Man With No Name

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what happens when your stuck in a relationship that's going nowhere but you're too afraid to throw in the towel

Submitted: December 16, 2007

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Submitted: December 16, 2007



“I take you to be my husband”
I am devoted to my husband
Who merely loves the idea of me
I would never cheat on him
My children and morals are a priority
He does not notice
who I am anymore
He says, “I love you” “You look pretty”
But they are words without passion, words to keep score
When he looks at me
Visions through hollow eyes
He puts his energy into his projects, his work
Into anything but the foundation of our lives
He is not attentive
to my womanly needs
I have asked and begged for more affection
But he always has an excuse, turning it back on me

“From this day forward”

I know I love him
But I am no longer in love
I would never want to hurt him
I have continued on, just because
And then by chance
I stumble upon a stranger
Merely a voice, a laugh
Nothing that could put me in danger
 But I realize over time
As we chat innocently through the night
How much we have in common
And when we talk it just feels right
I am fascinated with him
The man with no name, only a voice
I can think of nothing but the idea
Though I really do not have a choice
I know he exists
Though I have never seen his face
I can feel him watching over me
Though I am forever alone in this place 

“For richer, for poorer”

He has never touched me
And he never will
Though the very idea of his lips
Gives my body a chill


I dream of his hands running over my skin
Exploring every curve with his mouth
He would dominate the moment
Make it hurt enough I’d want to shout
I want to hold him and touch him
Smell the freshness of his skin
I want to fulfill his every desire
Show a devotion that belongs only to him
He is the only man
to know my deepest desire
And when I told him, he didn’t laugh
My husband has never asked what lights my inner fire.

"In sickness and in health" 

He says I am sweet, and kind
That he looks forward to talking to me
But he has a wife that loves him
And I fear what that means.
I’ve always heard that there is the perfect match for each person
Though I never believed it to be true
But the saying isn’t flawed, I should’ve been patient
What happens when your match has someone else too?

 “To love and to cherish” 

To taste from the vine of that forbidden fruit
Is a sin I am not willing to commit
But the thought of him in my life
Produces a smile, I have to admit
But if God gave me another chance
To find my true soul mate
There is no doubt in my heart
That this stranger is my fate
Now I live a life,
A mere player in this game
All I need is a reason,
Because I’m falling in love to the man with no name
‘Until death do us part’

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