go be with him...

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Idk what to say... it's pretty obvious.

Submitted: July 31, 2007

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Submitted: July 31, 2007



You're always with him

Or always on the phone

I guess he does win

As I'm left all alone!


You have your little notebook

Full of all of the little notes

All of the time that you took

All of the love that you wrote


He gave you this great ring

Probably the greatest ever

Well thats something

That can be took back never


You seem to text a lot

And on my phone

Was this your plot

To leave you alone?


We always seem to fight

And I HATE it when we do

It's all not right

All this you've put me through


I guess you've made up your mind

Thank you for at least trying

And taking the the time

While I sit here dying


So thanks for reiuning my life

And for breaking my heart

At least I sat and tried

Not to tear yours apart


So it may be a good thought

To call me after you read this

Cause of all the pain you brought

You don't think that I'm pissed????

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