This is the end

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Why does everyone like my girlfriend??? SHE'S MINE!!!

Submitted: July 18, 2007

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Submitted: July 18, 2007



Don't try to help me

For you're wasting your time

I never will be free

From this life of mine

I sit in the hot sun

And wait for the day

That my battle is won

Till I put my rage away

But it's like they keep coming

One man after the next

I send most of them running

Put me up to the test!!!

I'll get rid of one of them

One of my own damn friends

Then they try to pretend

That it wasn't the end

Then he'll be gone

And another will show

But it's never for long

Before I know

He likes her

But she's with me

She tells me after

Not to worry

But how could I not?

He's only right there

And I feel on the spot

I'm definetly not scared

But what should I do?

Stand there and forget?

Or follow my plan through?

I'm not sure what to do

You tell me what's best

Cause I'm running out

And it's the end of the test

I'm sick of this shit

And it needs to be dealt with

If you don't like it

Then say you got a problem

Cause I'm ready for your shit!

So R.I.P. my friend

It's just to bad

That it had to end

I will always lover her

Don't ever forget it

Cause if you try to

You'll be in a casket!

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