Ideal Death

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A Tribute to My Mom who passed away recently...

Submitted: December 05, 2015

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Submitted: December 05, 2015



Ideal Death


Death is inevitable and we are born to die one day,

But to have an ideal death, we often crave and pray.

Oh, My mom! you just proved how it should be,

Your demise set an example for everyone to see.


You lived your life so true to your name,

Like brave ‘Sultan’, everything you overcame.

Your life was full of struggles, trials and hardship,

But your selfless dedication paid off like true worship.


After fulfilling worldly duties, your aim was just one,

To fulfill duties towards the One, we all shall return.

Your complete submission to the will of the Lord,

We all believe, might have pleased Him a lot.


He blessed you with a chance to pray at the Holiest site,

And allowed you to complete all the obligatory rites.

Just when you were pure and sinless as a newly born child,

The freedom of your soul from this world was styled.


When the angel of death came to capture your soul,

Your soul left your body with no suffering at all.

The sacred attire still on your body at that time,

And Holy Book on chest made your death sublime.


You were created from the soil of the Holiest place,

So it called you back to take you in its close embrace.

How ideal is your death and your final place of stay,

That you will perform pilgrimage until the Judgement Day!


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