Brown Eyez

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I hope no one finds out who this is about.....

Submitted: May 07, 2007

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Submitted: May 07, 2007



Every time a tear is shed

Another man will be dead

He will laugh and cry

Even at the same time

He's not a killer

I don't think

He just loves her

Enough not to blink

He doesn't think twice

About what he does

It's just done

From above

He knows it's wrong

But he doesn't give a fuck

As long as it's not

On his buck

This is not a dis

Not a dis at all

This is actually a compliment

On how much balls!

He must have alot

To do the shit he does

I'm not scared for me

But for all the thugs

Don't fuck with him

For he is CRAZY

And I know for a fact

That he loves his baby

So if you think that your slik

I hope you have fun

Without a DICK!

So will I cry

When you die?

No but I'll be laughing

At what an idiot you are!

So don't run far!

Cause if you do he'll just be mad

For wasting the time

On someone that made him so sad!


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