The Artist's Block

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"you're a psychopath!" I prefer creative. *there has always been a thin line between insanity and creativity; I for one think that both come hand in hand.

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Submitted: April 07, 2018




It has been said by some that I am a man whose delicate ego is perched precariously on my advancing years and fading virility. But, I wasn't always old. In fact, when I was younger, I had everything, cars, money, and girls - lots of girls. I got my first car when I was just sixteen. It wasn’t much of a car - a flamingo pink 1956 Dodge with the most embarrassing tails fins; it was quite the eyesore. You see, it was my dear old granny’s car - but she died suddenly. Because of her passing, her car was graciously left in my care. Granny had been suffering from arthritis and heart problems for a number of years. The poor old thing was practically living on digitalis and painkillers. It was so irksome to listen to her non-stop moaning and complaining. One day, I got a marvelous idea. Like I mentioned before, Granny took a medicine called digitalis. I had seen a documentary that warned people not to use diuretics with digitalis because they would lose potassium and magnesium. This, combined with digitalis could be quite dangerous, lethal even if the person were frail like granny. My plan was pure child’s play compared to my later acts, even a half-wit could not mess something like this up. In fact, all I needed was some very basic household ingredients. Therefore, I would need to give her something that she could never refuse. I knew Granny was a slave to the classics, she absolutely adored a good strong cup of hot, sweetened tea. All I had to do to complete my plan was to add a couple of my dad’s diuretic pills and then, viola when she took her next digitalis pill, she dropped dead and her loathsome moaning was over. That was the day when I relieved dear granny of her excruciating pains and ended up with the car.

By that age, I had already gained a reputation as an artist. The inspiration for my first sculpture came to me like a vision sent from the heavens itself. I was visiting the museum and was intrigued by an Egyptian mummified cat that happened to catch my eye. The object seemed to still possess its life force, tightly wrapped within its linen shroud. It wasn’t too long before I became obsessed with mummification. For hours, I would sit and stare at Jinx, my cat, wondering what he would look like tightly wrapped up and preserved.

Eventually, I could stand it no longer. I snapped the cat’s neck with ease, removed its entrails and wrapped it in several layers of gauze. I then covered the gauze with a thin layer of clay and left it to dry. When it was still soft enough, I carved intricate patterns into the clay. Once fully dried, I applied the paint. The result was extravagant and unearthly. When I presented it in art class, it was so well received that I decided to create a series. Since our neighborhood was crawling with pets, I had little difficulty finding my raw materials. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my acclaimed career as an artist.

The pinnacle of my career was the piece I called Nora. I was getting kind of bored mummifying animals and I knew I had to move on to something bigger and better. It was like the universe could hear my every wish and desire, because at an opportune moment when I was at the bar I frequently go to, she appeared.  She had a very slender figure, with large bosom and gorgeous green eyes to match. They were like nothing I had ever seen before. Not cold like flint or stone; no, her eyes were sharp and filled with emotion and life. They were warm like a summers breeze, wild and untameable. They were honest eyes. Perfect for framing. Her hair was done up in two raven braids that cascaded down to the small of her back. It reminded of Jinx’s soft, black, silky fur. Nora was wearing a white silk top that wrapped her slender body in all the right places. It didn’t leave much to the imagination, in fact, it made her look just like the mummified cat I had seen in the museum all those years ago. I knew then and there what I had to do; just like before, God had provided me with the perfect opportunity and it would be a great sin if I were to let it go to waste. I had to be clever. One false move and it would be game over, for me and my art career.

Not wanting to sound fake, I smoothly approached Nora and told her that she had the most stunning green eyes I had ever seen. She nodded and smiled politely, as I told her my name while taking a seat right beside her, making sure that our legs were touching slightly. Her face had a slight blush painting her porcelain skin, like red paint being slowly dripped onto a formerly white canvas. she responded by telling me her name as a faint smile graced her bright red lips. Before long, we were having a very intense conversation about everything and anything under the stars. Perhaps, I could have grown to like her, cherish her, maybe even love her, if I had not already decided to immortalize her as my next greatest masterpiece. The task proved simple enough since she was a very trusting and eager girl. All it took was a little false flattery here and a seemingly attentive ear there to make her putty in my hands, perfect for molding into something greater and better-- a work of art. Women are such simple-minded creatures, to put it simply.

This new sculpture was such a success that I found it necessary to create several more. Over the next couple of years, the demand was so high for my work that there seemed to be no end to my popularity as an artist. I am particularly proud of the fact my art has been on display in many public institutions here in my home state of Florida, including Disney World and Busch Gardens...

Unfortunately, that's how you caught on to me. I guess I was a bit sloppy that one time. I have to grant it to you though; a lot of people had looked at that sculpture and never even noticed the blood oozing from it. I guess it would be hard for those foolish idiots to think that the red trickling liquid was anything but paint...

But, you recognized it.

For years I got away with these “in-human” deeds and not once has anyone been intelligent enough to catch on to my ingenious technique.

Oh Well, I guess all stars must fall eventually. It’s been a good ride though and I don’t regret any of it.

The way I see it, when I’m executed on Friday, the world will be losing one of the greatest artists that ever lived. God gave me my gift and God led me to use it.


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