The Significant,

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A piece I've written about the impact we have on our lives.
I've wrote my entirety into this work of literature, and some of it is hard to understand even for myself.
but hear me, reader, this is my truest recording of consciousness.

these words I write may be the meaning of life itself, or just unrefined ramblings of a false philosopher.
the choice is yours to decide.

Submitted: September 13, 2013

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Submitted: September 13, 2013



A frail mind, constructed at birth to be the man of what fate envisioned him. Greatness.
Atleast, that's what we thought until the paths of fortune seem to blur.
Misfortune weaves itself into our livelihood, and the only thing we can do is pick up the pieces. Pieces of regret, sadness, and sorrow.
When time eventually matures the young mind, reminiscence suddenly envelopes our awareness, the judgement of character initiates the solitude within.
''Why did everything go wrong? Was it my fault? What am I worth? Do I even matter?''
Such everlasting questions, questions that require insight beyond our years.
Simple as they may be, our whole reality depends on the answers.
We search, we seek, and we submit to these answers.
 As if all our understandings could be shattered by these inevitable foretellings.
The world around us never seemed so dark, so detached, so apart.
We ponder on for eternity about the hypothetical, and the seeds of doubt are sown.
We have spent far to long differentiating the conceptions of right and wrong,
corrupt will and the purest intentions.
The delicate variables entwine themselves, and all we have is a complication beyond our understanding.
Such is our reality.
Thinking, knowing, and usurping, all that I've accomplished.
By these crafted words, I lay myself bare to you, the audience and the self-proclaimed arbiter.
My innermost cogitative questions, and answers, for I require your assistance.
This will be my contributation to the clarity of all.
For my life until now, I've criticised to my demise.
Every action I took has been ethereal, no impact and no change.
That was my irrationality, that was my weakness. I've thought but never done.

You, the viewer, the Significant. Hear my proclamation, and become my witness.
I will no longer seek for my resolve, today I forge my own.
I will no longer be swept by the adversity of the past, present, and prospective.
I will no longer let the grasp of uncertainty chain my morale.
Become true and anew, such universal statements bear a heavy weight upon my collapsed shoulders
but I will not falter anymore.
I challenge you to control your entirety.
Rewrite your history, disperse your misery.

The future is the result of the actions taken today.


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