The Contract

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We all dream. We all have super-powers in our dreams. Onetime someone caught me using one of those powers and offered a deal for me.

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Submitted: May 01, 2010

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Submitted: May 01, 2010



A dream I had last night, Friday Apr 30 2010

We all have dreams. I'm surprised I remember this one.

We all have super-powers. Sometimes you can fly by holding your arms out in front of you and whooshing off into the distance. This dream is about my ability to lift items like a suction. I can't do very big items and I have to flex the muscles in my hand by tightening the fingers to do it. Pennies really fly. Light objects, I can do one at a time. I think I've had this ability to "call" items since I was really 7-years old.

It came to pass I was in a shopping mall and there was a cute little Hello Kitty doll made out of acrylic that was just out of reach on a counter where the saleswoman was. She was attending the other side of the circular display so I reached over, flexed my fingers, and the gift box shot into my hands so I could examine it more closely.

She noticed and said, "Hey ! How dju do that ?"

I replied back easily, "It wasn't too far to reach." and looked at the craftsmanship of it.

Now, there was someone behind me who noticed and said, "That's a pretty good trick. How'd you like to get rich doing that ?"

I said, "No, I don't want to be rich. You have a magic show in mind, don't you ?"

He nodded tersely. He had a good grip on my shoulder. I doubt he would let me get away if I declined. A hard-faced woman approached and she stood to the side of me, where I couldn't run away if I tried.

I whoofed out, "Fine. Two things then. You buy me a Salad from Wendie's and that gift for my girlfriend. She really likes Hello Kitty."

He released his grip. "That's all ?"

I nodded. "Yep. We can even write a contract to that effect if you like."

He said, "Fine. We'll meet beneath the donkey at 8:30pm tonite." and he pointed to a mechanical donkey that rides were $42 on the 4th level. We were on the 2nd level of the shopping mall. "I'm buying that gift for your girlfriend now, the one in your hands, right ? It's only $1.99. I hope you don't try to break out of our deal." and he gave me a serious look.

"Noway." I said.

Well, for some reason I was sleepy, and in the dream, I was homeless, sorta staying in one of the unused shop-areas by courtesy of the management. I picked up my blanket and went outside the mall to lay down on the concrete near the food area. No-one seemed to bother me. I closed my eyes and squinted out to watch people get sno-cones, ice-cream, and ice-cream bars for a few hours.

The time passed quickly. There was a clock. It was already 6pm.

I got up and went back to my home. There was some smoke so I turned to look and somehow an old tape-player Dad got me was on fire smoking. I pulled out the plug and threw the lot of it in the trash. There was a noisy fan going too but someone had pressed it up against the wall so no air could get into it. I pulled it back quickly and felt the motor which was red-hot. I unplugged it and set it aside.

The hard-woman arrived to where I was living and checking up on me. "Just wanted to make sure you're still here."

"Hey." I said. "A deal's a deal. Don't worry. That's not such a bad deal, get a nice late lunch and a pretty gift for my girlfriend. You gotta magic show. Mind you, people are going to be pretty curious and ask all sorta questions like, where are the wires, you're using an air suction, or something. Naturally I would show them, to their satisfaction, that it's all real magic.

I continued, "Once a volunteer sees that the magic is REAL, I imagine they'll be pretty scared and leave the theatre, frightened. Are you prepared for that ?"

She nodded her head. She also stayed with me until the fated time. "It's 8pm" she said.

I changed clothes putting on some shorts and a short-sleeve shirt that had interesting stars and decorations on it. I didn't want others accusing me of hiding gadgets up long-sleeves.

We met at the mechanical donkey on the 4th floor. Some wannabe cowboy was already riding it and getting hoots and whistles of appraisal from the friends he came with.

The man Imade the deal with showed up with my salad. "Here you go," he said generously. He had bought the 99c salad. It had the salad in the nice little plastic container, a fork, some croutons, and a napkin.

"Eat quickly," he informed me. "We need to be at the theatre by 10pm." He looked down at my outfit. "Is that what you're going to wear ?"

I looked inside the package. There was no salad dressing. "What about the ranch ?" I inquired.

He looked puzzled. "The what ?"

"The Ranch." I said again. "It comes with salad dressing, doesn't it ?"

He looked a bit angry. "Don't you have any dressing at your place ?"

"No. I'm homeless, remember ?"

"You can't eat it dry ?" I knew he knew I couldn't, but he was trying to weasel his way out of this part of the bargain.

"No, I can't." I said flatly.

"Fine." he said and shook his head. "I'll get your dressing from Wendie's but YOU gotta stay here !"

I fingered at my dry salad as he left. I wondered if I should've asked for something more substantial than $3 of items for me to put on a real magic show when -



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