Destruction Team

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Will Isaac reach the bomb in time?

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




Greg ran as fast as his legs could carry him, he was so petrified. He was just imagining that man’s face and trying to grab him.  He had to tell someone, but where? He lived out in the country, the closest place was Old Granny Yates a mile away, but she won’t understand a thing.  Stan’s house was 5 miles away; it would be too late by the time he got there. His only option was to watch from a bush and see his house and his Mum and Dad’s police murder files on a case they had worked on for years blown to pieces. He hid in the bushes and waited.

5 minutes later



Greg just witnessed his worst nightmare, his house was just bombed. Tears were rolling down his face. Where were the police? They must have surely heard that. There only 20 minutes down the road.  Greg suddenly backed up, he saw the two men coming, and he faintly heard the conversation.

  “Now we’ve sorted that one out for Nitro, we can get to the big job!” exclaimed the first man, whose name is Dave.

“Yes! In 1 day, on top of Snowdon, the whole of Britain will be in peril!” Shouted the Second man, whose name is Billy.

“Shh” hushed Dave “Someone could be listening”

“Where’re out here in blummin countryside with no one around” argued Billy.

“What about that boy, where has he gone?”

“He’s probably gone to the police and that is why we need to go” Greg watched them leave. Before his house was bombed, Greg was a happy 13 year old. He had short hair which he liked to spike. He was sporty, played Tennis, Rugby and Cricket all year round. He lives out in the country near Newbury. He had a lot of friends. But his life was about to change.


Greg thought about what to do, his first thought was to go to the police, but what they do? Well, they would believe him, his mum and dad work for the police. He would be in so much trouble if he did a hoax call. So it was decided, he was going to the police.

Greg started running; he thought he would have seen some police by now. But there were none on the road, he kept on running. He finally got to the police station and burst through the door.

“Please! Someone help me!” He cried


“It’s all right Greggy, take deep breaths.” Said Fredrick Malone, one of the police officers reassuringly “So when you’re ready, tell us what happened”

“I was sitting in the lounge watching TV” answered Greg who was eating a McDonald’s “And then I heard a loud crashing sound then shouting, I hid behind a sofa and waited” Greg slurped at his coke a little more “They walked straight past me, so I started to run” ‘SLURP’“But I tripped on a chair leg, they saw me, one of the men tried to grab me and I punched him in the stomach and ran.” ‘SLURP’ “I didn’t think I would get anywhere before it happened so I hid in the bushes and waited, and then it happened”

“What happened?” Asked Fredrick

“Are you stupid” Answered Greg


“THE BOMB HAPPENED YOU IDIOT!” Shouted Greg, who then broke down in tears.

 “Ok Greg, it’s all right”

“No its not, my house has been bombed and my parents are missing, probably dead! What am I going to do?” He shouted. You could see Greg getting angrier and angrier; suddenly Greg started rampaging around the office. Officer Malone used his advanced police skills to rugby tackle Greg to the ground. Almost on queue a nurse rushed in to jab Greg with a needle. Greg slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

2 hours later.

“So Greg, now that you have had a snooze would you like to tell us the rest of the story?” Asked Fredrick

“Ok” replied Greg worriedly

“Go on then” Urged Fredrick, who was getting inpatient.

“Then I saw the men coming by and they were talking about something.”

“What?” Asked Fredrick, obviously intrigued by this

“Now we’ve sorted that one out for Nitro, we can get to the big job!” Said Greg, putting on his cockney accent “Then he said something about Snowdon ‘In 10 days the world will be in peril!’”

 “Oh my god” said Fredrick worriedly “This calls for the destruction team”

Like it was telepathic, two strange looking guys stormed in. They were both wearing army gear. They thought they looked cool but they really didn’t.

“Hello nice to meet you my names Isaac and this is my sidekick Gertrude” Announced Isaac

“Isn’t that a girl’s name” Laughed Greg

“It’s not MY fault that my mum named me that” Argued Gertrude. Everyone in the room stared laughing. Isaac was very tall, and a very intelligent Scottish man, he is always happy and never gives up hope. While Gertrude on the other hand is dumb, stupid and does anything that Isaac says, the only reason Isaac put him on the team was to keep him company.

“Right we need to set off, there is no time to lose! Come on Greg” Shouted Isaac enthusiastically.

“I’m coming?” Said Greg surprised

 “You’re our info guy, come on I’ll explain in the truck”


They ran out to the car, Greg jumped into the back of the Land Rover LR3 sport. Isaac and Gert (that’s his new nickname) jumped in the front.

“Right Grego, can I call you Grego, I like it! Right, so we are going to drive up to Snowdon in a day max okay? There may be some shooting action so don’t get scared okay?” Explained Isaac

“How does he know your coming?” asked Greg

“I’ve had a few encounters with Nitro, he’ll know we’ve found out, we find out anything!”

“And how will we stand out?”

“Have you looked behind? We’ve got 7 army trucks behind us, we are so obvious! No more question please now lad cause we need to get going” Exclaimed Isaac. They set off on their adventure. Surprisingly it was a lovely sunny winter afternoon in Newbury, with all the colours, but Greg was not feeling happy as he would do in this weather, he was thinking about where his parents were, they are probably at the house or something he thought.


They were coming over to Wales now; there was the toll to get on to the Severn Bridge. All of a sudden 10 LR4s come speeding ahead, and then they slow down and get in a formation; 2 at front and back, 3 each side.

“Get down!!” Shouts Isaac. Greg quickly unbuckles his seat belt and dives to the floor. ‘Lucky there’s a lot of feet space down here’ Greg thought. He heard a rattle of gunfire then an explosion.

“What was that?” Asked Gurt, and then firing several rounds out of his M16.

 “I think a car just blew up”

“Destruction Command to all units do you copy” said Isaac talking into his radio.

 “This is Destruction 2 portable”

“This is Destruction 3 portable”

 “This is Destruction 4 portable”

“This is Destruction 6 portable”

“This is Destruction 7 portable”

“This is Destruction 8 portable”

“Destruction command to Unit 5 portable do you copy”

“Destruction Command to Unit 5 portable do you copy”

“Destruction Command to all Units, we have lost one unit reshape your formation and go to the attack plan!”

“Grego, take the wheel!” Instructed Isaac

“What?” Asked Greg

“Or do you wanna shoot the gun?”

“OK, I’ll drive”

Greg climbed into the front of the car, put the seat forward and started driving. Isaac hoped that he could keep the car going in a straight line. He heard Isaac loading his AK-47, suddenly there was a rattle of gunfire from the back of the car. He was a perfect marksman, he learnt this all from being in the SAS until 2 years ago. Going to Afghanistan, Iraq and the last stand in the Sierra Leone civil war.

BANG!! One of their cars blew up BANG!!!! Then another, they started looking worried. Suddenly almost simultaneously the enemy cars braked. 

“There retreating! That’ll show you not to mess with us!” Exclaimed Isaac.

They were coming up to the toll to get on the bridge now. Greg would never get past the security, so Isaac decided to take action.

“Why don't we pull over here lad, so I can take the wheel?” Asked Isaac

“OK” Replied Greg

“Destruction 1 portable to all units, we are pulling over to do a driving swap get in to your stop formation” Ordered Gert

“Copy that” Answered all of the other units. Greg unconfidently pulled over; climb over the seat into the back and then Isaac did the exact same thing but just into the front. After that happened Isaac notified the other vehicles that he was pulling out and to get in a straight line behind him. They reach toll, all Isaac did was flash his High authority badge and the operative opened the barrier immediately. It was a quiet drive up from there, which was odd; they had a bit of trouble easily destroyed the 3 Range Rover Sports. When they got to the Snowdonia National Park they had to get out of their cars and walk up to the top on foot, they change into their snow camo gear, because early on Destruction base got in touch reporting that there is snow settling on the foot of Snowdon and all the way up the mountain.

“Destruction Command to Destruction base we have reached Snowdon” Informed Isaac

“Good, now take extra care” Said a Fredrick Malone.


They loaded their guns and set off on their quest to save Britain from devastation. Isaac felt like it was his destiny to save Britain. Also he wants to get a knighthood. They started trekking up the side of the mountain. It took them 1 hour to reach the cable car. There were some guards there, and they realised that they were the enemy, so a riot broke about; Isaac lost two men in the battle, on the other hand they killed all of the guards, Isaac commanded 5 of his 20 men left to stay back. They boarded the 2 cable cars and approached the top of mountain very slowly and carefully, they had a lot of time to look at the view, it was amazing, you see the snow on the mountain and then when you look down you see the green freshness of a Wales valley. They were coming up to the top of the mountain and just where the cable car dipped down to go into its station, the cable car grounded to a holt.

“Right, get your harness on and attach yourself to the wire, go go go!” Commanded Isaac

“Were zip wiring down” Asked Greg

“Yep, don’t worry you can attach yourself to Gurt, right you and Gert need to go and find the bomb and defuse it” Said Isaac. They set off down, then Greg heard the bullet unleash. They swung over the new battle site. They saw the bomb there was a big countdown, it read 05:01:09.

“Gert, look! I see the bomb; it says 5 minutes to go!”

 Gertrude unhooked them from the zip wire and they dropped to the ground with a hard thud. They saw the bomb, there were four guards surrounding it. But Gert easily shot all of them down.


Meanwhile, the battle was taking place they defeated Nitro’s army, with only Nitro left.

“You won’t get though my security!” Exclaimed Nitro

“Oh yeah, check this” Said Gert cockily, and as quick as a flash, they got though security and they open the bomb and unveiled the mass of wires.

“Good job Gert, I never knew you could do that” Said Isaac, surprised. Then they looked at the countdown clock, it read 1 minute

“Alright, I’m out of here” said Nitro

40 seconds

Gert unclipped 4 wires

30 seconds

Gert unclipped 2 more. Only 5 more to go.

20 seconds

3 more

10 seconds

2 more

5 seconds



He unclipped the last one.

“Well done Gert, you’re the hero”

They got the cable car back down to the bottom of Snowdon, they were all happy especially when they saw Nitro in handcuffs.

“You think this is it, you think you have won, I’m not the big boss Isaac, this is not the end, it is only the beginning......”









© Copyright 2018 Dylan Hoiles. All rights reserved.

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