The Pebble

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
The secual to The Monkey Staff. The New Emperor, Timikooboo, and his faithful sidekick, Refookoo have heared a rumor of the old Great Monkey Emperor of the Highest Authoritive Power and how he wants to steal a Pebble of power to bring him back on the monkey throne. Can they stop the evil emperor and save the Monkey Kingdom once again?

Submitted: August 27, 2007

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Submitted: August 27, 2007








"Refookoo, willest thou bring me thine Aussie Imitation of Greatest Purgery and Copynation Hat?"

"Yes, Greatest Monkey Emperor of Highest Authoratative Power, but what need hast thou of it, mate?"

"Thisist hot sun is about to fry my Monkey Rear, with butter and spices! And call me Timikooboo."

"Ah. Ok. I dost now understand. Iffest it does fry, canst I have a piece?"

"Hmmm, I willest think about it."

"Thank you, Great Monkey Emperor of Highest Authoratative Power, Timikooboo. Here thou goest."

"Thank you, Refookoo. No fried Monkey Rear today."

"That ist a majorist bummer, mate."

"Oh Great Monkey Emperor of the Highest Authoratative Power!"

"What is it, mine tiny slave?"

"I havest heard a rumor, that the former Great Monkey Emperor of the Highest Authoritative Power, a.k.a. Pikachoopoo, ist looking for an object of greatest power, to restore his infinitable power, which thou dost now have."

"Whatist is it?"

"It is..."

"It is..."

"It is..."

"WHATIST IS IT!!!!!!!!???????"

"It ist the Microscopically Tiny Pebble of Marbalized Granite Bubblegum!"

"What willest it do?"

"One of three thingies. It willest blow thine Monkey Rear to kingdom gone, or it willest bring the Giant Burning Rock of Boiling Cold Water Made Out of Cotton Candy Rubber back and blowest thy Monkeydom to a giant hole in the ground, or it willest bring the Most Dreaded Diarrhea Tidal Wave of Doom upon thy kingdom, and you willest drown in it."

"Not such a bad way to go."

"You wilt Die!!"


"Timikooboo, if I mayest speak, thou wilt also lose thy bananas, thy family, and thy kingdom."

"AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh! That ist very scary! We must find a way to stop Pikachoopoo! With uttermost haste of body, soul, mind, and spirit! Like, now! Totally! Thank you, Refookoo."

"Who willest we send on this Question of Inventorial Doom?"

"Um, Timikooboo, I think thou dost mean "this Quest of Inevitable Doom"."


"Okay. So who willest we send to their deaths?"

"What about thee and me and thy tiny slave?"

"Dost thou think we can make it before evil Pikachoopoo dost get the pebble of POWER?"

"Of course, Timikooboo, if we dost hurry."

"It ist then settled. Scrape thy knees and run crying to mommy one more time. Pester thine younger siblings tonight. Dream once more of rotting Bananas. Hunt Giant Evil Gerbils with thine father again. Tomorrow, we must go on this Question of Inventorial Doom."

"But I, thine tiny slave, canst go on this horrendiferous terrible trip of death. Mine Mommy wontest even let me cross the street alone. And hast thou not heard of the Green Pikanese Poodle that dost guard the pebble?"

"No. Where didst thou hear of this evil thing?"

"An old fart in the Deep Forbidden Woods of No Return, he didst tell me this thing of no good will."

"But, tiny slave, how didst you then talk to this old fart? If he was in the Deep Forbidden Woods of No Return?"

"Well, old farts must eat something every few decades, and he didst come grocery shopping. I saw him in Banana Mart, when my Mommy did send me for some Banana Sushi, for it wast on sale."

"Then how can we find this this elusive wisp of old fart?

"We must go to his home in the Deep Forbidden Woods of No Return."

"Well, then, whitherest there wilt we go."

"But we will not return, Timikooboo, mate!"

"That ist too bad. Hencley forth must we now go on this dangerous mission in search of old fart, so he canst tell us more of this great stone."

-To Be Continued- 



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