Dark Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Minutes of a Lifetime"
One very strange dream I had - 12/31/2000
Written by David A. Wicker

"Minutes of a Lifetime"
One very strange dream I had - 12/31/2000
Written by David A. Wicker
And there it was that me and Rose were in the capsules hurtling forward
to enter the 5 realms we were promised. Rose was telling me to be certain
they were good regions because we could only choose 5.

I told her that if after traveling to a region, we were to travel back
in time, we could have an infinite number of regions to explore. She
thought this was a good idea, so I calibrated the crafts to travel this

After entering in a very pink and cottony region and being thoroughly
relaxed, I clicked in the reverse switch and we started hurtling back to
the beginning.

Time traveling was something the craft or ourselves had never been through
and it was a - painful experience, it was like the fibers and molecules
in our body were being forcefully shaped and reformed into the prior

There was a horrible screeching sound and our two capsules ripped through
the thin fabric of travelspace and into a very darkened red and brown

You could hear a high-pitched sound that could have well been someone
screaming yet it continued on for minutes. The capsules were destroyed.
It seemed very likely we would not be leaving this region for some time
so I got out and me and Rose started exploring.

A group of people passed us I paused for an instant to ask directions or
where new people should go. But I froze terrified. Their faces were a
rough slough of shapeless mass, eyeless, and with skeletal jutting teeth
over a loose deformed jaw. The children with them didn't look so bad
but already their eyes were started to get sealed over.

My hair was tied up behind me and when I get panicked, I took it out.
The people were soon upon us and me and Rose darted out of sight.

As they passed, one of the children picked up the hair tie and showed
it to the parents. The parents acted as if the child were wielding a
gun or knife and spoke very harshly to the youth.

"You are to know the lines and squares only! Curves are only for the
most high of the church!"

The screaming sound continued and as they passed, the children aged into
adults and the very old in mere seconds. "Their life is exactly one minute"
I said to myself. There was horrendous movements in the sky and as they
walked past us, and died, new people took their place that seemed to climb
out of the ether, the same people it seemed, or, they were so mis-shapened
that I couldn't tell the difference. The ground was spongy like walking
on a waterbed and Rose, who was with me, did not seem to realize or
acknowledge the horror around here and just tagged along with me.

"Don't you see what's happening ?" I asked her. "No." She said, and
I looked carefully at her to see what looked like additional flesh growing
over her forehead to slowly start to cloud and cover the eyes.

Most of these really disastrous regions had an exit so travelers that
did not belong there could leave. Only those travelers could see and make
use of these exits.

I looked around frantically for the exit and someone approached in a long
dark cloak that looked more like a syrupy shadow then anything else and
gutturally spoke.

"Where are you supposed to be, brother ?"

I turned and was tapped by a long copper rod. With the touch, I felt
my mania and sanity leaving me. I grabbed the copper rod to keep it away
from me.

"I'm not sure." I stuttered.

"If you are unknown, you must be part of the church. Service is
progressing. I will direct you there."

As he spoke his loose jaw grated over large uneven sharp teeth that
gashed into his jaw with long dried blood over them.

I nodded weakly and went with him. Although he was completely blind, he
put out his hand in front of him that seemed to be more a collection of
wiggling snakes then fingers and the screaming sound was getting louder.

We pushed open a huge door and saw the church he spoke of.
A large black "X" was on where the preacher was at the far end and
lots of "people" were in the pews. They were chanting a mantra or badly
singing, I couldn't tell which. The age of these "people" was very high.
Grey heads with thin wiry gray hairs out of them, hobbled over and hunched
like decendents of a race of osteoperosis beings.

We were roughly shoved into an opening in the pews and he glided on
towards the front of the preacher. The screaming or whistling sound was
so loud and hard in my ears my head started to hurt. I picked up one
of the hymnal books and wasn't the least bit surprised to find all the
pages were blank even though most of the congregation had them open
to the correct page.

I started bobbing my head up in down and pain. Grabbed Rose and started
to leave when the sentry who led us here tapped me hard on the head with
the copper cane. The whole church went dark and blood red veinous
swimmers darted over my eyes as I barely maintained conciousness.

"You're not singing." He said gutturally graveling his teeth on his
jaw. "I don't know the words." I cried fairly loudly.

He smiled, if it could be called that. His forehead crinkled up in
amusement and the lower part of his jaw cracked alarmingly into an
evil grin. "Then you are new here. Welcome."

He grabbed my arm with amazing speed and rapidly started towards the
preacher. All I knew is the closer I was to the front of the church,
the louder and more shrill was the shrieking and screaming. I was certain
my ears must be bleeding by now.

Looking behind me I saw Rose start to contort and twist in this nightmare
region's atmosphere and was starting to blend in which was indeed a horrible
sight. I cried out to her but as I watched, her ears started sealing over
with that horrible grey flesh everyone had. I had to do something.

I easily darted out of his grip and entered another pew.
The grating in his jaw was easy to hear as he grew angry.
And started probing his hand out around him to locate where I went to.
I picked up one of the wordless books and started to sing as gutturally
as those around me, terrified he would find me again.

His hand was like a magnet and drew himself to me again.
He stared at me with sightless face and smiled most horribly, his
neck cracking around his spine.

"Tell me brother, what is it you seek."

I coughed and changed my voice to disguise myself. "I am singing, brother,
nothing more. There is the great emptiness calling to me."

What I spoke seemed to convince him I was not the person he was with
earlier and started to walk away. Then, he turned back to me and
politely asked.

"Do you think you will find it."

"Yes." I said in my disguised voice.

His back flashed in a twisting horrible movement, his face darted only
inches from mine stretched on impossible muscles several feet long
as he stared hard at me with his ears and nose probing

"No." He said with finality, and grabbed me again.

Looking at the others it was like watching the birth and death of people
a thousand fold. As they aged and died and turned to bones. As they
faded new other twisted younger forms took their place in the pews without
missing a singing beat.

Doing something rash here would definitely break up the stagnant region.
I picked up a chair as he dragged me closer to the black "X" cross and threw
it at some pews.

Although the chair missed everyone and broke against the wood, those
nearby seemed to be sprayed by the sound or event of it and were rendered
into bloody masses. They could not deal with the reality I had thrown
them and died.

My captor looked to the destruction and with a horrible popping sound,
his blood-red eyes emerged from the thick of his skull to glare at the
wooden chair I threw.

"You !" he said with deathly intent. And glided away from me.
The exit was here. I jumped through it, a very relaxing warm sky
blue light and found myself lying on the grass.

The birds were chirping and it was indeed a fine Summer's day.
A group of people were in the path of walking over me and I didn't
want to move for fear of them finding me. They looked more normal
then the last region. Very bright shining faces, pretty ethereal
smiles, and shining eyes. It took me only a moment to realize that,
like the last region, the people in this one were also blind.

I had an excellent view of the nice young teenage girl pass over
me and could feel the breeze pass through her panties as she slowly
stepped over me. I smiled in spite of myself. But, she did not
cross completely. She squatted for a minute and went to pee straight
into my open shocked mouth. I was expecting a really nasty taste,
but it wasn't. It was like honey mixed with a fine tea and lotus
blossoms. I eagerly drank it down.

Enjoying this game I watched with arousal as she raised up, pulled
back up her panties and went to catch up with the others. Thinking
only lewd thoughts I raced ahead of them to once again lay in the
path of the young girl. She was getting ready to cross my face
again when she stopped and reached her hand down.

Not knowing what to expect from my being discovered I protected
myself by placing my hand in front of my face. She felt down,
her thin beautiful fingers tickling the front of my palm and
spoke melodiously.

"There's something here. No, not someone.." She smiled and
looked down at me with marvelous kaleidoscope blue eyes.

"Hey. I know where you've been, and what you've seen.
But you're safe now. You are welcome to stay with me if you like.
Relax. You are very welcome here."

The sudden shock of being in a safe and comfortable environment
compared to the horrible nightmare region easily brought tears into my

I awoke crying. For happiness of leaving the nightmare region, and
for sadness of having left the beautiful young girl.

>> END .. please do not reprint without permission.

Submitted: April 05, 2010

© Copyright 2020 dw817. All rights reserved.

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