Message From God

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I think it was concern for my Dad when he had Parkinson's that caused me to have this detailed dream.

Submitted: April 17, 2010

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Submitted: April 17, 2010




"Dad, I have been instructed by God to tell you this sentence:"

"Your prayer has been considered."

The dream begins:

I am laying on my back, on a mattress on the floor in the middle of someone's path. I guess - I've been sleeping. The mattress is dirty, I'm wearing some kind of long T-shirt that comes down to my knees. People have apparently been walking around me as I slept, for years I guess.

Someone speaks to me, I cannot see the face, neither male nor female but there is youth and warmth to the voice. Friendly hands but I cannot see the fingers. It is like I cannot see portions of what my eyes are trying to show me.

I am trying to find a face, and the eyes of the speaker seem to be sleeping, closed, or open only as slits. For some reason, it seems that His vision reflects mine, as I could not see quite clearly throughout this entire dream.

I can make out a long T-Shirt with colors and some writing on it, and I try to remember what was written on it, but I cannot.

(friendly and cheerful) Good Morning, David !

I look around (as well as I can). For a moment, I remember a prior terrible nightmare, I DIED I guess. I'm shaking from the shock of it, but there is a coolness and warmth here. Almost like a children's hospital.

"I thought death would be alone; in oblivion."

No, your friends are all here.

I listened. There were wind-chimes. I heard a dog bark, laughter outside the house. Some muffled applause, and singing birds.

"What about my sins ?"

All sins are revealed to those you hid them from. But we are beyond petty revolts and results here. There is forgiveness and YOU will forget, which is the purpose of the exercise. You are only burdened as much as you keep yourself to. But you needn't concern yourself with that now.

"Where is here ?"

Certainly not Heaven, yet millions before you have cried, "The Kingdom Of Heaven !" Religion and association, terrible mathematical instruments.

"So where am I ?"

You are home, if you wish it. It is never night. There are no terrible storms or discipline waiting for you. Imagine a peaceful Summer with friendly neighbors, board games from long ago, conversation, and friendly gatherings. None are lost, all are found. Your friends are here. They are waiting to meet you.

(laughter) They've been waiting a REALLY long time.

"Where can I go ?"

There are some laws to abide by to be safe.
There is total safety within a 1-mile radius of where you are now.

"Just a mile ? Is there no more room in the universe ?"

The 'universe' is nothing of the sort.
It is a finite space that wraps in upon itself.
We need very little space, yet most of it has been taken by the Anarchy, which uses substantiality as it's painful engine.

(I look up and cannot see stars or a ceiling even though I'm inside a house) I shrug in question.

There is no ceiling, David. What you see is the infinite stretch of cloud.

Stay within 1-mile radius and you will be safe.
Outside this, no-one and absolutely NO-ONE can protect you. If you stray to the edge, you will see carnivals, neon lights, and adult encounters. And you will see fireworks. You may also see friends in need of your help. You will be tempted, shadows and the Writhe need you badly for their own mathematical instruments. You will completely lose free will in there, but be totally unaware of it.

This 'oblivion' of which you speak is very real and outside this safe area.

"Is oblivion then the absence of existence ?"

No ! (angrily) And that is all you will understand !

(I pause for a bit to let the temper cool).

"Will I meet God or Jesus ?"

(friendlier) Items from the Bible ? You already have, though I am not the single and we are all one. If you talk with someone else, that is also Him, or her if you prefer. We are friends, you and I, and that is all that matters. Here, let me help you up.

(I am raised to my feet - and it's like I have zero balance - sleeping for a long time ?) My eyes (His eyes?) are still not entirely open.

I realized I could ask some important questions.
Though I may not be wording them correctly, because it seemed my mind would not focus on the really complex ones. I felt like I was 7 or 8 years old with the brain of now.

"Am I dreamwalking ?"

You should never try to wake up here alone. Your eyes are clouded, and you are very open to the Writhe then.

"Fate ?"

David, There is no grand instrument of perjury. What you see appears to appear because your mind cannot perceive otherwise. For today you can walk. There are doors to open, some will be locked, and you won't find the edge of Anarchy without someone else to help you.

(My brain couldn't concentrate on the really important questions because I didn't know how long I would be in this state) !

"How long can I stay ?"

Only a short while. But now that you've FINALLY gotten here, we WILL see you again.

(Then he puts a hand to his/her mouth and yells !) HELLO, DAVID !

(From outside the house I can hear polite applause and someone whistles enthusiastically)

(The voice addresses me again, laughing)

It is - good to see you, DAVID !
You've been sleeping for a VERY long time now.

"If this is God, Should I return a message to someone ?"

Yes, to your Father.

"Anyone else ?"

You are closer to no-one else. Deliver this message. For I will only see you again, AFTER I see him.

(I fall over and start crying uncontrollably)

"God, I am so - sorry, I am so sorry ! Everything I did in my life - you must really hate me - I mean - I'm like the worst sinner ever - I doubted your existence, and CONTINUE to doubt you ! Can you ever forgive me ?"

You are forgiven. Everything is, forgiven. Everything WILL be - forgiven. These are building blocks and for now, they are all you need.

Please don't cry, we don't need any more rain here than we've already had (and he smiles at me).

(I try to collect myself realizing I can't stay very long).

"When do I leave ?"

It is a fainting. But you will never fall. I will catch you. (slight laughter).

David, when next we meet, replace your serious questions with the thoughts and needs of a child, and you will get more answers next time, and you can stay longer too.

Then I saw Him squint, and slowly close his eyes and mine seemed to also.

[Dream ends].
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