The End Of It All

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It's just a poem.

Submitted: September 28, 2011

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Submitted: September 28, 2011



It's many ideas, which I suppose

Keep distance repelling on so it goes

It's archs, to vallies, an' arpeggios

Quick-step lemmings in forests who know

Leaving the left, the right will now go

Tis here- The end of it all.


So what is the statement you now care to make?

You live by the sword but die by the rake

And is it all true for good goodness sake

The hill holds no truth as true as the lake

Go tell your men take down what you break

And watch for the end of it all.


Reversals, aquitals, and all that is just

Bring down your hammers and thorns if you must

Take what is given in handfuls of dust

Cheer on the fear from the outskirts of lust

Flaking on drains is only the rust

For now is the end of it all.


The interest to me is mainly of this:

If you see me as truthful, or taking a piss

A timid young boy who may well have lisp

Who speaks not a line that makes any sense

I could go on, but enough of that list

We'll get to the end of it all.


What hour is near? Tis to late to call

Just view the screen that's glued to the wall

You've noticed her invites will never be stall'd

For in what you want is a hunger so tall

Best read you Matthew, your John, Luke, and Paul

On comes the end of it all.


Pound for pound you'll find none as rough

As th'button-cute tailors with hand-warming muffs

You'll ask yourself vaguely how they're so tough

Spill o'er the juice down the brim of the cusp

Scream to the stars your last hearty gruff

'Cause now is the end of it all.


Vivaciously calming, uproarious sight

Waits by her window to hear she was right

So commonly known is their hearts are as tight

As dawn is no more than the birth of fresh light

Unknown you of this, then you haven't a kite

To fly in the end of it all.


Stop near a vendor selling his soul

If he asks you take part in collecting his toll

Tell him your fee: a rub and a roll

He'll give you his time and share his new goal

By then you may live as his hard-hearted coal

Partake in the end of it all.


The sun is a hole and no more than small

So welcome the end of it all.

© Copyright 2017 E Lewis Elly. All rights reserved.

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