The real me.

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The real me is in this story

Submitted: June 19, 2007

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Submitted: June 19, 2007




On January 29, 1992 a little boy was born. This little boy has now grown up and is telling you his story. Don't feel sorry for him cause that's not why he wrote this. He wrote this so you'll know what the scars and bruises don't tell. So you know the real him and maybe try to understand. No one is perfect and he knows that more then anyone.

Before he was even born he had a big problem that he couldn't solve him self. Some thing was attacking him before he could even take his first breath. A tumor in his mother was attacking him and the only thing he could do was be strong. It was either him or the tumor and he was determined to come out on top. Well he did and know he's off to face his other problems, in the real world.

When he was just an infant he used to get real sick and his mother didn't know why. He would have high fevers reaching to a hundred and three degrees and was constantly ill. The doctors said that they would keep a close eye on him and make sure that he would be alright. They never did find out what was the problem. He is now deaf in his right ear all do to this illness. I wonder if they would've known that it was the fevers, if they could've saved his ear. No one knows the answer to that question.

Now I'm assuming your wondering who "he" is if you don't already know. Well "he" is me and I'm going to tell you everything that has happened to me in order and see if you understand. If you don't I know that it's hard but just try.

Chapter one: First goodbyes (98-99)

My parents were a little older then normal when I was born. This means that my grandparents weren't the youngest people in the world. I spent has much time has I could with them and loved seeing them. Every Christmas or birthday was very special. They all loved me but as time went by so did they. My grandparents on my mothers side were still together when I was around and lived together in a little house. My grandparents on my fathers side were separated and one lived here and the other in Texas. I don't really see or talk to my grandmother in Texas but I still love her. My grandfather on my father's side was the first one to leave us. He had been sick for years and his wife helped him as much as she could. He loved his vegetables though. He had a garden at is house that we always used to take care of. He left behind a wife, four boys, and his four grandchildren. My grandfather on my mothers side was the second one. This death was a little surprising because everyone thought that my grandmother would go before he did. He had a heart condition so it was a little risky to say that he was going to be the one to take care of my grandmother. Every time I went to their house I got my usual chocolates that they bought for me. He left behind a wife, four girls, nine grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren. Next was my grandmother on my mother's side. She had cancer and the treatments weren't helping. When I was three she and my mother quit smoking but she still got lung cancer. She gave me gloves when ever I went to their house cause grandfather didn't like fingerprints on his freshly polished table. She left behind four girls, nine grandchildren, and thirteen great grandchildren.

Chapter two: The Accident (4-5-02)

Just another day at school in the fourth grade is what the day started out to be. I was there from nine till three just like every other day. I walked home like usual and when I got there waited for my dad to come home. My mom told me that my sister had tickets to go to a sixty sixer's game and invited me and my dad. I had to beg him to go but after a while he said it was ok. We got in the car but before we even left the house my mom said not to hurt her baby and he said ok. He had a beer just like any other time and we went to the game. The game was great even though the team that we went for ended up losing. At least it was with my dad. So we go back to the car. Him drunk just like any other time. Fifty cent beers didn't help him stay sobber. My sister leaves and we get in the car. He starts it up and asks if I want to drive. Ha you wish dad. If only I could've driven that night. He puts it in reverse and we start to back up. I guess the lady behind him is transparent cause he doesn't see her and hit's her. I didn't feel a difference. Just the jerk from the brakes. The man tells him to stop and take out the keys. My dad listens and stays in the car. He tells me that everything will be ok. Too bad he didn't know that time in jail and five years probation would be "ok". The cops and paramedics get there. They treat the women and get my dad out of the car. They give him the drunk test. No way!!! He's drunk? I had no idea that some one with the privilege of fifty cent beers could be drunk. They put him in the back of the car and of course call my mom. My mom calls my sister to come pick me up. The ride home was the best one ever, not. I didn't talk much and don't think I could've. I was in so much shock. I told him that I had a game tomorrow and that he needed to be there but I guess he couldn't. He was put in jail and was fined for his crime. Lost his job and put on five years probation. We started over and began again. I always blame my self for what happened but everyone tells me not to. Five years later I go to the same baseball park to watch my niece graduate. Kind of a weird experience but I'll be ok. We get in the car and my mom says I hope you're a better navigator then last time. Last time your dad hit someone. Well I guess it's not my fault huh? I didn't beg to go and I didn't tell him that there wasn't a lady in the back us. Thanks mom, you always know how to make me feel better don't you.

Chapter three: The surgery (6-11-04)

Being sick all winter sucked for only two reasons. One would be because of Christmas being so close and because it is my favorite season out of the whole year. The sick part didn't bother me it was the time that I was sick that bother me the most. I was sick every other week and the only thing that the doctor would do was give me more pills to pop. Even though these pills never helped and he probably knew this, he still keep on giving me them. Finally after six months of prescribing pills for me to pop, he made an appointment for me with the ear, mouth, and throat doctor. This doctor looked at me maybe a total of two minutes and already told me what was going to happen. He said that I needed my tonsils to be removed and that he was going to do it. Does this mean that I won't get sick anymore? Yes it did so me and my mom jumped on the opportunity while we could. the surgery seemed like nothing at all. All they did was take me into the hospital, put me in the operating room and did what they had to do. My mom sitting all by herself in the waiting room waiting for me to get done made it seem really dramatic. To me it seemed like she was waiting for me to get my hair cut. I finally got down and the first words were where's my mom. Why, I have no idea but then again I was only twelve so that might be why. They let her come in and some how I felt better. We went home with my sister and the first thing they did was eat in front of me. My family of course knows how to rub it in. I couldn't swallow for like a week and talking was hard but I lived. Two days after my surgery I had a baseball tournament and I ended hitting a home run the first game and pitching an almost no hitter the second. After all of this I still didn't get to be on the All-star team but it wasn't that important to me. I knew I was an All-star so that's all the really mattered to me. Know this just goes to show you. People under estimate me to often.

Chapter four: Dead dad walking (7-29-06)

My dad was in the hospital for along time. Too long to me but others think that it wasn't long at all. He had bad pneumonia and he couldn't breath. He had built up plaque in his lungs and it was starting to harden. People weren't that smart at first and gave him pills to break it up. Well my dad had a lot of film in there and the pills weren't helping at all. The first time I remember him complaining about his chest hurting was around the fourth of July. I remember cause he was wondering if I was doing anything and his chest starting hurting. I thought that he'd be okay. I thought that maybe he had bad heart burn or that the food went down the wrong way or something. Then it started to get worse and more complex. He ended up on oxygen for about a month and even that didn't help him much. He was enrolled in the hospital a little later and was in there for about two months including rehabilitation. At first I never wanted to visit him and when I finally did the only thing I could do was cry. I hated to see him like that and he knew it. The worse thing that I probably did in my whole entire life was tell him that I promise to play baseball if he made it out alright. He loved to watch me play and I knew that if he had another chance to watch me he would take it. I never played and didn't even try out. I feel and felt so guilty about it but I guess I just needed a break. No one is perfect and if there is anyone that understands that the most it's me. After my dad got out of the hospital he was very delicate and lost seventy five while in the hospital. At rehabilitation he actually liked the food so I don't know how he lost all of the weight. He was all bone and skin and looked like he had no meat on him. He needed a walker at first and has scars all over his body. In the hospital the diagnosed that he had diabetes so now he has to deal with that every day and every night. They cut his hair so now I have longer hair then him which has never happened before. The stuff we used to be able to do like play baseball and the yard work seems really hard now. He can't see out of his left eye and his muscle mass has gone way down. Getting in the car hurts more then anything. He hates driving the car but will do it if I ask him to. My dad survived but now must live with all of his disabilities. He's strong so he'll be fine.

Chapter five: Love is found (3-24-07)

The day where I found out the person I loved, loved me. The day I thought would be a normal day ended up being the best one of my life. The day all started with me and a couple of friends going to the library. One of my friends liked me but I had a girlfriend that she knew so I assumed that we were just going to hang out. We hung out at the library for a little while and played around on the computer. After we got done making fun of everyone on my space we left to our friends house. He was with us so he needed to tell his grandmother something and I needed to drop off my stuff. So it was him, his girlfriend, her sister and me walking down the street to his house. Her sister ends up holding my hand while we're walking down to his house. I was a little confused cause she knew my girlfriend but I went along with it. So we get to his house and I drop off my stuff and we start heading to the park. We were leaving to the park because there was a play that we were all attending at the school right across the street. So as we all hang out at the park the flirting continues at first but then stops. She starts getting mad and won't even talk to me. Everyone is telling me to go out with this girl but it seems like she's mad about just flirting.?I go to talk to her and the only thing that she says is that she feels guilty about what she did and says that her friend, my girlfriend, is more important then a relationship. I was shocked but excepted the fact that she respected my girlfriend enough not to do anything more then she already did. We all go to the school and wait for his girlfriends family to show. They get there and we all take a seat. Our friends show up and come to sit down with us. Evidentially they went skating earlier and decided to come to the play. My friend, who is a girl, sits next to me and we start chatting. She tells me all about how her boyfriend was being mean to her while they were skating and how she can't deal with his clinginess. I listen and tell her my opinion but it stills seems that she's upset. The play starts and we're all quiet. She pulls out her phone and types a message on it. Hands me the phone and tells me to read it. "So do you like me?" it said as the glowing light shines on my face. "What about your boyfriend?" I type back as she looks at me. The conversation goes on and on. I put my arm around her and let her rest her head on it. She fell while skating and had a headache. My hand was very close to hers so she thought I wanted to hold it but I'm too scared. I told her that if I wanted to that I'd just do it so I did. My girlfriend was in the play so holding someone else’s hand while watching your girlfriend perform a play probably wasn't smart. After the play I say goodbye to my girlfriend and give her a kiss bye. My friends and I stay back to say hi to all of the other performers. We end up going outside and my friend calls his grandmother to come pick us up. So me and my friend that were holding hands during the play start talking. She says she has to go and starts to walk away. "Yeah I know I'm too sexy for you too kiss me" I say before she leaves. "Oh really?" she asks as she comes back to give me one. Well a kiss ended up to be more intimate then we thought. She left and all I could think was I can't believe that just happened. The girl I've liked for almost half of the school year just made out with me. In the end, my girlfriend broke up with me cause I was honest and told her what happened and her boyfriend didn't care so she told him that she couldn't be faithful to him. From then on we've been together and I never stopped loving her. It was wrong but in the end it all seemed to work out.

Chapter six: Broken again (5-15-07)

It seems like I can't stop breaking things. First my nose, then my leg and now my leg again. The first time I broke my leg I was on my sister's trampoline when it happened. I was jumping with my family members and going really high. My leg went under me and my body landed on top of it. I guess I'm fat cause when I body landed on top of my leg it broke. I was crying and my parents were putting ice on it to keep the swelling down. We went to the hospital just to find out that it was broke. I was eight when this happened. The thing that's weird is that my mom said that something bad was going to happen and it did. Stupid sixth sense! The second time I broke my leg I was skateboarding. I know I'm smart you don't have to tell me that twice. I tried jumping of a set of stairs and my foot slipped off my board. My girlfriend was at Disneyland so I blamed her for it because I couldn't talk to her. It was a joke but she really did?feel bad. She thought that if she was at home that she could've prevented me from doing it. That wasn't the case and she knows that now. I went to the hospital and they declared that it was just a hair line fracture. Still tried to put me in a six week long cast but I fought hard for them not to do that. I went to school the next day on crutches and the only thing my friends did was laugh. I was embarrassed but then again laughing with them. My girlfriend helped me the most and stood by me a hundred percent. Thanks babe I love you for it. I got off the crutches in a day and had an ankle brace for about two weeks. The ankle brace was a lot better then the six week long cast so I was happy. My? girlfriend was happy too. Walking around with someone on crutches isn't a fun thing to do. I made it okay and she was there for me. I knew then that I could rely on her for anything.

Chapter seven: The Funeral (6-16-07)

I'm sure finding out that your friend died is bad enough but finding out that three of them died is even worse. A day before graduation my girlfriend's friend died in a major car crash coming from them their senior picnic. There was a S.U.V. full of boys and a car full of girls. They were messing around and ended up crashing. Her friend died on impact and her other two friends were sent to the hospital. The facts aren't really clear about exactly what happen but this is what understand about it. Two days after the tragedy they had a wake or viewing that we went to in honor of her friend. The next day we went to the mass and the funeral. They were both very nice ceremonies and there was a lot of crying but we made it through. After the funeral we went skating, something that her friend loved to do with her. I was there for all of these things and know how bad she felt through it all. No it wasn't my friend but from what I heard he was a very nice young man and deserved all the honor and respect that he could get. He was only eighteen when he died but in that little bit of time lived a wonderful life. My girlfriend wrote a poem about him and it's on her booksie. It's very beautiful and should be read by everyone. This funeral meant a lot to everyone including her and I was honored to be there by her side.

These things have happened to me and my family in the fifteen years that I've been alive. It doesn't seem like much but some of these things took months and months to get over. I hope you liked reading about my life but I must go now. Just always remember that no one is perfect, cause if they were then they wouldn't have a story to tell.

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