dying within

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
a young couple facing a serial killer

Submitted: August 06, 2009

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Submitted: August 06, 2009



i'm waiting for it to happen

i'm watching it happen to you

i know it needs to stop

i know how to stop it

but your pain brings me joy

and your screams bring me excitement

it should stop, but i feel no need to

i'll die inside and shrivel into nothiness

if it does, so i make you suffer.

so that i can live for awhile longer

and smile as you beg for me him stop.

you sob and sob and scream and scream

and that just brings more excitement

to this whole thing. he lays your limp body 

down and i wait for him to start on me.

he looks at me and i hear you whisper "run"

but my legs are frozen and i dont want to leave you

but your pain brought me joy and i feel the 

thirst for blood on my tongue and the 

love of hurting people rises inside of me

as your eyes close and you arm falls off the bed.

i stand as he lingers towards me. i pull the knife

out of my back pocket and i lunge at him.

i hear you whimper as i feel yours eyes burn into me.

i wont leave you to die inside, all alone and helpless.

because the truth is "i love you, austyn. and i wont leave you"

he smiles and i know he knows my weakness. you.

the knife peirced his lung and he falls to the ground

i pull it out and continue stabbing him. i feel the thirst for pain

rise again and i watch him die slowly and painfully.

the difference between him and you is, he deserves to die, you dont.

i stared at his limp body as i realize what i had just done.

i look at your limp body and into your beautiful brown eyes

i see a slight smile cross your face and hear you

whisper "i love you more" i drop the knife and throw myself

onto you. i sob for awhile before i realize that you need help.

i pull you limp body off of the bed and try to carry you out of the house

but you're to heavy so i must drag you. i reach the door and kick it open.

i drag you onto the sidewalk and scream for help. a neighbor hears and

comes out he sees your body and runs to us with a cellphone, calling

911. he looks at me covered in blood and asks what happened but i can answer.

i'm in shock. to freaked out to answer him. i hear the sirens after awhile and they take us away.

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