Family Of Horrors

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
An interestingly macabre family unit.

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012



I see you standing and shaking in fear at their feet,
Don’t you know who they are and what they can do?
Let me explain while you shiver sitting in your seat,
Something you must realize is that they are twisted too,

They are bloodthirsty creatures of the night I do confess,
Their names are legendary and their crimes so cruel,
They live in your mind and terrorize the night causing stress,
You want to know what waits for you, who entered like a fool,

That one there is Grandpa Jack with his killer smile,
He lurks in the alleys moving quieter than a mouse,
Quickly and efficiently he continually adds to the body pile,
Lock the doors and windows but you won’t be safe in the house,

With surgical precision he cuts his victims with his knife,
He looks into their eyes as lands each blow,
Staring into their soul as he robs them of life,
Grinning broadly as he feels each heartbeat slow,

He can never be found and certainly never be caught,
Like smoke he suffocates then disappears never to be found,
Their efforts to catch him are silly and he fears them not,
He roams the darkened streets never fearful of the hound,

Next to him is the beautiful amateur physician,
Her angelic features so aptly do lie and conceal,
Her fingers play on that saw revealing their precision,
Something dreadful her nervous excitement does reveal,

She catches her patients and takes them to her cave,
Her laughter rings while their tears and screams flow,
Whispering in their ears about the wounds she gave,
The terror in her patient’s eyes really makes her glow,

She straps them in and begins her macabre trials,
Ripping them open and pushing around she acts like a child,
As she dismembers and attaches alien parts she twists more dials,
She gets more excited and then more thirsty before going wild,

Next to her stands her sister, just as sinister,
She is a succubus seductively quiet and very smart,
Silently and without remorse death she does administer,
She kills all types of men before their eyes can part,

She attacks when they are in the happiest of dreams,
Disguised as a beautiful woman she is really a devil,
Holding their beating heart she listens to their screams,
In their final pain and misery she does revel,

And then there is the uncle, who is a slender man,
With his dark suit and carefully hidden face,
Decades and decades do his observations span,
Always he watches and tracks the human race,

He can never be seen by your petty screen,
His fury is unequaled and can never be stopped,
No matter how many he slays his face is serene,
And in the end his victim’s heads are chopped,

And lastly there is the absolute worst of them all,
Master Of Horror, in fear and awe his name is spoken,
Always delighting in making their sanity fall,
Thriving in your nightmares leaving you broken,

Pulling you in and making you shiver and tremble,
Constructing scenes too gruesome for any man,
With a heart so black he loves to disassemble,
Even Satan, from Hell he had to ban,

Enchanting with tales spoken he circles in your sleep,
Burning your memories and feasting on your hopes,
He’ll carry you into a chasm twenty miles deep,
He’ll play with you, hanging you like a toy on his ropes,

Then there’s me, didn’t you stop and wonder,
Why they haven’t come for you or moved to bite?
Or why they have not yet pulled you under,
You cannot escape so why bother to fight?

You see I’m one of them, a ghostly writer,
All this time I’ve told you how they attack,
Now the sky is steadily growing lighter,
You never saw, all along the knife I held at your back….

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