Writen map for my stories and verious terms

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Basically this is a sort of written map/world introduction I've created to go along with my stories.

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



"The Realm of Saraia"

Basic Information-

Saraia is one of the many mystical realms, that make up magical mist covered, long ago forgotten planet Of Alurea.The realm itself being made up of four islands Rock Island, Grassy Plains Island,Upper Highpeak Island,and Lower Marsh Island.

As trade, and communication among the island's many inheritance is common each island supplying the rest with specific goods from their island. One universal language known as "Common Script" is spoken through out the realm. Though some of the more isolated settlements on the more remote islands speak a native language of their own among themselves as well.Two such examples being the "Mountain talk" of the miners in the mining camps on Highpeak Island. And the secretive "Fire Oil"(see note on "Fire Oil") merchants and pit workers of Rock Island.
As trade between the islands is so important to the economy of Saraia. It's worth noting,that scattered across the islands are random "Trade Post Shops", that serve as general stores, markets,and relatively safe places for travelers to stay,and traveling merchants to set up temporary shops. As most of these shops are well guarded by hired mercenaries.

It is also worth mentioning that since travel between the islands by boat is common most of the islands except "Rock Island" have at least one port village some times two. And even "Rock Island has a small guarded tavern of some reputation, that serves as the Island's port/center of trade.
As trade and travel among the four islands is so common, many of the islander's share many of the same basic cultural beliefs, and shared history.Though admittedly as is to be expected some historical accounts such as early battles between rival island village leaders,and even some particular details of some religious beliefs and traditions. Tend to vary to favor the particular beliefs of one side of the other depending on who you talk to and where. For there are no universally written hide scrips,paper scrolls or books on Saraia's history. And as such each Island tends to create and manage their own recorded history. Usually in public libraries located in the various port villages throughout Saraia.

The Islands of Saraia And Their Physical Geography/weather patterns-

The islands of Saraia are as different in physical geography, and landsacpe. As they are each in their own unique way magical, and beautiful. The first island we'll describe is the desert like wasteland known appropriately enough as "Rock Island". Rock is a dry, harsh desert wasteland home only to rouge nomadic bands of outlaws, the secretive crime lords who run the fire oil pit (see note on "Fire Oil"). And those too desperate and poor to live else where. Due to the scorching hot days, and almost freezing cold nights, and almost complete lack of rain. As well as the very sparse vegetation, and lack of fresh water watering holes . This island is the is the least populated. As a result there are no actual port villages on Rock Island only the ode trade post shop where the few highly secretive Fire Oil merchants set up shop. And a tavern of some reputation known as "The Lost Tavern". Located on the coast that serves also ,as the only port on the island.Aside from the desert landscape the only other real feature of this island's geography is the scare shaped fissure known simply,as " The Great Gap".

The next island we'll describe is the fertile "Grassy Plains Island"(so named for one of the large fertile plains on the island known by the same name.)
This island's geography is or was originally two, flat, fertile grassy plains known as the "Plains of Grass",and the "Grassy plains", separated by a large forest known as the "Grassy Plains forest". Two large port villages so named "Blademore", and "Harvest" serve this heavily populated island as trade centers. As the climate,and weather patterns on this island are moderate in temperature with regular light rain fall ideal for growing crops for all twelve months of the year. Naturally agriculture is the main source of income for most inhabitants of this island. And many trade post shops dot the land making this island the most traveled and favored by merchants, though ironical not quiet the wealthiest of the four islands.

Now onto Saraia's third island, the rugged, mountainous Island Known As " Upper Highpeak Island". Named for the large mountain range of the same name, that dominates most of the island's landscape. This rugged, mountainous island, supports only one fairly small port village known as"Highpeak Village". "Highpeak Village" runs from the southern coastline to the dense forested foothills region,that lead into the "Highpeak Mountains. And is known as "Highpeak Forest. Randomly placed trade post shops in the mountain, and the forested foothills serve as a trade line,that supports the isolated metal mining camps located near the mines themselves, that are scattered through out the island. During the times when the mountain paths are blocked during the cold snowy winter months(month 11+12). And prolonged travel threw the mountain paths made almost impossible.

Yet despite the volatile weather on this island and the difficulties getting trade during the harsh winter months. Due to the lucrative raw metal material, gem stone trade between the miners in the mountains, the traveling merchants that often opt to spend the winter months held up in the random trade post shops and the port village metal workers, and jewelers. As well as the merchants that visit the village frequently to trade other supplies in return for expensive gem encrusted jewelry, metal armor, and various weapons crafted by the local village crafts men. In return for useful items like extra food supplies, fire oil for lamp fuel, wool and various color dyes from the other islands. As the limited crops, and farm animals do manage to grow/ survive in this hash land are of a far lesser quality and in far less supple the one might think. Thus making Highpeak Island the unlikely over all the wealthiest island, possessing the most stable economy on all the islands.

The final island to be described is the remote marshy island know as "Lower Marshland".This soggy,marsh covered island is make up of one large marshy plain known simply as " The Marshland "Thus the weather on this island is temperate if a little rainy, and foggy at times for 10-12 months of the year. And ideally weathered for growing crops. save for during the the least two months of the year that are majorly stormy. Full of violent thunder storms that last for days. This island has little land that is dry enough to support decent crop growth. And thus the island supports only one small port village known as "Marshland Village. Nestled on a narrow ridge of semi solid land mostly suitable farmland. Marshland Village is the smallest of all the port villages on all four islands of the realm of Saraia. And aside from the ode herb gather/medicine tea maker/merchant the trade post shops dotted about"The Marshland" plains, are almost deserted.

Thus making this island not only one of the least populated but also the second poorest of the four islands. The economy of this island also being the least stable next to "Rockland". Infect this island would have almost nothing to offer at all in terms of trade, and would be even less populated then desolate "Rockland. If not for the abundance of the potent healing herb known as "Silver-Leaf"(see definition note on "Silver-Leaf") that is used to make strong antidote and various commonly used healing teas. As well as other more common healing and cooking herbs

Various Terms and Definitions For the Realm of Saraia

Fire Oil- Is a naturally occurring tar like substance, found in small isolated deposit scattered about "Rock Island". As the name suggests fire oil is refined using heavy stone presses. The end result being the creation of an oily, highly flammable liquid. That while expensive do to the rarity of supply , and the secretive natures of the few merchants that are allowed to sell the stuff on the other islands. Most believe that the reason for the secrecy of the merchants who take take serious vows of silence never to reveal the locations of any of the fire oil refining pits. That if broken at all would result in a very quick and painful death at the hands of the crime lords who run the fire oil pits operation. Is more to do with the cruel fickle nature of the equally secretive crime lords who run the fire pit operations then any other reason. But that is only partly so, the true reason for the secrecy is the simple fact that fire oil deposits are rare ,and the refining process is a long and dangerous one. Thus it's for everyone involved if strict secrecy is maintained else risk over exportation of the rare product.

Silver-Leaf- A very potent, healing herb that grows only in Marshland plains. Prized for it's natural ability to neutralize any poison,or toxin found anywhere on all four islands. This herb also has some pretty powerful healing properties as well, such and curing and preventing blood poison infections, and aiding to stopping the bleeding from all, but the most sever of wounds. Silver-Leaf has even has been known to help ease tummy upsets, head aches, helps reduces most common fevers. And has a very strong soothing effect that makes it valued as a sleep aid as well. Most often this herb s gathered and brewed as a tea.

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