Of mice and men georges journal

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A journal of 5 entries from the point of view of George from the book of Mice and Men

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011




Final Draft; Journal


July 17th, 1937

Today, me an’ Lennie were tryin to get outta Weed cause Lennie had to go an’ screw everythin up again! The damn big bastard went to go touch a girls dress cause it was soft and she thought she was bein raped. She went off yellin’ and Lennie got scared so he held on even more.  We had ta run for miles with dozens of guys chasin’ after us. We finally outran em an’ we got onto another bus to find a different ranch. Once we got to Soledad, the damn bus driver gave us a bum steer and made us get off early. We walked for hours till we was able to find a place to rest by a lake. I had 3 cans of beans in my bindle so we had those for supper an’ went to sleep.

July 18th, 1937

We woke up real early today so we could get to the ranch. Once we got there a geezer named Candy told us to put our stuff in the bunkhouse and show us around the ranch. We met the boss and the resta the workers. They seemed like good people. There was this one guy named Curley though, who was givin’ Lennie a hard time and was tryin’ to throw a scare into him.

July 19th, 1937

Today alot of stuff happened, fer starters we had to shoot Candys old dog cause he smelt terrible and it was for his own good. Also, that Curley guy kept on messing with Lennie and they went at it. Curley started sluggin him but I tol Lennie to fight back and damn straight he did. Caught one of his punches and broke damn near every bone in that bastard’s hand! Lennies one hell of a strong guy an’ he don’ even know it.



July 20th, 1937

After bucking barley all day me, Slim an’ Carlson went into Soledad. We stayed in a cathouse fer a couple hours before headin back to the ranch. When I got back, I headed to the bunkhouse to get some rest an Lennie kept on bringing that damn pup in and I kept on havin ta take it back. If he keeps on bringin’ it to the bunkhouse he’s gunna get the damned thing killed!

July 21th, 1937

Today we had ta run away from the ranch. Me an’ the boys were playing horseshoes in the bunkhouse and I went to the barn to check if Lennie was there an’ I foun Curleys wife an’ his pup layin dead on the floor I knew it was Lennie who did it. I had to tell the others even if it did mean him bein lynched. I knew he would go exactly where I tol him to, the brush. Everyone wanted to kill Lennie especially cause they thought he stole Carlsons gun. I tried reasoning with em but they didn’t wanna hear a word of it. I went down to the brush. I knew what I had ta do. We started talkin bout the rabbits and how its gon be someday an he was real happy. I pulled out the gun , put it to his head and pulled the trigger.


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