Lust fulfilled thoughts

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This is not a story about love
This is a story about lust

Submitted: July 02, 2014

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Submitted: July 02, 2014



Lust fulfilled thoughts


Maybe the blondie in the corner, she’s pretty hot or the brunette having a laugh by the stereo. God, what I wouldn’t give to get in their pants. Just one fuck and I’ll be good for a month, just one! That’s all I ask. What am I kidding; they wouldn’t go for a slouch like me, hell if I was one of them I wouldn’t even go for me.

Maybe some of this punch will calm me down… Ahh much better, hey where did Ron go anyway, pfft what a wingman he is. I just don’t understand, I stand here stare at these girls, drool to my heart’s content over a glorious ass and I still I can’t even talk to one. Well standing here admiring them isn’t too bad; at least if I fail I’ll have some thoughts to go home on.

God what is this music anyway, someone’s got to pump some Dr Dre in this bitch. Then I might have some courage.

Okay no distractions, I’m going to do it, the hot ten in the corner, she’s all mine and I’ll be fucking her until sunrise the way I’m going. I can do this, just ask her about her day… no this is a party say the music is good, yea! Just say the music is eccentric as fuck! But then what? Stand there as she awkwardly says yeah cool. No! I can’t mess this one up; I have to be eating that pussy tonight! Not tomorrow not yesterday, today!

I know, I’ll bring her a drink, bitches love drinks, yeah then she’ll fuck me for sure, probably take me straight away, “start sucking” I’ll say and she’ll just do it. I wish! No girl lets up like that especially not this one, I can tell she’s the slutty self-embraced time, unless you have a Lamborghini out front or muscles on the sides you better make her laugh, and laugh hard! Hmm something my Father would have said.

Okay here I go got the drinks, got the hair and got the attitude, now let’s get some pussy!... Fuck, my wallet where did I put my fucking wallet, wait Ron, that’s right Ron has it, probably betting up on who can drink the most goon out back. No time for that, stop getting distracted you fool!

Okay now this is it I’m just going to walk over there and hand it to her, look her dead in the eye and walk away, be mysterious as fuck. What if she screams weirdo? I got to re-think this.

Okay step 1 – Walk over all cool and confident

Step 2 – Give drink and don’t make a sound

Step 3 – Wink, do not forget the wink! Never forget the wink!

Step 4 – Call her hot… no beautiful… no courageous… just say hey good looking

Step 5 - Interact in conversation that will get dick sucked!

Easy enough, but what if she just outright rejects? Plenty of fish in the sea isn’t there? But fish communicate, fish talk! I’ll get blacklisted by all the hot girls at this party in a matter of minutes. There’re fast, real fast. But evidently it’s better to of lusted and lost than to of never lusted at all. Now’s the time, time to change my life forever, one line can be the difference of getting rock hard sex to being evicted by the entire female population. Shit! Now I’m getting anxiety, it’s now or never, wipe that bit of sweat off my forehead, breath, breath keep breathing. Fuck… I’m getting dizzy, stupid anxiety, oh no, don’t pass out! Don’t pass out not now! I was just about to get la…

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