Behind closed doors Jims door

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this is just the start of my first book and wil be getting added to by the day

Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012




Behind closed doors


Chapter one



Sat at his dinning table in his front room with an old tin bath in front of a three bar electric fire, which has two bars on which are bright orange.

Jim is a well dressed man and is always suited and booted. Sat at his table in a smart grey pin stripped waistcoat, He is finishing off his days work which he does at his table every night.


Jim works at a very successful accounts firm where he is very much respected and liked by both colleagues and clients alike, he always takes his work home as he likes to get prepared for the next day over a nice pot of tea, while listening to his favourite music on radio two.


Jim hasn’t yet bought a TV and doubts he ever will. Jim stands up and walks to the kitchen to prepare his tea passing those three ducks flying up his wall.


Jim gets some mustard and butters himself a few slices of bread and returns to his dinning table with a skewer which he pulled from their kitchen draw, the skewer has a fork styled ending to it.


At the table he settles and pours a cup of tea from a brown tea pot into a fine china tea cup. As he stands up again he catches himself in his mirror doing so he adjusts his tie. The picks up his carving knife and


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