Freeware Utility To Help In Writing your Booksie Stories

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Freeware utility I wrote to help your Booksie writing.

Submitted: April 08, 2010

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Submitted: April 08, 2010





If you've been wondering if there's a way to automatically take the stories you've written on BOOKSIEsite and clean them up, making them easier to read and more legible for reading, the answer is yes.

It's a free utility I wrote, I don't need any credit for it, I'm trying to help others (and myself) as I'm having difficulty reading some of the good stories on this site when writers don't include a single or very few line breaks or paragraph breaks and use the default font size which is really small on the eyes.

Now, if you are content with what you've written and don't want to use this utility, you do not have to.

It's not perfect, it does take out existing line breaks and removes any changes throughout the text where you change color of text, tabulation, centered, justify, or font size. I am not taking responsibility if you somehow muff up your story with it. You should always make a backup of your story, especially if the only copy you have is on the internet.

Remember, you can only overwrite your work if you choose the Save And Submit button. If you click BACK or something else, then you can always experiment with it. You can also hit CTRL-Z to undo the last change you have made to any story you are writing or working with.

This program is for people who want to spend more time writing their stories and less time tabulating them, (and there do seem to be quite a few of you out there), and it's instant, no questions are asked as to how to develop the output except that is it okay to convert.

First you'll need the link of the EXE I wrote which is here:

(you can use any standard file decompressor to extract the single EXE)

To begin with, bring up your story with the included BOOKSIE text editor, click your mouse cursor anywhere inside your story and press CTRL-A to select all of it. Then press CTRL-INS, which will copy it to the clipboard.

Then run my program, hit a key to begin:

Copy your story text (not HTML) to clipboard

Once you've done so (you did so with CTRL-INS above), hit a key again:

Your story is
00000 characters,
OKAY [Y/N] ?

It should list out the # of characters you just copied from your story to the clipboard. If it's too low or zero then try the CTRL-A and CTRL-INS again from the top.

Hit a key to continue again,

Converting >>

It should run really quickly !

Complete !
Paste clipboard as new SOURCEreplacing existing.

Now, it is important to remember that SOURCEtext is different from your normal text ! Click the button seen here in your edit window:


Labeled SOURCE. You will see all gobbledeegook in your message area. Once again click anywhere in the mess, press CTRL-A, it should highlight it, then press DEL to clear it, and finally SHIFT-INS to replace it with the new source (HTML) the Convertor just made.

Click the SOURCE button again to see the final text results.

Save and you're done !

I hope this will encourage you to make your stories both legible and easy to read with separations and line breaks, to give periods of rest for the readers and make it easier for them not to lose their place as they are reading.

The easier it is for others to read your stories, the better chance you'll have of receiving feedback and getting recognized for your fine work.

Hope This Helps ! alt

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