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These are the things that can happen to a girl that is told she was given up at 2 weeks at 17-years-old.......... This is written in script form because I bet it'd be a cool play or movie. This is only scene 1-3 out of an unknown final amount.

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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Submitted: October 09, 2009



Katie-Marie: Airalina, come down here, we've got something to tell you!

Airalina: Coming, Mom (Walks onto room)

Katie-Marie: Your father and I have got something to tell you, that we think you should know, since your 17.

Airalina: Ya... Okay... (Katie-Marie and Paul look at each other nervously)

Paul: Back in 1992, you were born.

Airalina: Ya, I think we all know that, Dad.

Paul: Let me finish. To a 15-year-old-girl named Shaina Labra and a 17-year-old-boy named Quincy Valleyhood.

Airalina: I, I'm not following... (Look confuzed)

Paul: At two weeks old, your mom and father thought that they couldn't take good care of you, and that you diserved better than that. So they put you up for adoption, and they selected us to take you in. We're not your real parents.

Airalina: Is this a joke or something, I've been calling you two strangers my parents for the past 17 years? (Act mad and devestated)

Katie-Marie: Baby, we love you and you know that. We just didn't know when it would be the right time..... (Start crying)

Airalina: My mom and dad, they hate me, don't they. They would've pleaded for me back if they loved me. (Start crying)

Katie-Marie: Don't you dare say that, Airie! They loved you, they just loved you too much to put you through that horrible life of growing up like that.

Airalina: Then I want to meet them.

Katie-Marie: Well, we don't know where they are...

Airalina: Then I'll find them, write down their names and parents names, anything you can find for me.I'll check facebook, myspace, twitter, and all of that crap for them, too. I won't rest until I find them.

~~~~~~~~~~Scene 2~~~~~~~~~~

Airalina: I found my mom, I found her! She is currently living in Oregon. I want to fly down there and surprise her that I'm me. (Frown slightly) but, I think she has another child, a girl, probably my brother or something.....

Katie-Marie: Don't worry, we'll buy you a ticket for Oregon, I'l even go with you.

Airalina: Oh, thanks Katie-Marie, but I-

Katie-Marie: Oh what, no more calling me mom, at least foster mom or something with mom in it, will you?

Airalina: Sure, whatever you say mom. But, I could also call her tonight and say hey, I'm your daughter, or would that be to shocking?

Katie-Marie: Whatever you want hun. She's your mom.

Airalina: Your right, I got to get used to that, and thanks for finally telling me. You've been great to me over the years.

Katie-Marie: Welcome, babe. I love you.

Airalina: I know you do, who doesn't (grins and walks out of room)

Paul: Hello my dear (walks in room and sits down at kitched table)

Katie-Marie: Hey Paul, I'm thinking we shouldn't of told Airalina yet. But, at least we don't have to keep such a big secret from our pride in joy right there.

Paul: Let's just hope Lyndsie doesn't start thinking that she's adopted too.....

Katie-Marie: Let's. (hugs Paul)

~~~~~~~~~~Scene 3~~~~~~~~~~

Airalina: (gets phone) Hello, is Shaina Labra there?

Woman: Umm, yes I'll go get her, may I ask whose callling?

Airalina: Tell her it's her daughter, Airalina.

Woman: Umm, okay.....

Shaina: Hello? (very excited voice)

Airalina: Hey mom, this is Airalina, remember me?

Shania: AIRALINA! Oh baby I'm so happy to hear from you, I havent talked to you 17 years! Oh baby how's it in Michigan? Are your parents nice? Do you have a boyfriend?  Have you gotten your period yet? Do you have nice friends? Do you have your drivers liscense? Are you still a virgin?

Airalina: Wow, Mom. I can't believe for once in my life I can say that and actually know that this is actually my real mom. My other parents told me last week about you and my dad. (starts crying)

Shaina: Oh, we have to get together soon! Maybe you can come down some time! How's your next month looking? I bet if your parents didn't mind you could stay down here that long! (starts crying)

Airalina: I bet I could, I mean I see the everyday and I haven't seen you for over 17 years, I bet they could make an exception.

Shaina: Well, do you mind if I talk to your other parents, I can set that up right now, if there not busy.

Airalina: Course they're not. I'll get them right now. But I guess bye for now.

Shaina: Okay babe, I love you!

Airalina: I love you too, Mom.

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