You Are A Queen Walking Through The Cornfields

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This isn't one of my first writings, but it's the first I've uploaded. It's based around a girl who is now my Ex. It has what I would feel to be strong emotion and is more of a descriptive piece than a story. This will not be for everyone. I didn't know what this would go under so I just put it as "Other".

I recommend you listen to "Danger - 09:19" Whilst reading this as it'll give a better experience to the story.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013




(I suggest listening to "Danger - 09:19" whilst reading. )


Like a diamond in the rough,

You are a queen walking through the cornfields.


You sit there, alone, mesmerized by nothing. Your beautiful aqua eyes scan the room, in search of nothing in particular. Tired? Maybe. You reach down and pick up hair straighteners and begin to improve what is already perfect. Your silky rouge hair becomes impossibly defectless, a binary opposite to my scraggy, messy mop. A fatigued smile appears on your face, your dainty freckles smile in unison. Convinced your hair is finished, you slowly sweep your hand down the banister as you descend to the ground floor. Tired? I think so. You drift into the kitchen and make yourself a bedtime treat: Hot Chocolate. You can't sleep without a good cup of it. I smile at you as you make it, your movements flawless and efficient. If only I could be with you. Sadly, I am just an observer, unable to interfere with your life. Once ready, you take a sip of your vital antidote and seamlessly walk back into your room, almost as if you were hovering. You take another sip. Suddenly, a blemish catches your eye. You notice things others cannot. If only I knew what was wrong. You put your arm around your hips and look down at yourself. Tribulation overcomes you. What's wrong? Does she know I'm here? You begin to check more of your body. Now I realise what is bothering you. Your body: you think you need to lose weight. But you're already oh so skinny. Your body is beautiful: you are completely unblemished. You have nothing to be afraid of. Nobody can or will judge you. Finally giving up on torturing yourself, you lay down in your bed and begin texting final sentences to your best friends. The people you cannot live without. You then finish your tasty mug of Hot Chocolate and drift into a peaceful slumber. I smile over you as you do so. If only I could be cuddled up besides you. I would be the happiest person, Dead or Alive.

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