Demon which is Depression

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Depression haunts many of us from time to time.

Submitted: August 14, 2014

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Submitted: August 14, 2014



That time you smile with your friends

Laughing to your hearts contempt

Go out during the day and back by night and although you enjoy the time it all seems discontent.

So you feel unwanted and traumatized by a flag of simple events.

So why do you laugh at day? Only to come home and cry until the light is once again high?

Do you act as one but think as many?

Cry yourself to sleep and in the morning feel twice as heavy?

As if your life has taken a strike to the gut and you can do nothing but protrude up that which are tears.

Stopping the despair for a single day

But only for that single day as the punch strikes again and you resort to your technique which brings extraordinary pain and regret, something you do not seek.

And you continue to suffocate yourself in the dark

To refuse help off those who love you so much.

So why do you sit there and look up at nothing?

Wait for your tear to drop down while and the cycle becomes reluctant to change for the better

But you can move forward and not look back

It isn’t easy but with a friend, a pet and some delicious snacks

You can change your life forever

Not for worse but for the better, better, better!

So look up

Don’t listen to those who put you down

Cut them out and just turn around

Bring a smile out at day and keep it through the night

For one day this one life will transform

A change forever, a change for the better

Change for you and change for others

Because in the end

Only you can do this

With the guidance of several backing others.

Please do not forget those who are kindest to you

They will not run and hide in your time of need

I can assure you

If they’ve stayed this long consider it done

Because they will not leave

They will only try and wake you

And if that doesn’t work then they’ll wait for you

Until you overcome the demon which is depression

So trust your friends and family, for if they signify true love then trust me, they’ll wait and wander

Until this solitary deed is done.

“You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.” – Robin Williams

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