Three months baby!!! :)

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This is to my baby on our third month anniversary...

Submitted: June 24, 2007

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Submitted: June 24, 2007



It seems like these last three months

Have been the last three years

The feeling of being on a hunt

To get exactly right here

I love this feeling of sercurity

And knowing your not leaving

It makes my crazy insanity

Have a little more meaning

If you feel the same about this

Raise you hands high in the air

Cause we'll never be missed

With each other right there


Three months ago I never would've thought

That my dream would ever come true

But it seems to me that the gift was brought

The gift of beautiful, funny, and smart you

The words that I speak are nothing but the truth

All these feelings are so real and can't be faked

I know this by ever little peck and smooch

That it was all worth the long wait


Now I must not wait any longer

Cause your mine and no one elses

I'm definetly not going to wrong her

So start looking in different places

I promise not to ever let go

As long as you're up for the ride

Cause it can be a bumpy road

On a road of a love filled life.


So now as I end this little write

It doesn't mean that I'm gone

It means that I finally feel right

About our specail bond

Not saying I didn't before

But now I know it that much more!!!

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