Tall For A Day

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This is a story about a everybody high school kid who just happens to find himself in trouble.

Submitted: May 22, 2008

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Submitted: May 22, 2008



“Yo, yo, yo, dude, listen to this: Waiter, Waiter, there’s a crab in my stake! The waiter says: Run away, the Babylonians are coming!” I shouted over the laughter. More laughter aroused.
“Dude, listen to this,” Everybody silenced as I started talking. “A guy called Billy takes his pet monkey to a bar. He tells the waiter that he wants 200000 cokes. A guy called Bob runs over to Billy’s table, grabs the monkey, and runs out. Billy shouts to Bob, ‘The truth is a Lemon Maguire!’” More Laughter.
So let me fill in the blanks. I am a 15-year old guy called Adam. I am the kind of guy always surrounded by a large crowd. Most of the people, I don’t really even know, coz I like to have only a few close friends. Anyway, I am the kind of guy that makes jokes, makes everyone laugh. To tell you the truth, my jokes are the lamest, but nuts in our school find them funny. My jokes never actually mean anything, they are just really stupid. They can never be used in an insulting way. However, I’m taking you guys back to an incident when this did happen.
So I’m sitting in the middle of the Pit, a meeting place in our school, cracking everyone up by my insane jokes. When suddenly a new, tall, big, basket-player looking guy walks right past me, this is where it goes all wrong.
“Hey, new guy! How’s the weather up there?” I said grinning to his solemn and lonely-looking face; he was so tall that it looked like his head was touching the ceiling. I cracked up right when I said it, but stopped at the expression on his face. A solemn, bored, and hard expression. Before I could say anything, he grabs my shirt, pulls it back.
“You don’t know who you are messing with, Rafeh. I am four years older than you. Do you really think you are funny? We meet today 3 o’clock outside the school gates, ok! Better see you there, punk; or it’s your funeral.” The new guy said as he walked away. He had a deep, menacing voice. The guy really scared me. Should I go at 3 o’clock to fight him? He said it would be my funeral if I don’t go.
Ding-Dong, the bell for the end of recess rang. We had to go back in. I went to get a drink of water; I really had to think about this new guy. Did he really want to beat me up? Then I remembered the bell had just ran; I scanned my brain to try to remember what we had next. Oh yeah, we have physics.
Physics is the most boring class in this school. Nobody could focus in this class; mainly because it was so boring, but also because of the teacher. We usually got him so annoyed, because when he gets annoyed, let’s just say he blows up. It’s fun for all of us to watch him do that. And then he would he would start shouting at us. And the thing is; he is like 2 centimeters tall. He also has a really squeaky voice. And when he got annoyed, he would get a ruler and try to hit us. But the thing is, he couldn’t even reach us, he could just hit your leg. The funniest thing though was his name, Mr. Polly. Every single class he gave, someone made fun of it. And he would just blow up, and start hitting everyone’s leg with a ruler. Anyway, I made my way over to our Physics class.
“Sorry I’m late, Mr. Polly. I had to run a few errands for Mr. Spielberg.” I lied. As soon as I said that, Mr. Polly who was standing in front of the class on a stack of books, ran over to me and started hitting me on my leg with a ruler. I kept walking pretending I couldn’t feel him hitting me. Finally, Mr. Polly stopped trying to hit me when I took a seat next to one of my coolest friends, Rafeh.
Rafeh was known as probably the coolest guy in our class. He never really made jokes and he was really quite. Rafeh was a car freak and when he talked, he couldn’t stop talking about cars. He wore baggy jeans, T-shirts, and a jacket, a really big jacket. He also wore real nice tennis shoes. Rafeh had long black hair that he made into a really weird style. The back and sides of his hair went straight out to the fort of his hair. At the front, his hair would go up in one spike. Rafeh was also probably the most mature guy in our class. By personality, Rafeh and I were completely opposite; however, we were great friends.
“Students, students, STUDENTS!” Mr. Polly tried to shout over our talking. But, obviously, no one heard him, so he stepped off his stack of books. He grabbed one book and tried to throw it at a kid called Josh sitting in the front. He missed and his book landed an inch in front of him. I was the only one who could see that Mr. Polly was getting annoyed. Mr. Polly jumped back his books and screamed. He kept screaming for like ten minutes. After his scream ended, everyone had stopped talking.
“Hello, students, today we will learn the basic reactions of Hydrologyx.” Mr. Polly squeaked. That was another really funny thing about this teacher. In every class, he would say the word “Hydrologyx”. None of us had any idea what this word meant, and if we asked him, he would say “Dumb 15-year olds”.
“Class! Today we will-” Suddenly Josh flicked a pencil at one of the blue-colored potions. The potion tilted and fell on a passing cat. Then something funny happened. The cat lost all of its hair. We could just see its pink skin. Mr. Polly gave a small shriek and kicked the cat with his tiny foot. He threw his hands up in the air and ran out of the class. For the second period of the lesson we had free time since Mr. Polly was too scared of going out of his office. And that’s pretty much how the rest of the day went.
The next big thing happened at lunch break. I was walking out of the chaotic water balloon fight we had in PE. Guess who started it, yup, Josh. Anyway, I was soaking wet. I hadn’t thought about the fight with the new guy all day. But now it returned to me. So then I saw something even more disturbing. A huge crowd was standing around something. I could see that the people had their wallets in their hands. I walked over; everyone in high school was there. Even everyone from my class. Mrs. Plonk, our PE teacher, had made me stay and clean up after the fight. So no wonder, everyone was already there. I thought it was probably a bake sale. But then I saw the new guy on the other side looking into the circle with a smile on his face. That was my first to this not being a bake sale. Then I saw Rafeh in the crowd. That made me sure that this wasn’t a bake sale. Rafeh was the kind of guy to never follow a crowd. He was real original. He would never be seen with loads of people around him. Rafeh just didn’t like it. So why he was in this crowd, I was about to find out.
“People, People, make way for the R-man. What the heck is going in her?” And there was the answer right in front of me as I ducked and went through the huge crowd. I couldn’t believe it. Everyone was laughing, it wasn’t funny at all. I gaped at Mr. Polly who was standing behind the table. Behind him was a huge board that had two lists. The board had a huge sign on top of it that said finished. Below the sign, it said “Place your Bets”. One list had a billion names crammed onto it and the other was blank. The first list said at the bottom: $20,000,000,000,000. The other list said at the bottom -$ 50,000,000,000,000,000. I looked at the top of each list and guess what it said: the first list said new guy and the second said Adam.
“MR. POLLY, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!” I screamed at Mr. Polly. He put up his hands in defense when I was screaming at him.
“I have no idea, my boy!” Mr. Polly replied. How lame could he get, it was so obvious he was lying.
“Yup, my boy.” Mr. Polly squeaked.
“Well, no one bet on you, so we just put down a number.” Mr. Polly squeaked. I felt like crunching his tiny little face.
“Hee hee!” Mr. Polly squeaked again.
“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!” I screamed. I went out of the crowd to meat Rafeh. “Dude, you bet on the new guy? How could you?” Rafeh gave me a sorry look. So I just walked away, I needed to think. But then I remembered, it was Art next; art was the loudest, messiest, and insane lesson in this school. Just when I needed some quite and peace, Art comes.
“I‘m devoting my life to the ways of Gandhi and not going to art class! I am on a hunger strike!” I shouted when I was in the middle of the courtyard. People started staring at me but to me people usually do that, so no big deal. But now that I thought of it, I really needed food. I looked at the cafeteria, closed; I guess Lunch time was over. So I looked at the student council store. Woohoo, it was open. I ran to the student council store. But I stopped after two steps, I don’t to run, it’s tiring and it’s bad for your health or something. So I had to walk the remaining three steps.
“Thirty Red Bulls, a hundred pizzas, and fifty Chili Lays!” I shouted at the Student council store manager. He looked back at me, annoyed. “Sorry, bit of stress.” The guy brought me a box of Chili Lays which said 50 packets on it. Then the guy brought me a huge plastic bag with thirty Red Bulls in it. The he brought a huge stack of a 100 pizzas.
“140 dollars” The guy said to me.
“140 DOLLARS?! All I’m taking is 30 Red Bulls, 100 pizzas and 50 Chili Lays! Oh wait, that is a lot, just a second.” I replied. I looked into my wallet. Oh, man only 80 dollars, one 50 dollar bill, one 20 dollar bill, and one 10 dollar bill. I looked back at the guy, who was looking really bored. I swiftly took the 10 dollar bill out and then in a hurry smashed on the cashier’s table, grabbed the Red Bull, the pizza, and the crisps, and ran out of the store. Then I remembered running is bad for your health so I stopped and started walking really fast. The bad thing was that the guy was chasing behind me. I was about to take a swift turn into a washroom when Mr. Polly jumped out.
“Hey, where’d you come from?” I asked quickly.
“Well, I grew up in Nigeria but we moved to Canada when I was a kid. However, my dad is from USA, and my mom is part Jamaican, part Australian-” Mr. Polly Squeaked.
“I DON’T CARE! GET OUT OF THE WAY!” I shouted when I saw the shop keeper nearing up to me. He was furious. I started walking real fast again and saw the fountain which has the name of our school in it. The shopkeeper was nearing and I was carrying such a heavy load, so I decided to jump in. Many girls were around the fountain gossiping but I knew they were about to be splashed.
“Save yourselves!” I gave a loud scream like I was Braveheart or something. Some girls moved but then on the other side of the fountain, I saw like ten kissing couples. “You people, get some privacy!” I gave one last shout, and still running, I took a deep breath, and jumped in. SPLASH! I could hear loads of “Adam, you retard”, “What the heck, man”, “Dude, watch it”. But I didn’t care; I looked back up to see the shopkeeper’s furious face through the water. No way, he’d want wet pizza. He pushed threw a young talking beautiful couple and stormed back into his store.
I walked out of the fountain carrying my food when I saw many faces, young beautiful girl’s faces, mainly, but so many wet faces. I looked at the non-alcoholic for students bar next to the fountain and saw so many couples glaring at me ferociously. That’s when I realized that I had to make a mad rush again. I ran right out of the fountain and two more steps when I remembered that running is bad for our health so I stopped running and started walking really fast again. I looked back, only a bunch of big wet guys were running after me. I recognized one of them, Rafeh’s big brother, Joel. Joel was real popular in our school, all the girls in our school had a crush on him and he had one girlfriend per month. He was also really strong. He was like Rafeh, only Rafeh was nicer, less strong, and smaller. Their hair was also different, Rafeh had one spike but Joel had a Mohawk. Joel and Rafeh didn’t hate each other but I was always over at their house and Joel thought I was really loud and annoying.
I kept walking real fast with the huge and heavy load. Suddenly I saw a washroom coming up. When we reached it, I promptly slid into it. Thank god the guys behind me didn’t see me do it. I was safe for now. I had through so much walking through the day, I wanted to sleep. But then I remembered the food I was carrying and the fight. So I checked if the outside was safe. It was, so I walked out, I wanted to go somewhere peaceful. The library, I decided.
I went to the library and sat down, I placed all my food in front of me, and then I suddenly felt hungrier. You know why? The pizza was steaming hot and nothing was wet. Everything was completely dry.
“God, I love you!” I said standing up and shooting my fist in the air. Again, the eerie silence as all the nerds stared at me. I sat back down and grabbed one slice of the pizza. Just as I was about to eat it, the bell rang. Oh well, I didn’t want to go to Art, anyway, so I decided to ditch it. Eventually, I ate all the food by 15 minutes to 3. I was getting scared as I tried to think about the new guy.
Time flew by so quickly that it was 2:55 in two seconds. I guessed I should just go and get over it. I went to my class, grabbed my bag, and left the room. The courtyard was so silent. No one was out. I made my way over to the parking lot. Loads of cars were there. I looked around for my Lamborghini Murcilago. I couldn’t find it. However, in a few seconds, the bell rang. School was over, and so was I.
As soon as the bell rang, my Lamborghini entered the school. Then something strange happened, all the cars, including mine, made a square-shaped big area in the middle of the parking lot. I figured the drivers also knew about the fight. That was our arena. I was real sad, but the thought of it being over in some time was good enough for me. I saw all the students of this school arrive behind me. I could see Joel, looking at me with an evil grin on his face. He got into his Dodge Viper with his girlfriend, Hilary. Rafeh came and gave me a light punch on the arm meaning Good Luck. I walked over to my Lamborghini and dropped my bag into the back. I walked back into the middle of the square to see everybody in high school sitting in their cars and looking at me as if it was a show. Again, I saw Mr. Polly on top of the table with the chart of bets behind him. I saw the Student-Council store keeper sitting in his Porsche Carrera GT. He was also looking at me with a grin. Now I remembered him, he was Josh’s brother who also thought I was loud and annoying. Then, when the whole high school was there, the new guy arrived; he walked into the middle of the square facing opposite me.
“Where are you, Rafeh, c’mon, we haven’t got all day.” The new guy said. He was acting pretty dumb since I was standing right in front of him.
“I’m right here.” I said. I just wanted to get this over with.
“Are you serious? Dude, you were a thousand times smaller this morning.” The new guy replied. “Anyway…” He brought a huge fist down right in front of my face where it just fell down. The new guy fell down with it. Everyone came in to look. There was a web on his hand that was glued to the floor. 
Then, suddenly, spider man appeared in the sky, grabbed the new guy and started beating him up. But the new guy was too strong. He beat spider man up and then marched over to me. Then, with no warning, the new guy kicked in the unnamable places.
“OWWWWWWWWWWW!” I screamed as I woke up. It was Friday morning. And it had all just been a dream. I was really happy. I wore my best clothes, got dressed, and jumped in my Lamborghini to go to school.
Then my dream repeated, only this time, it was real life.

© Copyright 2018 Dylan Safdar. All rights reserved.

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