People of HollowWood

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The beginning to a wonderful tale about fairies, dragons, ogres and other mythical creatures. All living in a huge adventurous magical world.

Submitted: January 11, 2010

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Submitted: January 11, 2010



People of HollowWood O nce upon a time there was a little garden beside a watering hole on the outskirts of an old antique town. To most people, it was just the area where some of the orphan children played, but to the orphans it was a magical mythical world full of great adventures. Our story begins with an orphan boy named Theodore. He lives in the town orphanage with about fifteen other young children. But, one day he had a chance to explore his town of Shiny Springs. He heads out to the garden beside the watering hole, now most adults thought follish of Theodore for using his imagination. What the people didn’t know is that he wasn’t using his imagination. Everytime he went to the garden, he talked and played with the mythical creatures. At the end of the day he would always go back to the orphanage and tell his tales to his friends, but they just ridiculed him. He cried himself to sleep almost every night, which didn’t help his self-asteem. Everytime he had a chance to go to the garden, he went. But this time was different, this time he magically became part of the world. He didn’t know where he was, or even who he was at the time. After he came back to his senses, he saw that he was laying on the ground. Surrounded by what seemed to be fairies and other creatures, he was trying to comprehend everything at once. They started speaking to him, he heard them chanting phrases while dancing around him, he thought this to be some kind of healing process or something. He stood up shakily, and asked what seemed to be the “Leader” of the group, where he was. The “Leader” replied with “You are in the magical town of HollowWood, where all wishes and dreams come true”. Theodore wasn’t sure how to respond, so he just stared at the crowd of people around him. The “Leader” took Theodore by the hand and escorted him to what seemed to be a carved out mushroom, probably what they lived in he thought. Theodore then kindly asked the “Leader”, what his name was. He responded “My name is Fenway”, as he gave Theodore a bowl of soup. Two fairies entered the house, and gave him some gifts. He was surprised at how kind everyone was treating him, knowing that they didn’t know who or what he was. CHAPTER 2 WILL CONTINUE

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