Spell-Checking In BOOKSIE

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Simple way to spell-check your work in BOOKSIE using it's own editor.

Submitted: August 12, 2010

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Submitted: August 12, 2010





I want to tell you something point blank. This does not work. The only reason it does not work is because BOOKSIE, while it lists Style available as Typewriter, Computer Code, Keyboard Phrase, and Sample Text. And Format lists an option of Formatted. They are all lies. While they appear to work even if you preview your work as you are working on it, in the actual finished product they are deliberately removed from your writing. Consecutively and precisely, and most definitely bizzarely. Each and every one.

Were they not to, this technique would work.

You can see that it DOES work perfectly under the editor and previewer and even the source editor, but when you view it as a final published product, all preformats are removed. WHY I have no idea. I am sorry for this but let me assure you this is entirely the work of BOOKSIE.

Should BOOKSIE fix this dreadful error, spell-checking will work in it. I leave this document up in the hopes they do, and I am writing them about this "oversight" of theirs as you read this.

OK! So you want to be able to spell-check your work in BOOKSIE !

First off, I don't know if this will work in Internet Explorer. I DO know it works in Mozilla Firefox, my version is 3.6.8. You can do this if you PREFORMAT your text. There are a few things you need to remember. The text you type in this mode will be MONOSPACED, that is, the letter "w" will be the same size across as the letter "i."

If you are comfortable with that, then you are ready to begin !

Start a new document. Before you type ANYTHING in the text area, click on the alt button that is seen in the top-left-hand corner of your document. There are other buttons, for now, just click that one. Make sure it is lit light blue as seen above before continuing.

OK ! Carefully type out alt and press alt. Now you are ready to begin typing !

I GUARANTEE everything you type is exactly as it appears ! You can press alt at the end of every line or even more than one and they will be recorded correctly as well. You can also type more than one SPACE and it will be recorded correctly too.

Note also, unless you are in preformatted text as you are now, double-spaces are often converted to a single space and a SHIFT SPACE gets converted to NO SPACE is why you see no spaces around capital letters sometimes when you read other peoples' work as some of them hold down the SHIFT key when they press SPACE.

Normal word-processors count this as a SPACE in most cases, but not in BOOKSIE's weird little editor !

There is one disadvantage here. There is no word-wrap. So on your new line type the following or copy and paste it:


There should be 56 of those periods. Use this as a reference as you type. If you key over that length, cut that word off, press alt and start a new line and type that word then. If you don't and you continue to type, while it may appear to word-wrap, it won't in the final output and scroll off the edge of the screen.

Right ! Now let's examine the spell-checker which should be active. Deliberately misspell a word, a difficult one, like "nemonic."

Ah ! You see it put a red squiggle under it. Now RIGHT-CLICK your mouse on it and see the options you have. Click the "mnemonic" at the top and you have just corrected your spelling with the help of Firefox's onboard spell-checker !

When you are done typing your text, you can type out
to end preformatted text.

Then you can click on alt again and see your work. When the button is not highlighted, you can add images, etc. but be careful !

If you add a whole bunch of stuff, the next time you click on alt you may be confronted with a lot of gobbledegook on the screen that may confuse you. If you insist on using both images and the spell-checker, always use the
and alt followed by the alt key each time to keep the coding apart.

Notice that it puts a
and alt at the absolute beginning and ending of your text if you flip back and forth between the two modes. You don't need to worry about it and is used by BOOKSIE alone.

OKAY ! I hope this was helpful for you !

I am and have been working on sometime now on a tutorial explaining the functions and usage in BOOKSIE as well as good techniques for writing anything that can be applied outside BOOKSIE, as well as how to get around its many problem areas in the onboard editor.

Mind you, I thought I'd share with you this nifty trick on how to add spell-checking to your work before I complete that as I still have a-long ways to go on it !

Take care, and Good Writing to you, fellow Booksians (sp?) ! alt


Do you have any questions or comments about this tutorial ?
Feel free to share them in the space provided below alt

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