : (amused) Where have you been?

Dayna : I stepped out for a second to freshen up a bit,
heard something, blacked out, and found this.
(points to damaged flight deck) What happened?

Avon : We're about to find out.

Soo Lyn : Avon, I'm receiving a message on frequency Omega
43 asking for you, Should I pipe in the main

Avon : Do that, Soo Lyn.

Voice over: ...pleted work here., Avon...Need your
(Tansil) assistance,.. completed work here...Av -

Avon : Shut it off. Is that all there is?

Soo Lyn : Yes. It's a recorded message,

Avon : Everyone get kitted out for mountain climbing..
(slow camera close up of Avon) We have a long
journey ahead of us.

Cut to: Slowly spinning tape, Voice Over can be heard coming
from it. Camera stays on tape even though others
begin to speak. Halfway through next spoken
sentence, Cut to speaker.

Servalan : Do you think they've heard it?


Tansil : I'm certain they have. Sensors show they've
already landed.

Servalan : (haughty) Just what did happen to that specially
fitted pursue ship?

Tansil : I tried to warn you, commissioner, the energy is
still unstable, I need somebody with superior
programing expertise to stabilize the conversion

Servalan : (thoughtfully) I think I have just the right man
for the job you need. Meanwhile, since Avon and
his group will be expecting you, act, (smiles)
properly. You know what to do with them.

Tansil : (sinister) Indeed I do, commissioner.

Servalan : Good, I will leave you now to conduct your
business with them when they arrive.

Cut to; Mountainous peaks. Crew are mountain climbing. ***
Special Effects *** tilt camera 90 degrees and take
shot of them crawling on ground with rope thrown to
right (it will look up)

Villa : I don't like mountains. I get dizzy with

Avon : If you're feeling ill, Villa, point your head
downward so you won't cause anyone else

Tarrant : Very funny. Guess who's below him.

Avon : (comfortingly to Villa) Save your sickness,
Villa, were almost there.

Soo Lyn : (reassuring) Just think Villa, when we've
arrived at the top, you can have a nice glass of

Villa : (disgusted and nauseated) Wine!? >Uuuuuurgh<

Cut to: Flight Deck on Scorpio.

Orac : Now hear this! Now hear this! Since I am in
charge of repairing this ship, you will take
orders from me, Slave.

Slave : Yes, master.

Orac : (imperiously) Good! Now, place your circuits for
self repair for life support systems since they
will be most critical to the crew when they
return. I will give you further instructions
once this is completed. (enjoying the role) Your
master has spoken.

Slave : Yes, master.

Cut to: Top of mountain. Large landed Freighter can be seen.
From condition of ship, it doesn't look as if it
could take off again.

Avon : (removing mountain gear, angry) Villa! We could
have fallen down there and broken our necks
because of you!

Villa : (queasy) I'm sorry, Avon. I told you I get dizzy
of heights.

Avon : (grim and loud) So you have clearly proven. Soo
Lyn and the rest of you, are you cleaned up now?

Tarrant : Almost. (disgusted) Villa, one could never
accuse you of exaggerating about your vertigo.

Soo Lyn : Really, Villa! If you can't hold your wine, you
shouldn't drink at all!

Villa : I drink to forget, though!

Dayna : Forget what?

Villa : (miserably) My drinking problem.

Cut to: Tansil working on energy charts. He is monitoring
changes and recording differences. After a little
bit more of this, he walks through an open door.

Cut to: Crew approaching main door of Freighter. Tansil
walks thru to greet them,

Tansil : Welcome Avon! Its been a long time!

Avon : (distant attitude) Indeed it has. What is this
about a new source of energy?

Tansil : You don't miss a beat do you. Still the same old

Avon : (cynically) I'm still alive, aren't I?

Tansil : Come. (motions them inside)


Cut to: Crew and Tansil in ornate Lounge onboard Freighter.
Tansil is handing out drinks to crew. He offers one
to Villa who still looks slightly ill and, Soo Lyn
puts out a restraining hand on the drink.

Soo Lyn : None for Villa, thank you. (darkly) He's had
quite enough.

Avon : (more congenial) So, Tansil, is this your ship?

(noticeable pause)

Tansil. : Yes, it is. Why do you ask?

Avon : No particular reason. On our way down here, we
met a ship that exploded. We couldn't identify
it but thought it looked out of place somehow.

Tans : (nervously) Ah well, yes. That was a test ship
to test out this test of energy I talked to you
earlier about.

Villa : (anxious) I'm feeling better now.. Really I am.
Can I have that drink now?

Avon : (direct) Promise you won't get sick again?

Villa : (frantic) I promise!

Tansil pours him half a glass which Villa takes dainty sips
out of,

Avon : Have you decided on a price for your find yet,

Tansil : Not really. I wanted you to look it over before
you made any final decisions.

Avon : (statement) I plan to.

Tansil shrugs, then smiles, gets up and hands him a chart
showing energy output.

Avon : (aghast) The quantum energy for this is
incredible! If it works. That has yet to be

Tansil : Precisely what we we're going to do next. I
wanted you to have a close look at my core energy
converter so you can see firsthand just what I am
doing here.

Avon : (mesmerized by the chart) What? Oh. Yes, I
would like that very much!

Tansil : (leading, smiling) It's this way.

(Avon, Soo Lyn, Villa, Tarrant, and Dayna follow him thru a
door that slides open vertically clown)

Cut to Outside of Freighter near entrance to Energy Core

Large entry door opens quickly which causes group to fall
back suddenly. Inside can be seen extremely large working
gears, steam emitting from sides at times, many flashing red
lights on low ceiling. Definite sound of machinery.
ok, Special Effects : *** I was thinking of this looking kind
of like an entrance to an evil Car Wash without water, use
your imagination, Or idea from other suggestions entered in
your studio.

Avon : Thru here.

Tansil : Yes, we'll need these.
(hands radiation masks to Avon, rest of crew, and
one for himself, all put them on)

Avon : (Breathing thru mask suspiciously) How safe will
these be once we're inside?

Tansil : Very safe, I assure you.

Avon : (pause) Then you lead!

Tansil : (taken aback slightly) I'm not that sure.

Avon pauses for a moment (his expression is hidden by his
mask) and then leads the way in, the rest of the crew follow.
Tansil waits until all are inside and then, quickly reaching
into his waist pocket, pulls out a small black box with three
buttons on it, (props described in later detail) Pressing the
Green button, the entry to the Core quickly closes, sealing
crew inside. He then removes his mask.

Avon : (Whirling around, Angry) Tansil! What are you up

Tansil : (muffled from closed entry) Those radiation masks
will be good for about another hour or so. As to
how long I'm not certain, I haven't had the
liberty of testing them myself. Unfortunately,
(sing-song) you won't have a chance to find out
for yourself either since the next conversion
phase is due in 3 minutes. They (shrugs) might
notice a slight fluctuation in power but not
enough to cause any undue panic.


Avon : What is it, Tansil! What do you want! Is it
money? I can pay you credits, much more than
you're earning if that's it!

Tansil : No, I just want to (grim) see you die!

Avon : (thoughtfully) But it's not you is it, Somebody
is paying you to eliminate us, Who is it Tansil,
is it Servalan? Is she paying you? (voice
rising) I'll pay more than that to get out of
here myself, I don't care about the rest of them
(whipping out gun and pointing it at Villa and
rest of crew) I just want out of here! (Panic in
voice) I've got my gun pointed at the others so
they won't hassle you if you let me out. I'll
pay you well!

Villa starts to speak but Avon shakes his head vehemently to
keep quiet.

Tansil : (amused) How much, Avon?

Avon : (grimly and loudly) How much money do you think a
man will pay to save his very own life! (quietly)

Tansil : (laughing slightly) You must be joking! You'll
have to do better than that in, (pause) 48

Avon : All right! 4000 credits damn you and it's all I

Noticeable pause.

Cut to : Tansil fingering box, rubbing finger on yellow
button and finally pressing red button.

Entry quickly flies open and, as can be seen inside, Avon's
back is at camera and is holding rest of crew at gunpoint.

Avon starts to back away from entry still holding crew at

Tansil : That's better now isn't it?

Avon flings gun around to face Tansil who is so surprised, he
drops his control box. Rest of crew jump out with Avon.

Avon (grim, sadistic) Much better!

Tarrant hurls into Tansil who falls on ground.


Camera from eyepoint of Tansil on ground. Tarrant is looming

Tarrant : I didn't like being in there at all.

Avon : (excitedly) Get that box (pointing to ground)
before that thing. blows!

Villa reaches it first and covering his eyes, randomly
presses a button, the green one.

The entry quickly slams shut again and a soft explosion can
be heard within, Since there is a window on the entry, a
blinding flash can be briefly seen within. The machine
resumes its normal processes and continues again.

Avon (looks horrified at what just happened within
Core and, points gun at Tansil, voice is grim and
loud) Give me one good reason why I should let
you live at all!

Tansil (hysterically) I've got credits! Lots of
credits! I'll pay -

Avon ends the conversation by shooting him in the forehead.

Dayna : (shocked) Avon!

Avon : (more to himself than anybody else) Still, I
should have waited to hear his offer (run-on
sentence, louder) Villa! How are you coming on
that door!

(during this time, Villa has been working away on the door
back into the Freighter)

Villa It will take a little while Avon, I don't have my
good tools with me or I'd have it open by now.

Avon : We'll check around the Freighter to see if there
aren't any more entrances. (quietly to Soo Lyn
who is quite close) Make sure he isn't disturbed
on the lock. Shoot anybody you see. Got it?
(smiling) Except of course ourselves. (louder)
Tarrant, Dayna, come with me!

Villa (upset) What? Dayna isn't going to stay and keep
me company?

Avon : You work on that lock Villa! Soo Lyn will shoot
anybody that bothers you.

Villa : (smiling at Soo Lyn) Ah, well then!


Soo Lyn : Keep your hands on that lock or I'll shoot them

Villa : (still smiling) Is that a threat?

Soo Lyn : (smiling a little herself) Call it a prediction.

Villa stops smiling and (camera close up) His work can be
seen, he is tracing a triangular grid on the faceplate of the
lock using Grid Chalk and a fancy compass to mark the points,
He is half finished when -

Soo Lyn : Duck Villa!

Cut to: Federal trooper with mask and gear shooting at Villa
from 50 feet_ Lock on door explodes where federation
shot hits and, Soo Lyn unerringly fells trooper with
her shot.

Cut to: Lock which is smoking and sparking.

Soo Lyn : How much damage did he do?

Villa : Not much really_ Actually, (he taps the door
twice, it flies open vertically down, smiling at
Soo Lyn) he helped a little.

Soo Lyn : (sarcastically) Well aren't you clever. Stay
here and I'll go locate the others,

Villa : Don't be too long, I'm unarmed you know.

Soo Lyn : Well here. (she hands her gun to him) Take this.

Villa : (edgy) On second thought, you better take it.
(pushing gun back at her) Guns make me nervous.

Soo Lyn : Everything makes you nervous, Villa.

Villa : (romantically) Except you.

Soo Lyn : (smiling and pulling away from Villa's gaze)
I'll find the others, you stay here.

Cut to: Servalan's quarters where she is resting in a large
bed, all is harshly white-coloured.

Servalan : (speaking into a console) Have the crew been
dealt with yet?

Cut to: BW image on screen at console. On it is an Officer.


Officer Yes Commissioner, they should be now having a
tour of the Energy Core Converter, (cynically)
close up, that is.

Servalan : Well done trooper. How about Avon, was he with

Officer : Yes, Commissioner.

Servalan :(apoplectic) You fool! We need him for the final
stage of our program, only he has the programing
knowledge. Shut down that plant immediately and
retrieve him from the Core if that is where he
is, and bring him here. (cutting) Do not fail me

Officer :We won't, commissioner.

Servalan : (angry and moving closer to the console) YOU
don't fail me again trooper. This is in your
hands and your personal responsibility.

Officer : (nervously) Yes, commissioner. (console picture
clicks off with sound)

Cut to: Servalan falling back in bed, muttering to herself.

Servalan : (to herself) They're all fools!

Cut to: Soo Lyn running towards Avon.

Sao Lyn : (yelling while running) Villa got the lock open,
where are the others?

Avon :I sent them to search the other areas of this
Freighter; I thought it would be quicker.

Soo Lyn :Well let's get in and get the Nexxar.

Avon All right. (touches wrist transceiver, speaks
into bracelet) Tarrant, Dayna, return back to the
main door. Its open now. I'll meet you there
shortly. Out.

Cut to: Villa who has his back to the door and is looking
around fearfully. He starts to pull something out of
his pocket when the door behind him suddenly opens
and Villa falls through it. He is grabbed by two
troopers who were walking through and, after he is
knocked in the head by the butt of the metal gun one
was carrying, he is dragged off. The automatic door
recloses again. Noticeable pause. Shortly
thereafter, Tarrant and Dayna arrive at the door.


Dayna : Where's Villa?

Tarrant : Off nut gathering probably.

Dayna : He doesn't need anymore, he's already got us.

Tarrant (smiling slightly, taps transceiver on wrist,
speaks into it) Avon, Villa isn't here and -

Dayna : (pushing on door, frustrated) This door won't

Tarrant : (continuing sentence) - and the door won't open-

Avon : Stay where you are. We'll meet you shortly.

Cut to: Villa's tools, randomly thrown on ground outside of

Dayna : Look! Villa's tools! He never goes anywhere
without them! Something's happened.

Tarrant : You're probably right. Let's wait for Avon.

Cut to: Villa's unconscious form being dragged down hallway'
They arrive at a door, and, inserting a sold black
card with two thin red stripes above and below, the
door slides open.

Servalan: Yes, you've found Avon?

Trooper : No, commissioner, he was found outside the main
door to the Freighter.

: (looking at unconscious form) That's Villa! You
may leave Troopers.

Cut to: Servalan's Room-
Servalan pulls up a sheet white chair to examine his prone
form for a moment. With a sense of curiosity, she removes
his transceiver bracelet, examines it for a second, and prods
Villa with her boot.

Villa : (groggy) Oh!

Servalan:Where is Avon?

Villa : (still groggy) Who's there?

Servalan: (friendly, inquiring) A friend Villa, where's


Villa : He left me at the door and was checking around
the Freighter for - (grogginess now left)

Servalan : (smiling indulgently) That's Sleer to you, Villa.
(waving his transceiver bracelet at him)
Thank you.

Villa : (panicking) No, he's still onboard the Scorpio,
you'll never get to him!

Servalan : (patiently) Thank you Villa, that will be quite
enough. (melodious) Guards?

Two guards were at attention in the corners of her room.
They approach in formation.

Servalan : Take our guest to the mental ward. (smiling to
Villa) He doesn't look at all well.

Villa : (panic rising) I'm fine, really I am!

1st Guard : Yes, commissioner.

The guards hoist up Villa and roughly usher him out the door.

Cut to: Main door of Freighter. Avon and Soo Lyn now

Dayna : He's not anywhere in sight!

Avon : He must have been found by somebody. (angrily)
Soo Lyn, it was your job to keep an eye on him,
what happened?

Soo Lyn : I offered to leave my gun with him but he refuse

Avon : (still angry) Typical of Villa.

Soo Lyn : Wait! I might know a way to get in. Stand back!

Avon looks suspicious but slowly he and the rest pull away
from the door. Soo Lyn shoots the lock with her pistol.

Avon : (grimly) What did that accomplish!

Soo Lyn : A moment, Avon.

She approaches the door (still sparking) and taps lightly on
it twice. The door responds and flies open.

Avon : (grimly) Very neat. Where did you learn that?


Soo Lyn : (smiling) Villa taught. me.

Cut to: Villa in Mental Ward. He is in a padded room and

Villa : ...if one of those bottles should happen to fall,
that's 43 bottles of beer on the wall, (panicky)
Help! Somebody let me out of here!

Cut to: Crew minus Villa walking carefully through open main
door. A little bit of skulking about until finally -
they arrive outside of Servalan's door which is
clearly marked by being solid black compared to the
greyish blue doors and has intricate indentations in

Tarrant : This looks promising.

Avon : Wait! That door requires a pass card (points at
card slot) We won't be able to get through there
unless we find Villa to open it or the card
holder. (smiles) Like that one. (points to
guard on duty guarding blue-grey door in large
hallway) But we don't need fireworks, not here,

Soo Lyn : (slyly) Leave him to me.

She hands her gun to Avon and the rest of the group duck into
cover. She approaches the guard who points his gun at her.
she raises her empty hands to show him that she is unarmed
and his aim wavers slightly. She smiles coyly to him, and,
after a brief pause, karate kicks him in the chest which
bowls him over cracking his helmet against the hard floor.
She hurriedly rummages in his pockets and produces two cards,
the one for Servalan's door and one for Villa's door. She
doesn't know which goes for which. She runs back to the
group and shows her find to Avon.

Avon : One of these must open the door.

Soo Lyn : And what if neither of them will; one of them is
bound to trigger off an alarm.

Tarrant : (taking the cards and looking carefully at them
in the light selects the darker one) Well we'll
just have to take a chance now won't we.

He puts the card in the door and, after many series of sounds
of computer machinery, the door opens. Avon is the first to

Servalan : (within, friendly) Welcome Avon, I've been
expecting you.


The rest of the crew burst in, including Dayna, who
practically runs over the others in her haste to enter.

Dayna : (tears in eyes, angry) You killed my Father!
I've been waiting a very long time for this!
(points her gun directly at Servalan)

Avon : Wait, Dayna! Don't! She's of more use to us
alive than dead, and besides, (smiles) I'm sure
she (points to Servalan) will be able to pay her
debt to you before we're done here.

Dayna's gun wavers and, after a brief pause, clicks it back
in her holster; glaring at Servalan,

Avon : (directly to Servalan) Where is Villa!

Servalan : (patiently) I don't know what you are talking

Avon : (grim and loud) Don't play games with me
Servalan! You know exactly where he is and if
you don't tell me in 5 seconds, I am going to let
Dayna shoot you (cynical smile) to her heart's

Servalan : (anxiously) You said before you needed me more
alive than dead.

(Brief pause)

Avon : (big smile) I've changed my mind. Dayna, kill.

Servalan : Wait! (chokes on her own breath) I'll tell you.
I left him in the Mental Ward, He's perfectly
safe there.

Avon : (pulls own gun and points it at Servalan) Then
lead the way!

Servalan attempts to look haughty but doesn't quite succeed
as she gets up out of bed and walks for the door.

Servalan : (quietly and innocently to Avon) I really did
expect you, Avon. (Closer) I need you.

Avon : (grim and loud) Save it for later, Now move!

They pass through a couple of doors, clown a few stairs, and
arrive at Villa's door. Inside can be heard muffled singing.
Villa is on the 73rd bottle. Unknown to the crew though,
Servalan has managed to silently signal a guard to her
predicament. The guard follows discreetly.


Avon : (still grim) Open it!

Servalan : (patiently) It requires a pass key. (innocently)
Don't you have one.

Avon starts to yell at her, thinks better of it and -
Avon : (politely) Is this it. (shows her the remaining

Servalan : (surprised) Yes! Where did you get that?

Avon : (grim) I borrowed it.

Avon puts the key in the slot and the door opens.

Villa has heard the commotion and was listening at the door,
He falls through as it opens.

Dayna : (concerned and helping him to rise) Villa! Are
you all right!

Villa : (woozy) Oooh! I think I hurt something.

Avon : (game) Your pride, perhaps? (to Servalan, grim)
We came for one more thing Servalan, there is a
source of Nexxar Energy down here, You will now
show us where it is.

Servalan : (quietly and enjoying what is to happen next)
Oh, I don't think so Avon. (melodiously) Guards?
(8 troopers waiting in hiding arrive brandishing
sinister laser rifles aimed at the hapless group)

Servalan : Throw your bracelets and weapons on the floor.

The crew easily seeing they are outnumbered reluctantly
comply. The items clatter to the floor.

Servalan : (To guards) Show MY prisoners to their cells
until I find something suitable for them.

1st Guard : Yes, commissioner.

Servalan : (interrupting motions) Wait! Leave that one,
Avon. We have things to discuss.

(the 1st guard nods and leads the others away)

Avon (grim) Well.


Servalan : (dictating) Avon, you need the Nexxar just as much
as I do, let us make a proposition, you help me
with a program I need for the final processing,
and I will give you one tenth of what we make
down hare.

Avon : (grim and loud) No deals, Servalan!

Servalan (smiling) Then let me suggest another idea, you
help me and (deadly serious) your friends may
walk out of here with all their limbs.


Avon : (quietly) What is it you want me to do.

Servalan : Come, let's go to my office.

Avon follows Servalan; all the while looking for ways to
escape when the time comes.

Servalan : Through here.

Avon (grim but polite) After you.

Servalan : (smiling) Aren't you the gentleman!

Following Servalan thru the door, they both sit down in
opposing seats.

Servalan : (lifting up a chart, hands it to Avon) This is
what we are doing here, now as - (voice and
picture fades to - )

Cut to: Prison with rest of crew.

Villa (gloomy) I don't like being in prison, I really

Soo Lyn : We all don't Villa,

Villa : (thoughtfully) If I had my tools, I could get us
out of here' (disheartened) But I've lost them.

Soo Lyn (coyly) Are these yours, Villa? (she hands Villa
his grid chalk and fancy compass)

Villa : Yes, thank you, err...where did you find them?

Dayna :Outside where you left them, Villa. You really
are very careless with your toys.

Tarrant :How long will it take you to open that door.


Villa : About a minute.

Tarrant : Well that's just how long it will be until they
return for us. You'd better get started.

Cut to: Villa's work on this lock, different from other.

Fade to Servalan's Room and her voice,

Servalan : - so you see? That's why I need you.

Avon (interested) I see, you want me to write a
program that will monitor the fluctuations in the
Nexxar energy output status.

Servalan : Precisely. What items will you need to begin the

Avon : Orac.

Servalan : (angry and surprised) You still have Orac!

Avon : (smiling) Of course.

Servalan (friendly and inquiring) Where is Orac?

Avon : (standing) I will get Orac You will have to
trust me to return.

Servalan : (matter-of-fact) If you don't return, your
friends (emphasis) will die!

Avon (sourly) I know.

Servalan : Two of my guards will escort you to the main
entrance of this Freighter. I will expect you
back in less than an hour or - (she smiles)

Avon : (grim) I'll be back.

Cut to: Villa working on lock, carefully cutting wires, the
lock plate is open and wires are streaming out.

Dayna : (anxious) How much longer are you going to be?

Villa : (frantic) You want me should just beat on it
until it opens? (admiringly) These locks are
delicate things, if I don't cut the right wire,
the whole ship will be alerted to my tampering.
(worried) I really don't want that.

Tarrant : (looking at watch guards didn't remove) Your
minute is up Villa! Open that door now!

Villa : I'm not finished yet!


Tarrant : (energetically) Oh yes you are, stand aside.

Villa jumps out of the way when he sees Tarrant ramming his
elbow against the door. Oddly enough, the door pops open.

Soo Lyn : You were admiring the lock and its mechanism so
much Villa, that you didn't even consider how
strong the door itself was.

Villa : (pleading) Yes I did! Yes, I would've. In a
little bit, Given time, that is!

Dayna : (exasperated) Come on Villa, you can tell Avon
how you rescued us, but later. Let's go!

Cut to Avon switching Orac on. He is back in the Scorpio
which is still landed on Koros,

Avon Orac, I don't have much time, how soon can you
rig a teleport system that will teleport the rest
of the crew back here, (emphasis) WITHOUT their

Orac : If, what I gather from your primitive description
is accurate, you want me to create a field that
will teleport without transceiver confirmation.

Avon : (angry) That's what I said!

Orac (huffy) You said something entirely different.

Avon : (frustrated) When can you begin?

Orac : I will need personal bioscan information about
each crew member in question, do you have this
data available?

Avon : (quietly) No. (pause) (louder) But Slave does,
you will get the information from there to
initiate this. Further, I will create a remote
control device that will signal you to teleport
all of us up when it is activated.

Cut to: Avon working on remote control device, it is quite
small with one tiny switch. Fade to further work on
it, Avon is noticeably sweating. One more camera

Avon : Done it!

Cut to: Avon in flight control with Orac.

Avon Orac, have you finished yet! I only have 10
minutes to return back to the Freighter.


Orac i have been finished with your small project for
quite some time now.

(pause as Avon looks heavenward)

Avon Good, 1 will transmit my teleport signal on
frequency Delta 45.37. Do you have that, Orac?

Orac : Yes, Avon.

Avon Good, await my signal.

Orac : There is a difficulty with this project though.

Avon : (grim) Would you care to elaborate?

Orac : 1 am using Scorpio's ground sensors to locate the
crew, They will be able to teleport only if they
are on the planet's surface and not inside any
metal based objects such as Herculanium.

Avon (grim and loud) Are you telling me it won't be
possible to teleport them if they are inside the

Orac :(haughty) That is precisely what l am saying,

Avon (slamming fist on nearby console) Damn! I
suppose it's better than nothing, Keep
monitoring them, l have to return to a certain
punctual lady.

Cut to: Escape of crew. Nobody has noticed them yet. They
are skulking around the freighter trying to find the
main entrance.

Cut to: Avon, running out of breath, practically jumping into
Servalan's room to meet her deadline.

Cut to: Servalan (smiling) looking at a very accurate

Servalan : You're 4 seconds early, Avon. I do appreciate

Avon : (wheezing slightly) I'm sure you do.

Servalan : (inquiring) Where's Orac?

Avon : Still onboard the Scorpio.


Servalan (angry) What? You said you needed that thing to
help with writing the program I've assigned for

Avon : (vehemently) I DID need Orac. Vital calculations
were made to insure a stable energy flow.

Avon pulls out a piece of paper and starts mentioning and
writing down gibberish on programming codes and just how much
research and work he has done for her project, Since
Servalan knows very little about programing, she accepts
Avon's word.

Servalan : (satisfied) Come, I'll show you where you'll.

Cut. to: Avon's middle finger of left hand. On it is his tiny
signaling device.

Avon : (voice over) Yes, I'd like to begin.

Cut to: Escaping crew. Warning lights are flashing from the

Dayna : (distraught) We must have triggered a hidden
relay system!

Tarrant : (excited) Wait, I know where we are! This is the
corridor they led us down when we met Villa.
It's this way, (points down adjacent corridor)

Cut to: Servalan and Avon entering room which monitors energy
flow and output.

Servalan : (pointing to extremely fancy looking computer)
You'll work on that.

Avon :(surprised) That thing's been outdated for over 2

Servalan : Nevertheless, you (emphasis) will write the
program on that computer.

Avon : Very well. I will now need to see where the
Nexxar is coming from.

Servalan : (surprised) What? (angry) You will not!

Avon : (sits in chair and leans back comfortably) Then I
can't help you.

Servalan : (wicked) And I suppose you can't help your
friends who are scheduled to be terminated.


Avon (grim and loud) Actually, no! I (emphasis) MUST
see where the Nexxar is coming from so I can make
a proper assessment of which type of program
should be written for it.


Avon (grim and loud) Will you or will you not show me
where the Nexxar is coming from!

Servalan : All right! It won't do you any good. It's
protected. Through that door with this. (she
reaches in her harsh white dress for a pass key)

Avon : (smiling) Thank you.

Avon walks through the pass card door.

Cut to: Villa who has gotten misplaced from crew.

Villa : Hello? Help, Tarrant! I'm lost! Please find me
Dayna! Soo Lyn, I'm sorry for all the terrible
things I've said to you, Help! Somebody!

Avon quickly and quietly approaches him.

Avon (quietly) Shut up, Villa! It sounds like you've
already triggered an alarm!

Villa : (mournful) Have you seen Tarrant, Dayna -

Avon (tired) No, I haven't, Villa. I need you for

Villa : What's that?

Avon : I've located the Nexxar source and I need you to
take the lock off. Can you do it?

Villa : (proudly) I can open any lock, Avon. I've told
you that before.

Avon (grim) So you have said, many times before.

Cut to: Rest of escaping crew. They are under heavy fire.
Not completely in view but can be seen, Soo Lyn is
removing a small gun from her underneath her lower
pants leg.

Dayna : Where's Villa?

Tarrant : Oh, great! As if we weren't having enough
problems. Duck!


Cut, to: Shot from trooper speeding towards Soo Lyn. She
ducks it and returns fire with her gun. She never
misses, 3 troopers remain.

Dayna : Look out! (points behind)

Cut to: Guard sneaking up and preparing to fire at Tarrant in
back. Soo Lyn sees and shoots him.

Soo Lyn : (anxious) We've got to do something! I'm running
out of ammo.

Dayna searches fallen trooper behind Tarrant, finds grenade.

Dayna : Try this! (hands it to Tarrant)

Tarrant : Well here goes! (throws it towards remaining

The grenade sends out a tremendous amount of smoke, So much
that visibility is completely lost to troopers.

Tarrant : That's our ticket! Let's go.

Dayna : But where? They're looking for us everywhere!

Tarrant : Back to our prison, they won't search for us

Soo Lyn : Sounds good! Let's go!

Cut to: Source of Nexxar room, Lots of pretty lights and

colours emitting from ceiling and large rock in centre of
room. Monitoring wires are all over it. Further, a large
glass dome is covering the entirety of it.

Avon : There it is! Get me a chunk of that Nexxar!

Villa : What? By myself! You've got to be kidding,

Avon : (impatient) All right! Just open it and I'll get
the piece. Move! I don't know how long this
place will remain empty, (quieter) Apparently
everybody is searching for you and our friends.

Villa : (chirpy) I'm done!

Avon : (surprised) What! You can't be!

Villa It's just glass, Avon. I used a glass cutter.


Avon : Good! (approaches opening in case, grabs rock
and, struggling with rock, after a long strain,
breaks off a piece)

Avon : (tired and hurt) I don't think I've pulled so
hard in my life.

Villa Avon! Your glove! It's dissolving! (pause)
Here! Throw that down! (Avon complies) Now,
wear this! (hands him glove sitting atop counter
in here) (smiling) Now grab your hot little jewel
and let's get out of here! (complies)

Avon : (grateful) Thank you, Villa, Sometimes you can
really be helpful. I mean that. Let's go!

Villa : Wait a minute. What about the others? I mean,
if it's not a lot of trouble and won't involve
getting hurt or anything, that is, I just -

Avon : (smiling) I know what you mean. (thoughtfully)
If I know Tarrant, he's probably back in the
prison waiting for you to return and for things
to cool down.

Villa : (frantic) We're going back in that prison ?
I don't like it there!

Avon ; (grim again) Just to rescue our brave heroes!
Let's go!

Cut to Servalan in Monitor Energy room.

Servalan : (to herself) He should have returned by now.

Two Sentries quickly approach.

1st Sentry: Yes commissioner?


Servalan : (smiling) Bring my prisoners here, I want to
kill them. (slow and syrupy) One by one.

let Sentry: Yes commissioner,

Servalan : You. (points to 2nd Sentry) Hook up audio
channels to resound throughout this Freighter-

2nd Sentry: Yes commissioner.

Cut to: Prison with Tarrant.


Soo Lyn : (bored) How long must we remain here.

Tarrant is about to answer but is interrupted by Avon's

Avon : No longer. Let's go. I have the Nexxar!

Tarrant : Just like that! How dangerous is that stuff?
Are we being contaminated?

Avon Let's worry about that later. I suspect I may
have caused some critical reaction by my (smile)
borrowing this piece.

Suddenly the whole freighter shakes violently for a few

Avon : Call it a well formed hypothesis.

Villa : (scared) Let's get out of here!

Soo Lyn : Agreed! Let's go!

Cut to: Monitoring room with Servalan.

Servalan : What was that? Guards?

One Sentry approaches.

Guard : Yes, commissioner.

Servalan : What happened?

Guard : Sensors register an unstable balance in the
energy conversion phase.

Servalan : Damn you Avon! I need that program now!

Cut to: Rooms of the ship breaking up.

Cut to: Avon and crew escaping. The crew are at the entrance
when they suddenly see about 15 troopers outside of
Freighter pointing guns at them. Just in front of
them is Servalan.

Servalan : (romantically) Avon. You haven't written that
program I need yet.

Avon : (loud and commanding) All of you, make for
outside when I give the signal.


Villa : (very scared) Avon! We'll be killed. Even I can
count at least 14 troopers out there and we don't
even have our teleport bracelets, Further,
that's moving towards not away from them.
(slightly angry) Are you insane!?

Servalan : (smiling) That's 15, Villa..
But you're reasoning
is better than Avon's.

Avon : Now!

Servalan : (disgusted at Avons' bravado) Fire!

Avon sets off the transmitter on the ring and -

Cut to: Guards firing,

Cut to: Crew running for outside.

Avon : (hissing to himself) Now, Orac!

Cut to: Beams from guns quickly closing in.

Cut to: Crew teleporting as soon as they touch outside of
Freighter, Trooper's beams passing thru them.

Cut to: Freighter exploding. Servalan running away from

Cut to: Crew teleporting back inside Scorpio.

As soon as they are completely teleported. Villa is the
first to speak.

Villa (proudly) Avon, you've outdone yourself, you've
rigged a teleport that doesn't use bracelets.
How'd you do it?

Avon : (pained) I'm glad you like it but there are
things of greater importance presently.
(prepares to collapse)

Cut to: Glove Avon is wearing. It is smoking and bubbling.

Villa : My God! That thing's eating into his hand.
Slave, open the containment unit for unstable

Slave (urgency in voice) At once, Master!

Villa : Drop your little bauble in here Avon. (points to
slot that has opened in side of wall) And let's
look at that hand of yours.


Dayna : (tight voice) Slave, damage report.

Slave : (calm) All systems functioning normally.

Tarrant : (anxious) Then let's get the hell out of here!
Slave, planetary liftoff, standard by 13!

Slave : At once master.

Cut to: Ship lifting off *** Special Effects ** Consider
clip from series where Avon gained Neutronic Drive.

Fade to: Soo Lyn and rest of crew in Medical room in Scorpio.
Avon is in medical bed, his hand bandaged. Medical
devices around bed are flashing lights and making
soft beeps.

Tarrant: (very excited) Avon! That rock of yours can be
fitted for the Scorpio to do standard by 34!
Also, when you're recovered, we can create a
weaponry system that will make the Liberator look
like a pea shooter.

Soo Lyn : (taking chart being printed from side of his bed)
He'll be all right. (smiling) Avon, sometimes I
think you'll do anything for the fastest ship
with the bestfirepower.

Avon : (recovering strength, raising self up on elbows,
looks hard at Soo Lyn) You're damn right I will!

(end credits)


Black box Tansil carried to close door:
Hard plastic square casing, three buttons are trisections of
a circle with divisions between. All next to each other to
look like circle. The buttons are coloured: Yellow, Green,
and Red. Red opens Door, Green Closes Door, Yellow causes
premature conversion of Nexxar Energy.

Standard, use common props.

Grid Chalk (Villa's Tool):
Thick black pen with no logos or insignias on it, possibly
small LED on top that lights when "writing"

Fancy Compass (Villa's Tool)
Possibly just a standard compass with a few changes to it so
that it is not immediately recognizable.


Important Documents (charts)
In one of your series you used plastic cards with coloured
tape bisecting other colours to represent writing. I suggest
a sturdy plate of crystal clear acrylic with writing in it
that is so tiny it cannot be read (in fact, it isn't writing
at all but clever artwork to look like writing) This could be
used in later series as well.

Radiation Masks:
quite possibly just use standard World War I masks with a few
modifications to make them look futuristic.

Door into Core Converter:
Extremely large, about 5 people across and 2 ft. taller than
Avon. Opens like clam shell, towards group. Closed it is at
45 degree angle or better with base jutting out. Open it is
at 10 degree angle or less.

Pass Cards:
Card #l Opaque square black plastic with two thin strips of
bright red at top and bottom,
Card #2: Opaque square blue plastic with two thin strips of
bright yellow at top and bottom,
Card #3: Opaque square red plastic with two thin strips of
bright green at top and bottom.

Pass Doors lock:
Just like cards except thinner and fitted into walls, further
there is a slot directly in middle of it that allows the Pass
Cards to pass halfway thru. Three LED above. Blue for
waiting, Red for incorrect, (alarm sounded and card may not
be removed) Green for correct card, entry allowed. All doors
opens vertically up (can stand someone on top to pull it out).

Lock into Freighter:
Possibly use lock format above or pull something out of older
series or something from your currently unused props.

** Special Effect Notes **
To speed up slow movements of doors, slow down recording of
Camera and slow down actions of crew during slow recording
times. Doors will appear to move quite quickly.


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