Underneath the Sycamore

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Short poem written when thinking about the mess in this world and how our children's future is going to be with the amount of shit that needs to be mended.

Underneath the sycamore, children play and explore

Knowing of their joy and little more

Ignorant to all except what they perceive

Making dreams of all they will achieve

An image of innocence, before we all become wage’s whore


As parents of these children, we swore,

To do our best and give them lives that they adore

It was never our intention to deceive

Although we chose to be so naïve

Underneath the sycamore


A broken world these children must restore

Will we make them work alone on this chore?

We must learn and teach them not to blindly believe

Lest the powers continue with their ability to deceive

Feeding us distractions until we find ourselves in another war

Underneath the sycamore




Submitted: August 22, 2018

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