The thug life...

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The bad side of people I guess....

Submitted: July 28, 2007

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Submitted: July 28, 2007



Load that glass pipe

And hand me the light

I came to get HIGH

And kiss the past good bye!

Or maybe deal me a line

That white shit's just fine

Cause I came to this party

To have a good time

Now pass that corona

With a little bit of lime

Yeah thats what I need

Just that and a hit a weed

This is as FUCKED up

As you'll ever see me

So fuck it, lets go!

I aint goin home

And I want some trees

Before I leave

Or maybe just a little

Of that speed!!

Lets bust a mission

If you got permission

Go get some herb

From that guy at the curb

Get some purple kush

Just for the push

Lets go take a drive

Just a little joy ride

Lets go really fast

And see if it last!!!

If its from the planet

Then its organic

No need to worry

This will make a hell of a story!

So just take a hit

And try to forget

About all that stupid shit

Cause you're with me

You're having fun

And the night has just begone!


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