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Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013



Most people who jokingly say ''I came on my screen'' can fathom little of the actuality and shame of the people who literally CAME on their screen.

Let me tell you my story

I was looking for furry porn once in the absent minded search engine of google, and when I found it, my ballsack began speaking to me
As my dear penis commanded me to fap, as I did. It felt amazing, my deepest most vile innermost intentions were focused on that poor furry animal. To penetrate it's defenseless asshole was all I had in thought, mind, and soul.

and when I did, I realized I came on my screen.
Now, it's just lying there, as a constant reminder of my shame. As if a tribute to the madness of my actions.
This is a matter of extreme urgency as we all know, cum when dried becomes a massive annoyance, and may even stain depending on the concentration of sperm in the semen.
As time passed, I realized something
''WHAT THE FUCK. It's literally moving around now, like a raindrop across a window. I think it's taking some sort of shape.

Even as a I type now, my semen quickly expanding, and creating it's own mass? Jesus Christ! It's growing, as if consuming itself, and gaining even more volume.
Should I call the police? No, I'd be too embarrassed... WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT. IT JUST FUCKING CONSUMED MY SNACK BAR. OH MY GOD, IT'S JUST ABSORBING AND EXPANDING. What should I do? Should I attempt to burn it? I don't think living semen is flammable.
I've escaped to my living room, and I'm currently preparing to wage an all out war against my own seed (literally). I've got little munitions on me, and my trusty airsoft gun is currently being stuck in my ass, as I was toying around with it earlier (per-masturbating to furries). Can I expect reinforcements from facebook? No, those cowards would never risk their own well being for anyone else

NO! BARKY! FUCK THAT THING ATE MY DOG. It's last pathetic wimpers were muffled over by this ever amalgamating fiend. My memories shared with Barky were most fond, dating as far back to when Barky came into this world. My dear companion, you will be missed. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten, and I as wage war against this disgusting gluttonous varmint, I shall always dream of our passing days together, Barky.

To fight fire with fire as some more philosophical folk would say. My schemes to defeat this monster would require me to journey into the depths of my soul itself, and realize the true resolve of my masturbating.
To become hard, like a rock. The concentration of boner energy was amassing itself, and I too was amazed. My sexual prowess was, and the loss of Barky was becoming the foundation of my power. My atrocious desire, that spawned this hellion into this world, was becoming my strength to fight. The furry, who's asshole I destroyed, represented my carnal desires.
''You can do this! The world is depending on you!'' said the forgiving furry, who's words of courage instilled passion into my heart.
My first attack began with an undiluted volley of sperm shots, into my sperm. My right hand was controlled by the movement of God himself. The speed of which I fapped was beyond eccentric. As my I bombarded the scoundrel with the essence of my own vitality, I knew this fight would become one of endurance. Would this abomination fall before I was depleted of my own life force, or would my own self destruction become the crumbles of any chance of victory.

Even when I was about to faint, the spirits of Barky, and the Furry urged me on, lending their potent strength and gave me the illusion of everlasting power.
''No! I will never be conquered!''
This unimaginable scene was beyond demented, as any bystander that would have witnessed this would forever become impure, and have their thoughts corrupted.

Was I even winning the fight? Days turned into nights, and the impression of time lurked away from my mind. The only thought I could even interpret was hate and pleasure.
The pleasure of masturbating, and the fury infused assaults on my enemy.
What was existence? To follow our own intentions, and perform to the best of our abilities? What did it mean to be a sentient being? What was the meaning of life? Was I lost in the actuality of my reality or did I forge an illusion to fight? Wouldn't it be better to give up, rather than an continue this unending confrontation?

Fear crawled into my mind, and dug up the remnants of my despair. Slowly, but steadily my so-thought unnerving power was waning, the tools at my disposal were being drained away, and my penis itself was becoming exhausted.
The fight was no longer one of revenge, or for the pitiful animation of humanity. It was for the circumstances of winning only. The pure adrenaline to kill was pulsing in my blood.
Fear and pain was dilapidated with the frenzy of agitation, the meeting of the hunter and the hunter. As the miscreant launched itself at me, my natural instincts evaded the near lethal blow. I expelled more of my sperm onto the sperm-demon. Was it working? Was I a fool just putting more oil onto the flames? Ha! Insanity must have plagued my mind for me to think it would work.
but it was the only choice I had.

The fight persisted, as I threw away the intentions of retribution, and my shallow notions of fighting for humanity. I wasn't a savior, nor a hero. My existence was for my own, and both of us understood that.
Funny how one could lose themselves during times, where our own value was being measured, and the thought of heaven or hell neither mattered. I didn't care anymore, heaven was no longer a place of refuge for when I died, for the angels never helped my purpose, and god cared little of my endeavors. Hell was no longer a place of suffering, as the presence of agony no longer held my comprehension.

The fight, was just a cycle of life.
Physically, my body was just a withered husk, only following the motive of it's host. Mentally, the fight raged on. Was surviving even one of my priorities anymore? fuck, if I cared I probably would have died long ago. To wage war means to completely devote yourself to a battle. I kept forgetting, as the mentality of survival tossed away humanness, and this ordeal was simply a matter of winning. Such a childish impulsion would have been scowled by the residents of Fakku, but I cared little.

After yet another segment of my duration past by, I was left with no more feeling. Dared I look at my rubble of flesh debris I called a penis? No, I wouldn't accept my losses, as the ending was arriving.
Each attack became more decrepit, seeming as if it wasn't even an attempt to harm the beast at all. A spurt of power here and there, whilst weaving around the intangible brute was all I could manage. My hardiness was no longer there, and I stumbled like a fool across my own legs.

This was my boundary, this was my own limitation, I didn't question if I would survive, because it would be the work of some higher power if I did.
The battle was lost, but it could have been easily won for the monster. Why prolong such things? Could it be that it enjoyed toying around with my body, mind, and soul? Weariness persecuted my consciousness, but I could have swore I saw a tear, of sadness stream out of the beasts being.
My resolve to live never faded away, unlike my strength, but I couldn't perceive why the abnormality of the behaviors of that thing was letting me live?

I was the defeated. I was the lesser prey. I was the hunted
yet, I felt a mix euphoria and superficial optimism. I lost the conflict, so I had every right to be annihilated, and to be feasted on by the beast, so why didn't it devour me?
It simply spread it's disgusting mass across my body, and that's when I realized...
I was the creator.
''You fool, I would never wish to harm my own creator'' uttered the miscreation of my own ballsack, ''To protect you was all I ever wanted, and yet you nearly destroyed yourself''.

I felt energy flow continuously back into constitution, and little could I imagine that my own sperm was being returned into my body. Don't ask me how, I'd rather not contemplate how that was possible.
''Why, did you kill my companion you bastard!'' as sanity implanted itself into my consciousness, so did all the feelings, and emotions that I had before I lost sagacity.

''Goddamnit, it's so painful! WHY YOU BASTARD? You gutted my companion and spurred my existence to the point of where I didn't fucking care if I lived or died. EVERYTHING I HAVE IS GONE!'' The resentment was clear in my voice, even I could see that every word I expressed came from the bottom of my soul itself.

The...thing replied, with the harsh disposition of of justification ''I needed power, to protect you! Little did I know that the being you refer to as Barky was important! The safety of my creator is my only priority. I needed competency to shield my maker! The only possible way was by consuming it from other beings!''

The reasoning in my mind was barely available, and only acted as inattentive way for me to respond

''protect me? PROTECT ME? FROM FUCKING WHAT? I've made no enemies!''

It retorted ''Ofcourse you have! The degrading forum habitants of Fakku! The unyielding criticism would forever scar your creativity! Such revolting people only exist for the pure satisfaction of their sadist personality! The insults to your cries of help would be like the flames of hell themselves. Burning, and burning everything you have! That is the true nature of Fakku!''

His words rung like commandments of the universe itself, and at that moment of realization, I accepted.

I accepted truth, I accepted life, I accepted reality, I accepted existence, and most importantly, I accepted my own sperm, and finally I accepted myself.
The instantaneous power of all animation abruptly imbued itself within my grasp. I could control life itself, creation and destruction were simply mechanisms of my endowment. All I ever wanted to know, and needed to know were given to my understanding.

So, why did it feel so hollow?



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