My Hereditary trait

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My hereditary fate

Submitted: July 01, 2014

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Submitted: July 01, 2014



My Hereditary trait


A poisoned trait

Have me in an unfulfilled state

Forever I will live in fear

Until it arrives and I’m incomplete

Unattended and deep within a tiny troubled tear will peer

Lost I will never be found

It could happen at any time

Oh god my hereditary fate

Will conquer, until the place, my place, is wailed and tailed for all it can give

For this enemy does not give unto surrender's or play around big spenders

It is everyone’s curse not for better but indeed the worse

This enemy is neither about right nor wrong but rather my sovereign kingdom come

An end to a futile struggle

Withered up in a uncontrollable muddle

So I wait here

Until my final day rushes me with a gush of anger and twisted hate

For what I lived will never be enough

For this hereditary trait will be the final matter that I cannot face

But undeniably I must look into the eyes of that demon as he struts

I will undoubtable lose

But I will not go by one’s own will


I will stand tall and take every strike by the demons claws

I will not rest until my dying breath

This hereditary trait

This hereditary fate

Bitter as it is

Is a forthcoming and the bringer of my last gift


By Dylan Weiss

© Copyright 2019 DylanW. All rights reserved.

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