My heartache.....

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This is how I feel...

Submitted: July 30, 2007

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Submitted: July 30, 2007



I guess I deserved it

I mean I did it first

I hurt you

And now it's in reverse


How could all this bliss

Turn into so much hate

Why did it end like this

No one knowing their fate


As I watch my heart sink down

And watch you glow above

Me wearing nothing but a frown

You're as pretty as a dove


I never thought you would

Be so full of vengeance

But now I know you could

With all of the rememberance


I thought we were perfect

I thought we were meant to be

But all the pain you inflict

Seems like you hate me


Why would you do it?

If you love me so much

Why put me through this shit

Leave me without a crutch?


So if you're gonna kill me

Please, do it now

Cause I'll never be free

Cause I don't know how...


I love you too much

Too bad it's not the same

You are my only crush

That put me is so much pain.

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