In the nightside darkness (In the dark)

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A grim romance story.

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



In the Dark

By Stanislav Flesherov

Part I: Plot:


It was a cold winter night in Britain. The typical British weather was showing its true power, as the rain was pouring down. The streets were dark, as if some sort of dark matter descended from Hell itself. The streets of Preston city were lifeless. It was very late and no one was walking these metropolitan roads that had now been turn into river ways. The cold wind was blowing viciously, as if Zeus himself was trying to erase all life from the already abandoned, empty streets.

But wait. Just when everything seemed, as if no soul was walking this living terror, a shadow appeared in a dark park. There was someone walking through the alleys of the big park that seemed to fade in the endless darkness. A young man was alone in this vicious night. All by himself, he was walking down the parks of the alleys. He was dressed in black clothes, as if they were tailored by the soulless demons of the underworld. He had a long brown hair that was just going down his back, because it was simply wet. He was stomping the ground with his big leather boots, like the king of the northern warriors.  ?he man sat on a bench, in one of the darkest places of the park. Not even the lights in the park could reach him. Not even they could give him some sort of warmth. He was alone in the night, as the cold rain and the freezing wind were striking him with a tremendous force. “One more time”, he mumbled to himself. It almost seemed as there was no hope for him, as he was just going to become the next victim of the eternal darkness. He lied on the side of the bench, praying that the elements would swiftly take his soul and release him from the suffering that the world had brought upon him. He was fucked up and ready to die.

Just when everything seemed finished, another silhouette appeared. Someone was walking down the dark alleys in this ruthless night. The young man could hear the sound of someone else walking towards him, but he was too weak to do anything, he had given up already. Everything went dark, even the sound of the blowing wind was not pinging in his ears. The final hour had struck and even fate had abandoned the poor man. Suddenly he felt a warm touch, someone was next to him. It was as if the spirits have come to his aid at the hour when he needed it the most. He tried to get up and sit down on the bench. He struggled and forced his will, but it seemed like his limbs refused to obey. Suddenly he felt a warm touch on his shoulders and in the next moment he was up, sitting on the bench. He looked to his right and he saw a young woman sitting next to him. As strange as it seemed she was also dressed in black, just like him, with big leather boots and a long dark hair that was going down her shoulders. The cold rain was pouring down even more viciously and the freezing wind was blowing even more unforgivingly as they were watching at each other. The man was shocked. He didn’t really show it, as he was still looking pretty lifeless and worn off, but in truth the last thing he expected was someone coming down to his aid at this hour. A few moments passed in silence and finally the man snapped out of the shock.

“Who are you… what are you doing here… are you here to get it all over with?” said the man, with a voice so tired and broke, that the young lady could barely hear him.

“No… I saw you lying and you looked like you were dead…  I got worried… I was trying to help…“said the woman with a gentle voice, that indicated that she was caring and she wanted to help, but she was also a bit frightened and worried. 

“You don’t have to do this, I am going to be alright…” continued the young man.

“You are freezing, you don’t look too well… here drink some of this, it will warm you up a little“, the young woman, reached into her hand bag and pulled out a bottle of vodka. “Have some of this”. The man saw this and felt a bit ashamed.

“Listen, lady” He said “You are very kind…” he coughed “But you really don’t have to do this… I appreciate your concern…”.

 “Just drink it! “ She insisted. It looked like the man had no other choice but to accept the beverage and so he did. He took the bottle and poured some hard alcohol down his throat.  “…Thank you, you have been very generous” he coughed again “but I really don’t want to trouble you“.

“Don’t worry, stranger, I am more than happy to save you… What’s your name?” She asked and gave him a warm smile.

“Stanislav” – he said and he gave a smile back ”What is your name”?

“Gwenifer” she said and she smiled once more. “It’s nice to meet you Stani….”.

“You can call me Stan”, quickly said the man and gave her the bottle of vodka back. “What brings you down this lonely, dark park tonight”?

“I just came here for a walk.” said the young woman, with a calm suiting voice, that was like the smooth ring of a silver bell, in the night blizzard. “I wanted some time to think and I decided to come to the park for a walk, I like walking in the dark”.

I like that too” said the man, with a more encouraged voice this time “what a strange coincidence, Gwenifer”.

“Oh, you can call me Jenny, that’s what most people call me”, she said and she giggled, as the cold rain drops were continuing to hit them with a tremendous unforgivable force.

“But wait, why don’t you go spend time with your friends instead… I mean, it’s what most people do, right?” He appeared to be slightly confused, but inside he knew exactly why she was doing it, because he was in that exact position as well.

“My friends… don’t really understand me” She said with a calm voice, “So I prefer walking on my own when I am feeling thoughtful“.



As they were talking to each other in the blizzard, they heard the big clock that was on the top of the grand tower in the city hit midnight. The gigantic bell rang twelve times, signalling the middle of the night. There was still no one else around, not even the usual taxi drivers that drive around. No one… just silence and darkness…

“I know this might sound weird, but that’s exactly how I feel too… I mean…”. He was struggling to find the right words “I only have a few friends and very often they don’t understand me either… I came here tonight because I had nowhere to go, no one to talk to… I just came here on my own…”.

 Stan suddenly got up and walked to the near bushes. He went over there and for a few moments the darkness consumed him. Jenny was wondering what was going on, but just when she was about to get up, to see if he was ok, he came back from the bushes. He was holding a red rose in his right hand. It appeared that he had cut himself, when he was trying to cut the rose, because his arm was covered in scratches. A drop of blood gently went down his arm and hit the cold black ground.

“Seniorita…” He bravely said “Would you grant me one dance under the pouring rain?” He looked quite confident when he was saying this. His back was straightened up, his chest was coming forward and his voice was clear and steady.

“Uuuuhmm….” She was a bit stunned, she didn’t really expect that, because after all, he was just a stranger, but she felt something different, as if something was telling her that this is the best thing that could ever happen to her. In the next moment she snapped out of her amusement and she replied with a voice that indicated excitement “Yes, senior”.

In the next moment, Stan reached into his pocket and got out an old phone. He switched it on and played a nice, slow, melodic song that almost seemed to shatter the darkness in pieces. This pleasant sound was the last thing anyone would expect in this bazar night. 

“This is a very touching song.”  He said “Possibly the best song that two similar souls could dance to. Now, may I?” His right hand suddenly got up and found its way towards her. In the next moment they were dancing under the rain. They both felt warmth that they had never even dreamed about before. It was as if Saturn and Neptune were colliding and creating a new planet that was more beautiful than both of them put together. At that exact moment they both knew that their lives have changed forever, their paths had crossed on the highway of harmony and their ships will now sail in the sea of love, until the day they die. The cold rain and the freezing wind never even stopped, they were becoming even more furious, but no one even cared about them anymore, because a new undying love was born and that was stronger than all the negativity that the world was ready to throw at them. United, they stood together.





Part 2: The bond ov souls


A week had passed, since the cold winter night where the unforgivable wind blew strong as a triumphing Viking champion and the night spread its shadows as if the cosmos itself was consuming everything in the silent night. There were other cold nights and dark hours, but they did not matter now. The passion of the bond between the two young souls was burning brighter than the darkness, warmer than the chilling wind, overwhelming them utterly. 

It was near the time of the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Everyone was bright and happy and peace was everywhere. The old decaying autumn grass and yellow leaves which had fallen from the thick, tall trees that now just stood naked in the landscape, had now been buried under a nice layer of crystal white snow. The park was rather peaceful. On the south east part of the park, there was a giant garden that was decorated with a lot of snowmen, small Christmas trees and thick vigils that were spread across the ends of the walking paths. It was almost like the very air itself was filled with this sweet joy of the atmosphere that all these little things, put together were creating.

“Are you cold”? Stan turned right and looked upon Jenny, who was grinning at him like the snowmen were grinning at everyone in the park.

“I’m fine, this is really fun” she replied as she kept the huge green on her face. It seemed like she really was happy. They were walking across the park, looking at everything and everyone that was surrounding them. The park always seemed to become a really popular place around this time of the year. Usually the park was visited by people only in the summer, when there was less rain. In the rest of the time this very lively park was a calm place with barely anyone around. The only noises you could hear were the birds that were flying around and the sound of the leaves in the windy day. But not around this time of year, now the park was transformed into possibly the most spiritual and bright place in miles.

“Hey, what’s this?” Stan shouted behind Jenny, as he started walking slowly so he could fall behind slightly. Jenny turned around and the first thing she saw within a fraction of a second was a fairly big snow ball flying right towards her. She barely had the time to dodge this one. Just when she recovered, she saw another one coming her way. This one she did not manage to dodge. The snow ball hit her chest and the small bits fell on the ground, covering her boots.

“Oh, you are so dead, mister!” She laughed and she picked up a handful of snow from the ground. Within a few seconds a snow fight had stated and both of them were unloading snow balls upon each other. Jenny seemed to be making them faster, but she was quite a bad shot, while Stan was always taking his time with that, but he seemed to be pretty accurate so it seemed to be paying off.

A couple of minutes later, they were both covered in snow. They were starting to get tired and they were also starting to feel cold. They rubbed the snow off their clothes and Stan made a few steps, making his way towards Jenny. “That was pretty fun”, he said, giving her one of his most sincere smiles. “Hehe, yeah”, said Jenny, but she appeared to be shivering a little. It seemed like part of the snow was melted on her clothes and she was starting to really feel cold now. Stan noticed that and acted on it on the spot.

“Come here”, he said as he took his rather large coat off. It was an old black coat made from real animal leather. He covered Jenny’s shoulders, arms and back with it. “There you go”, he said softly as he drew his arms around her, “Feeling better now?” Jenny suddenly felt unusual warmth beside her. Something she had not quite felt before, something completely unique. That feeling seemed to be sending shivers of joy and temptation down her spine. It appeared as Stan was feeling that too and he acted on it. He made a slow step forward, moving exactly in front of her. His right hand magically found its way around her upper back and neck while his left hand placed itself around her waist. That was it, the perfect moment! The moment after that was followed by the most passionate kiss in the entire universe. The world stopped turning, the surrounding environment did not exist anymore, the snow and the cold were no longer there. Nothing seemed to be there, or at least not the same any more. The kiss lasted for a long moment and then they slowly pulled from each other. None of them were the same from this moment on. Their souls were bounded now. They both gave a part of themselves to the other at this divine moment of unquestionable purity.  

Nothing seemed to be the same again. From this moment on the park was never the same place. Surely the decorations, the trees and the snow had not changed, yet the park was a completely different place for both of them. It was here where everything between them had happened over one week, filled with magic and spiritual warmth. A week ago this place was just the local park for them, but now it was they’re safe place, their land of joy. The afternoon was dragging and the walk seemed to become more and more enjoyable.

“We should totally get a cup of coffee”, said Stan, as he was laughing at Jenny. “I know a good place that’s not far away from where we are right now. We should totally go there, to relax for a little bit and warm ourselves up, with a hot drink”.

“Sure”, she said and grinned at him, “We’ve never actually done that before, let’s go for it”. They both headed to the end of the park, towards the centre of the city. Meanwhile, the typical cold and rainy British weather seemed to be doing what it does best – going bad just when everyone was happy with it. A few small clouds started to float in the beautiful blue sky. Soon they started to create masses and bigger, darker clouds started to form. Rain or snow was on the way for sure. Five minutes later, they were at the end of the park and at that point the sky was black.

“I hope we can get to the place before we get wet”, said Stan, as he felt the first drop of water fall from the sky. Jenny didn’t say anything, but she nodded at him in approval. Another five minutes had quickly passed and they were in the coffee. It had just started to rain outside. “I guess we escaped just in time, eh?” said Stan with a grin on his face.

“I’m glad that we’re not going to get even more wet and cold” said Jenny. “May I ask, why you decided to take me out here?” she asked as they both got a cappuccino and headed towards a free table.

“It’s a nice relaxing place. One of the few places around where you can get a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the company of someone you love in peace. There are not a lot of these places around anymore, you know. Besides, I am a man who knows what he wants and I thought this would be a perfect place to relax and kill some time, isn’t it?” He straightened his back and gave her a reassuring look. He really seemed pretty confident at what he was doing and she recognised that.

“Yes, it is pretty nice”, said Jenny as she sat on the opposite side of the table. “This is exactly what I like about you, Stan, you’re a simple man, you are always in control and you always know what you want. I find that extremely sexy”. She took a sip of her beverage.



Some time passed. They were both enjoying their hot drinks while discussing various things and generally having a good time, laughing. “So, are you doing anything tonight, said Jenny”? She turned her full attention to him, awaiting the reply. It only took a moment, for Stan to answer her question, but it felt like hours for her.

“I have nothing planned for tonight”, he said. Relief filled Jenny’s soul. Stan could sense that she was asking him this question for a specific reason and not just for general information, but he didn’t show that. Instead he decided to just play along just because he wanted to see what’s going to happen next.

“Would you like to come to my place tonight, for dinner? I am a very good cook and I would like to cook you something special. I would like to spend more time with you”. Again awaiting his reply felt like ages.

“Sure, I would love to join you for dinner”. He replied as he gave her soft smile that made her feel comfortable. Now he understood what the entire thing was about and the smile turned into a grin. Jenny felt relieved. She was actually quite worried about the way he would react to that invitation and they were a lot of things going through her head. But now she was relieved. She lied back on the chair and continued smiling. Meanwhile the rain outside was furious. It seemed like the weather conditions were going terrible once more, it appeared as if they were just as bad as they were the night when they met in the cold, dark park. But that was nothing to worry, because now they were together and they were safe.

They finished their hot beverages and called a taxi. In a few minutes the taxi was waiting for them outside the coffee shop. They went out and Stan opened the door of the taxi. “Ladies first”, he said and he made a gentle gesture with his hand. Jenny was flattered by the manners of Stan and got in with a smile on her face. Jenny had never said anything about that but she absolutely loved a gentleman with good manners. There weren’t that many young men around her and the fact that Stan was one of those people filled her with joy. It seemed like she was really happy.

“Oh you’re so sweet”, she said as her cheeks were filling with colour. The rain was hammering down on the car’s glass, the wind was brewing right in the steel of the vehicle and yet the insides of the machine were warm and cosy. Meanwhile the taxi started and off they were towards their first night together.


Part 3: The end and the beginning


A couple of hours had past now. Both young souls were at Jenny’s apartment now. It was dark outside and the unforgiving rain and wind were unleashing their true fury upon the mortal world, just as they did the night they met. Despite the weather conditions, Jenny’s apartment was a nice tidy place. The living room was very balanced. Everything seemed to be fitting perfectly to create a rather cosy environment. There was a corner couch at one of the room’s ends and a nice coffee table in front of it. There was a big desk with some documents on it and a laptop and next to that there was a window. A couple of flowers were standing on the way of the darkness outside and sort of lifted up the atmosphere a little. On the other side of the room there was a kitchen table, bigger and standing higher than the coffee table it had four chairs made of solid wood surrounding it. It was generally a nice environment.  

“I’m going to make you something special now”, said Jenny as she was cuddling with Stan. She got up and went to the kitchen which was the next room towards the back of the apartment. “Would you like to know what it is” she asked him.

“No”, he said, “surprise me”. Stan actually wanted to be surprised. He did not want to know straight away the answer of the question because he wanted to feel the tension.

Some time passed in talking and cuddling and the food was ready. Jenny went back into the kitchen and came back with a couple of plates. On each plate there was some bread, a dish with soup and a dish with salad that appeared to be made out of different vegetables.

“Supper is served”, she said and made a gesture with her hand, which indicated that it was time for both of them to sit down on the kitchen table and enjoy the delicious looking food.  Stan did not hesitate. He quickly got up from the couch and went to the table. They both sat down and started to dine.

Quarter of an hour had past and they both had emptied their plates. “You know, you’re a very good cook, Jenny, this soup was delicious”. Jenny did not say anything. She just kept looking at him deeply with a smile on her face. She felt morally satisfied by the fact that Stan loved her cooking and that was enough for her for the time being. After that they both washed the dishes and laughed together. That only took them a couple of minutes and now that this was done, it was time for the night to actually get interesting. A moment of silence followed the end of the washing.

“Sooo…” Jenny finally broke the moment of silence. “Would you like to see the rest of the apartment”? Stan actually thought this through. He had already been in the small hall, the living room and the kitchen and since this wasn’t really a big apartment, the only thing left were the bathroom and the bedrooms. Was she inviting him over to her bedroom? Was she actually going to take him to her quarters?

“Of course I do”, he said with that same clear and steady voice he had used when he invited her to dance with him in the dark park.

Jenny smiled and started making her way towards the back part of the apartment. Stan followed behind her. A few seconds later they were in Jenny’s bedroom. This room was different than the other rooms. There was a king size bed in it, a cupboard, a wardrobe and a chair next to the window. What really caught Stan’s eye were the decorations of the room. There was gothic imagery all over the walls. Some of them were decorated with symbols as well. Stan did not find that weird, because he was into that sort of stuff as well. It was no secret that he was enjoying underground music that pretty much no one else he knew had heard of and was into a couple of unusual hobbies. However he did not imagine he would ever meet someone who was just like him. It seemed as if that day had come after all.

“I’m loving your decoration”, said Stan after he finished examining the room with his eyes. “The detail of everything and the way everything fits together in the entire composition is just astonishing. However, I don’t think you’ve brought me here just to show me your decorated bedroom. Are you sure you are ready for this?”

Jenny looked at him for a moment. Her eyes were burning and her breath seemed wrestles. One look was all that it took for Stan to understand. She was as ready as she would ever be for this. “You know, I do enjoy pain” she said with a quiet and relaxed voice. This was something that Stan did not expect, but his reaction was positive. He just stood on besides her and a smile appeared on his face. “I know that sounds a little weird”, she continued “but I would like you to gently hurt me”. Stan comprehended all this and for some reason he did not look surprised at all. It was as if he was mentally prepared for this even though it was totally unexpected. “Make me suffer, but don’t let me” she said and it seemed like every word was coming out from the deep insides of her soul. She really wanted to feel the pain. It was like she was some sort of succubus, a bitch from hell itself that had come to this world to feel the human impurity and taste the human sins.

“Very well then”, said Stan, but this time with a different voice. This time his voice was growly, darker, colder, sinister “I admire your decision. If that’s what you want then that’s what I am going to give you. Tonight your wishes are going to go beyond real. I am going to beat you and make you suffer, to love you”.  As he was saying that Jenny went to her cupboard and started to pull out toys from it. Some of the items she took out were spiky bracelets, necklaces, hand cuffs, a leash and a large scourge. Stan was still standing at the beginning of the room. He appeared darker now. His eyes widened and fixated on the items that Jenny had just taken out were indicating that some sinister stuff was storming through his mind.  Jenny took everything she wanted to take out and closed the cupboard. As soon as Stan saw that she was completely finished, he made a move. He went to her, he kissed her strongly and passionately but he also bit her lip. She felt that but she did not say anything.  After that he started to undress her quite quickly. He just grabbed her t-shirt and ripped it in pieces rather than even trying to take it off. He was a mad man in action, in every sense of the expression. He didn’t rip her jeans off but he just unbuttoned them and pulled them so they came out immediately. At this point Jenny was standing in front of him in nothing but her underwear and her bra.

“Now I’m going to have my way with you, woman”. He said with a slightly raised up cold voice. He went by the side of the bed, picked up the handcuffs and put them on Jenny. She did not fight or tried to stop him at all, she didn’t even say anything. It appeared as she wanted to take it all in and go through this madness willingly. What she didn’t know was that she had just made a terrible mistake. Stan handcuffed her for both ends of her king size bed. At this point she was chained for the bed and could not escape even if she wanted to. She was lying on her belly and her back was totally exposed. She was wondering what was going to happen to her next, but she did not say anything, she didn’t question him, she was fully in his control, trusting him with everything.  Stan picked up the leash from the side of the cupboard and locked it around Jenny’s neck. He held the end of the leash with his left hand and he took the scourge in his right hand. He got on the bed and just looked down on her for a moment with that sinister look in his eyes. Jenny turned her head around, watching him with her lips barely open, as if she was encouraging him to start whipping her this second. Would he actually do that? Is he really going to just start punishing her remorseless or would he mount her up from behind and make sweet love to her? Another moment passed and her question was answered. Stan pulled the leash towards him, straightening her back and lifting her off the bed slightly. Then he raised the scourge up and brought it down quickly and with force. The leather lashed her skin and the sound echoed across the room. Jenny made a soft squeak from filled with satisfaction the very moment the feeling of pain went down her spine. Meanwhile Stan’s eyes were now focused on the red mark that she now had on her back. Without saying anything he lifted the scourge up again and delivered it down again with even more force again, and again. Each time he landed a blow Jenny seemed to be going through pain but she was enjoying this sweet punishment. Her facial expressions were representing her pain yet, her genital squeaks and her body language were representing the pleasure she was taking out of it. It only took a couple of lashes and the leather went through the skin. The first drops of blood appeared on her back on the spot where the leathery scourge had landed.

“Oh my sweet Stan, I don’t want to wait anymore, take me now, any way you wish”.

Stan was about to hit her again with the scourge, but suddenly he stopped. “No”, he said. “I am not done with you yet. I told you I am going to have my way with you and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Shut up and take it, bitch”. His normal voice was completely gone now. Instead of that, it was replaced by a strong, sinister voice that even Jenny started to find unusual and a little terrifying now. Stan suddenly got off the bed, reached to his pocket and got his mobile phone out. He called someone and when the other person picked up, Stan gave him Jenny’s address and told the man to be ready for him in half an hour. He ended the call, put his phone back and exited the room. Jenny was a little frightened now, she did not expect any of this.

“Stan, what’s going on? This is a little weird, what are you doing?” She cried out, hoping that he is going to hear her. A minute later Stan came back in the room with a knife in his hand. The sinister grin on his face was on and it seemed like Jenny was not looking at the handsome young gentlemen she knew, but rather a ruthless demon from the underworld.

“If pain, punishment and suffering is what you want, that’s exactly what you’re going to get”, he said and made a cut on her left leg. “I am going to cut you 50 times with this very knife. I am going to kill you, to love you”. As he was telling her all this he was going around the bed making cuts on her limbs. Every little wound was bleeding a little bit and after he circled a couple of times, Jenny’s white clean sheets started to get bloody as she was beginning to bleed from her wounds. In the meantime Stan continued to make his way around her and cut her even more. He didn’t even seem sexually interested at her, he never took her panties or her bra off, and it seemed as if he just wanted to hurt her.

“Why are you doing this? You’re not the man I thought you were Stan, is your name even Stan? Please let me go, I’m scared now.” Jenny’s eyes were watering and a tear dropped as she was saying that. She looked terrified, she really wasn’t enjoying this anymore.

“Isn’t that what you wanted all along? You said that you wanted to feel the pain and that’s exactly what I am giving you”. He stopped for a second and looked outside the window. The bazar rain was hammering down the window and the wind was blowing furiously. “Then again”, he continued “I was going to do that to you even if you didn’t ask me to. Now shut the fuck up and get what’s coming to you”. As he said that he took one of her socks from the ground and shoved it in her mouth so she couldn’t speak anymore. His phone rang and he went out. Jenny was helplessly bleeding on the bed, locked up and unable to do anything. A couple of minutes later Stan returned with a petrol chainsaw and started it up. Jenny realized what’s going to happened and started to shake in a desperate try to escape. She was trying to scream too, but the only thing that came out of her mouth was a slight noise, as the sock was preventing her from screaming. Stan lifted the chainsaw up and landed it a couple of times, chopping her body to pieces. She died instantly.

After that was done, he got a couple of black bags. He put whatever was left of her in one of her and her clothes in the first bag and then the bed sheets and everything else went in the other bag. Two men were standing in the apartment with him. He turned to one of them and said “You know what to do”. The other man nodded and started playing with everything in the room. It appeared as if he wanted everything to look as if that never happened and Jenny was just missing. He was spraying everything so he could remove any evidence of Stan’s actions. Stan and the other man left. A car was waiting down the street. They opened the trunk and left the two black bags there, after that the unknown man got in the driver’s seat and Stan took the other seat. The car started and went on in the night.

“Another one for the collection”, said Stan as he was opening a bottle of Smirnoff. “You know what to do”.

“Sure mate, Tom is going to make sure that no one has any evidence against us as usual and then we’re good to go. I’m going to make sure that these bags are put into use and you just keep doing your thing, you crazy bastard”.

The car stopped and Stan got out. “I’ll see you later man”, he said and gave the guy the bottle of vodka. The car drove off and Stan turned around. He was at the beginning of the park, where he first met Jenny. The night was dark, just like the other night and the rain and wind were unforgivingly strong, just like before. He went inside the park and soon he made his way to the same bench where Jenny rescued him. He lied down as if he was fucked up and ready to die once more. No, he wasn’t lying, he was waiting, waiting for his next victim, that’s going to come and save the man who was fucked up and ready to die.
The circle was complete and everything had just started all over again.  “Oh well”, he mumbled to himself, “One more time”.


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