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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jane Mayberry is a kick ass FBI agent. this book is about her and her team solving the mysterys of murders. They go through a lot only to find out a shocking ending.

As Sam laid there on the cold dark floor, his firearm skittered across the room. A dark figure stood over him with a large knife. He stepped forward raised his knife at that time three shots were fired. Standing in the doorway was his partner with her smoking gun. Her long brown hair streaked with crimson and always curled, fell to her shoulders. She was wearing her normal attire of white shirt, brown leather jacket, skinny jeans and black buckled Frye boots.  Jane lowered her weapon, walked over to Sam and helped him up. They walked out of the building to bet met with the backup they called in. Sam went to the ambulance and Jane headed home.

Jane Mayberry:

Going home after a long day was the fun part, realizing her mother was there, not so much. Knowing Lilly Mayberry she has probably almost shot the neighbor 5 times. She got out of her car and headed into the house. Everything seemed okay so far. No bullet casings, voicemails, just silence. Thats when she suspected something was up. The Mayberry household was never quiet. She drew her weapon and silently swept through the house. “Maybe they went out to eat.” She thought. Yet they still didn’t answer their phones. It’s not like Max and Kurt to go out with their grandmother.

Sam Jones:

Sam wasn’t in a good mood. After getting trapped and beaten up by an untrained man, he felt pretty weak. Also his favorite suit had just been ruined. If not for his partner, he would’ve been dead countless times. His wounds weren’t bad and he could return to work tomorrow. He wandered what strange case awaited him. An easy on? No, that would never happen. The thought reminded him of his first case. A hide and seek shootout at a clothing store. All he could do now is go home and get some sleep. So he grabbed his belongings and left the ambulance.

Anne Spencer:

Anne was your typical FBI agent. Jacket, slacks and heels was all she wore. She only wanted one thing, Sam. But sadly he had a crush on Jane. She was a good agent that was trained to take a bullet. Anne swore to never let her feelings get in the way. No matter what happened. She started drifting off when her boss yelled “We have a case! Call Mayberry and Jones!!”


It was midnight when she got a call from work. Lilly and the kids had just gotten back from the movies. She grabbed her keys, badge, weapon and headed out the door. When she arrived the bulletin board had already been set up with info. A mysterious death on the side of a road. Her team grabbed their gear and headed out.


Sam joined the FBI to stop bad guys. Not photograph dead bodies. It was a simple crime scene, dead body, isolated area. It would seem like nothing bad would happen. Then he heard the roar of an engine. Flooring done the road was a black SUV, and it was headed for Jane. She drew her weapon and before she could fire a shot, Anne tackled her out of the way, grabbed a weapon and fired. The SUV swerved a little and kept driving away. Sam ran over to his partners and helped them up. “did you get the plate number?” he asked Jane. “Do you have to ask?” she replied. At that time Arthur Hotch  (their boss) came running from the woods. “Jones!!” he yelled. “We’ve got another body! Well, Not exactly, that’s an understatement.”


He lead Sam to the tree. Hanging from 6 branches were 6 dead bodies. Each with a three pronged trident on their left arm. “Either out killer is back, or……” “we’ve got a copycat” said Sam finishing Hotch’s sentence. “you want to tell Jane?” replied Hotch. “She is not going to be happy.” Sam took pictures of the crime scene while Hotch called the medical unit. The medical examiner Blake arrived and took the bodies to autopsy.


“I swear when I get my hands on this guy…” “or gal” Anne offered. “whatever, it doesn’t matter. Im killing them.” The wind made Jane tie her hair back. “lets head back. Get some sleep. We’ll meet at the office at 7 am.” said Arthur.

As Jane headed home she played her favorite radio station. She pulled into her driveway, went into the house, showered and fell asleep. *the next day* Jane walked into the agency and immediately headed to autopsy. “Hey, did you bring me any coffee?” asked Blake. “don’t press your luck Pooh Bear. What’ve you got?” “Same markings and stab wounds as the past killings. Wait, since when do you tie your hair back?” “does that matter Blake?” “yes” said Anne as she walked into the room. “Hotch is sending us out to where the SUV was found. An old hideout.” “see ya Blake!” they said in unison.

Jane and Anne

*arriving at the hideout* “Jane why do you wear those clothes?” asked Anne as they got out of the car. “because people don’t take me seriously in a suit.” “why do they take me seriously??” “it fits your mood.” “stop” said Anne “why?” “look, the door is open.” They drew their weapons and headed into the house. Jane took the left and Anne headed upstairs. Jane was looking through the living room and saw clumps of blonde hair on the floor. Before she could look Anne hollered “Come see this!” Jane headed upstairs and saw the familiar footprint in the dust. “Sam wears those shoes.” Said Anne “lets hope it’s a throw off.” Said Jane. They went back downstairs and checked the back porch. They both heard the leaves crunching in the woods. Anne headed straight for it and Jane flanked. As Anne approached the man, he got startled. When he turned to ran, he got smacked in the face with a heavy stick.  He awoke tied to a chair in the kitchen. “Who are you?” asked Jane. “just a normal teenager! What did you hit me with?” “that doesn’t matter.” “yes it does! I could sue you!” “I could shoot you.” The glare in her eyes told him not to press his luck. “we should take him in” said Anne. When they arrived at the department, they went to interrogation.


Blake had a weird job but he enjoyed it. He had just finished searching the last body when he found clumps of blonde hair on it. He turned around to get a bag and saw the person. “Well, what are you doing here?”  The person grabbed a scalpel and ended Blake’s life. They grabbed the evidence and left.



Anne tried to keep her posture stern, but seeing Blake in a pool of blood, she screamed. A wave of nausea surged over her and she fainted. When she came to, they were at their desks. “why would someone kill Blake?” she asked. “I don’t know. Just another reason to kill them.” Jane replied. “lets look into the info we have. Since our only suspect is innocent. Lets look through our info.” Said Sam.


They spent the afternoon searching for leads. The victims had nothing in common. “How did someone kill Blake?” asked Sam. “It had to be someone with creds.” “I haven’t seen Mindy today. Maybe someone stole her creds. But if that’s true, then she could dead.” Said Jane. “Jane and I will go check her house.” Said Sam. “Good idea.” Said Hotch.

Jane and Sam:

They arrived at Mindy’s house, got out of the car and went to the door. Sam knocked and said “Mindy! Are you here?” There was no answer. They knocked again. Still no answer. Jane picked the lock and they headed inside. The house looked as if it had just been cleaned. “Tell me she’s doing spring cleaning.” Jane said. They went around the corner and saw Mindy. NO blood. No sign of a struggle. “It looks like she had a heart attack.” Said Sam.  “I’ll go search for her creds.” Said Jane. Sam called Hotch and informed him of what they found. “They’re gone. So is her entire gun case. This doesn’t make sense.” When does it?” Even though an agent had just died Sam still admired the way Jane’s hair fell down. If only she didn’t have a boyfriend… the team pulled into the driveway. Anne walked in with her blonde hair clipped up. Her heels clicked as she brought in the camera. She normally has her gun up front and showing but this time its hidden in the back. “Am I the only one who keeps their gun in the waistband?” asked Jane. “yeah pretty much.” replied Sam. “I’m gonna ask the neighbors if they saw anything.” Said Jane. “I’ll go with her.” Said Anne. “No, stay here and help.” Said Sam. “This may seem like a weird time to ask but you wanna have dinner tomorrow?” asked Sam. “Sure, how about my place?” replied Anne. “Hey love birds! Come check this out.” Said Jane. She lead them around to the neighbors house. Laying in the grass was Mindy’s creds. “neighbor isn’t home often. Couldn’t be him.” Said Anne. They both stared at her. “Mindy talked a lot.” “Good point. Said Sam They headed back to the bureau and then went home. For tomorrow they would discuss what they had.


“So we have a lot of killings.” Said Jane. “thanks for stating the obvious.” Said Sam. “Do you want to get shot?” “No.” “Then shut up, Sam. We also know the only victim without the marking was Mindy.” “So maybe they didn’t have their tools.” Said Anne. “But that still doesn’t explain why Mindy’s body was clean and so was her house. Was she really spring cleaning?” asked Hotch. “Chick was a germaphobe.” Said Sam. “Hotch, did the victims relatives have anything important?” “No. Nothing. Its weird. Like the victims were all just random people.” “So our killer doesn’t have a motive. Just a do it because they can.” Said Jane. “Or attention.” Said Anne. “that was kinda stupid but even that qualifies now.” Said Sam. “No it doesn’t. Yall two are stupid.” Said Jane. *later that day* “THERE IS STILL NOTHING.” Said Jane. “lets just all head home.” Said Hotch. “See you tonight, Sam.” Said Anne.

Anne and Sam:

Anne opened the door and there stood Sam. He was dressed casually. She gestured him in and he sat down. Anne went to the kitchen to finish cooking the meals. She was cutting stuff up and Sam came in to help. They cooked the meals and went to the couch. Sam would tell jokes and Anne would laugh. ‘man she’s annoying sometimes’ Sam thought. ‘Wow he doesn’t seem very happy tonight.’ Thought Anne. Anne headed back to the bedroom to put on some casual clothes. Sam stayed in the living room watching tv.


Jane was the last to leave. She got into her SUV and headed home. That’s when she got flashbacks. It all became clear that very moment. *Jane’s flashbacks* “or gal” said anne. /seeing the clumps of blonde hair/ Anne finding the body first./ “or for attention” said Anne. *flashback ends. “oh my god. Anne’s the killer.” She made a u-turn and sped off to Anne’s house. “Damnit Sam, answer your phone.” She pulled in a block away from the house and ran to the door. She opened the door and saw Sam on the couch. “Jane, what are you doing here?” he asked getting up to look at her. Then the shot rang out and Sam dropped to the floor. Standing behind him was Anne. “You really are a mood killer.” Said Anne. Jane slowly moves to the counter moments at a time. “Stop! Put your gun on the floor.” Jane gingerly drew her gun and set it down on the floor. “Now get up!” Anne yelled. “Look what you made me do!” Anne gestured toward  Sam. “I didn’t make you do anything you crazy…” “Now Jane, there’s no need for that kind of language. Sam was dead weight anyways. Now its time for your death.” “How is this gonna work out for you Anne?” “Easy.  Sam killed you and then tried to kill me. I used self defense. I have a plan to blame it all on Sam.” Pointing her gun at his body and forgetting to raise it. “there’s a flaw in your plan.” “And what’s that?” “You’re dead.” Jane grabbed the knife and flung it at Anne. It stuck right in the middle of her chest. She fell to her knees and Jane walked over to her, raised her leg and kicked it in farther.

Jane and Hotch:

“Anne doesn’t deserve this funeral.” Said Jane. “You didn’t have to come.” Said Hotch. “it’s the same day and place as Sam’s. So I did have to come.” “You could’ve left.” “But you’re my ride.” The wind in the cemetery made Jane’s hair look beautiful. “I wish my hair would do that.” Said Hotch. “What hair?” Jane laughed for the first time since the incident. “What are we gonna do now? We need two new members on our team.” Jane asked. “I was thinking about retiring.” “Hotch, you said that last year. And the year before that.” “I’ll die before I retire.” The two of them started walking to the gate. “this case might’ve been bad, but there’s always worse.” Said Hotch. “I know. I think I’ll walk. See you tomorrow.”






Submitted: February 11, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Dylans124. All rights reserved.

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