Divison Of The Church

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Where do you stand on the division of the churches ?

Submitted: April 06, 2010

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Submitted: April 06, 2010



C H U R C H - S T A T E M E N T

I remember the churches breaking up a few years ago. There were some key concerns. Apparently Bishop Iker was not content to allow women to become high officials in the church or to allow gay or lesbian people in the clergy.

Two things I responded to this.

1. I think women should be allowed to pursue religious positions. They will always have a unique viewpoint of a man, is why I think God made them, to keep diversity in the stream.

2. I think it is perfectly okay for gay or lesbian personages to pursue religions positions provided their sexual practices do not interfere with their clergical duties.

These are some of the deciding factors that have divided the church, there are others. I was once asked by my manager in the church foodbank (when I was going to a different church because my friends were going there) which church I was a member of, when I volunteered to help at the other.

I was told that if I'm not a member of THAT church that I need to leave. She was angry I wasn't attending THEIR church though I've been offering assistance (sacking groceries for the people requesting food aid) for over 11 years now.

She said the church I was attending was evil and that I need to attend the good church. She said that she was going to check with Fr. Jon, the preacher there if it was alright to let someone outside the church continue to help them.

I thought all churches were the same, open to everyone, but I could see she was waiting for an answer.

Which church should I go to ? And which one should I not ?

I told her, right then, without giving it much thought:

If the door is open, I will enter.
If there is someone playing music, I will sing.
If there is someone speaking, I will listen.
If there is love, I will stay.

She stared at me shocked for a moment. I really didn't give much thought to what I said but apparently it made an impact on her. After I said this, she never questioned to which church I was a part of again, nor spoke with Fr. Jon about letting me go, and has allways allowed me to help them in the foodbank whether or not I did or did not attend that particular church.

I hope it helps you with some of the tension you may be feeling about the division of the churches and gives you a new viewpoint about the things we feel we must be right about where everyone else is wrong.

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