A Love So Wrong

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A short story about a young girl caught between love and her own safety, a short good read with an ironic ending.

Submitted: January 05, 2015

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Submitted: January 05, 2015



Lost and roaming the empty streets in the City of Chicago, Isabelle didn’t know where
to go. She had no one, her mother had abandoned her months ago and her boyfriend had
been arrested earlier that night. She knew he was probably guilty, but she still loved him. Why
did she still love him she thought to herself. Maybe it was his charm or his romantic side, he
always managed to sweep her off her feet. Roses every Monday and dinner dates on
Sundays, he was perfect.
Before her mother had left to “find herself” she was always telling her that she could do
better. “He’s no good for you” she would shout. Isabelle just ignored her and smiled at the
thought of his name. Nobody could tear them apart they were going to get married one day,
“two kids a boy and a girl” Isabelle would sing as they discussed their future together. She
was happy, he was happy it was perfect. Until their lives as they knew it would forever be
destroyed. Justin was a good kid he wasn’t the immature trouble maker he used to be. He
had cut of his ties with old friends, sobered up and got a job. With no highschool
diploma it
was a struggle but he managed to find a job as a line chef at the very popular restaurant
Jimmy’s Steak House. Justin had gotten his life together and nobody seemed to care, except
Isabelle. Nobody cared but people talked, Justin’s old gang still had a bone to pick with him.
Growing up in the ghetto part of town Justin didn’t have very many roads to go down, it
was the gang life or a life of fear. Joining was his safety net, he thought he was set he could
walk down the road with no fear and all the confidence he wanted. For a while he was living
the life he had money, girls and power until he met Isabelle. She was beautiful, intelligent and
she stole his heart. He tried to hide it maybe the feelings would go away, but they didn’t. He
was hooked, he loved their late night talks and their silly inside jokes. He soon found himself
falling in love with this girl, there was only one problem. She was straight edge she didn’t
dress in all black, she didn’t cuss drink or smoke. She wasn’t part of the gang which means
he couldn’t be with her as long as he was one of them. He chose the girl over the gang, he
was happy with this choice at that point in time everything changed.
That cold February night when Chicago PD along with the DEA and International Gang
Force barged into their small but cozy apartment to arrest Justin, Isabelle’s mind was racing.
“Did he slip back into old habits? What did he do? Why did I not see this coming?” She cried
that whole night. Justin screamed for her as they cuffed him and took him to the police car “I
didn’t do it, believe me. I love you.” The police found a gun in Justin’s safe and bloody shoes
in the closet, shoes that Isabelle had never seen before but at this point nothing surprised her.
Weeks went by before she had seen or even spoke to Justin, he was due in court in four
days. She needed to see him, it was time she got the explanation she deserved and she
missed the sound of his voice.
The jail cold and scary with it’s white walls and thick metal locks at every door, it was
so noisy. The locks weren’t the only thing on Isabelle’s mind, she wanted to see her boyfriend.
Oh how she missed him with his scruffy beard and his rough hands, it had been too long.
Beep, it had seem liked the millionth door that had been opened but this door was different. It
was the door that lead her to Justin, “JUSTIN!” she screamed, informed of the no contact rule
she went for it a hug anyways. He was so skinny, “Are you eating? Are you okay? I miss you!
Oh my god, I miss you” she proclaimed. Justin barely able to get a word in just smiled.
“I am being set up, I know who it is” as he rolled up his sleeve, showing his old gang
tattoos. At that moment she knew, she knew what evidence the police had she knew that
there was no way he could have been set up. “It’s not possible, you expect me to believe that
they marched into our home and put that gun in the safe, and hid the shoes with out one of us
noticing that someone had been in the house?” He looked at her with disbelief thinking to
himself, how could she not believe me? It was a lost cause, visiting hours were over and
Isabelle made her way towards the exit.
Isabelle had a lot to think about, did she believe him? Why should she? That couldn’t
be possible she thought to herself. Was the man who she loved a murderer? Maybe her
mother was right, Isabelle would not put up with his gang banger nonsense, she made that
very clear at the beginning of their relationship. She was many things but she was not about a
life of crime and secrets, but as it appeared it Justin was back in the game.
The trial took 14 months to complete, it was a tough decision for the jurors both sides
made good arguments but the state won and Justin was sentenced to life without parole.
Isabelle watched the trial over the news, it was considered a high priority case. The man
murdered was a very important politician Mark Andrews, it was headlined everywhere. The
press bombarded Isabelle with questions and cameras, wanting to know what it was like to
date a killer. She was asked questions like “Was he violent? Did he ever hurt you? What do
you have to say to your exboyfriend?”
She was trying to start a new chapter in her life, she
wanted a doover.
With the press hounding her that would never happen, the constant
reminders of the memories and time she had spent with Justin was holding her back as well.
That cold February night was nothing but a distant memory to Isabelle after the years
had passed. She managed to go back to school and get her degree in Law, she was very
talented at what she did. She worked hard and helped people from being wrongfully accused
of crimes they did not commit. She was content, the press had stopped hounding her months
ago and her life was finally starting to go back to normal. Though every once in a while she
flashes back to her days with Justin, “Does he ever think of me?” she would ask herself

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