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this is the start of a series of books that i am trying to write so check it ouit

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



Behind closed doors

Chapter one

Jim works at a very successful accounts firm where he is very much respected and liked by both colleagues and clients alike, he always takes his work home as he likes to get prepared for the next day over a nice pot of tea, while listening to his favourite music on radio two.

Jim hasn’t yet bought a TV and doubts he ever will. Jim stands up and walks to the kitchen to prepare his tea passing those three ducks flying up his wall.

Jim gets some mustard and butters himself a few slices of bread and returns to his dinning table with a skewer which he pulled from their kitchen draw, the skewer has a fork styled ending to it.

At the table he settles and pours a cup of tea from a brown tea pot into a fine china tea cup. As he stands up again he catches himself in his mirror doing so then picks up his carving knife and walks over to a tin bath he leans over the bath and reaches down and pulls up an arm by its wrist takes the knife and slices two pieces of flesh from it the slices fall back into the bath and float on top of the blood soaked water, Jim puts his knife back on the table and gets the skewer and retrieves the flesh from the water and places it on the skewer and props it up in front of his fire.

Returning to his table he hears a knock at his door which he promptly goes to answer closing his dinning room door as he goes, opening his front door he meets the smile of Cathy a young lady who lives next door to Jim.
“Hello Jim I’ve just brought this round” holding out a parcel. “the postman brought it this morning”
“Thank you Cathy, how are you? “
“Fine thanks”
“Sorry I can’t chat got tea on don’t want it to burn”
“Something nice you enjoy Jim”
“Will do prime cuts” Jim says with a grin
Closing his door Jim inhales a breath of fresh are the air is full of the smell of lavender.

Jim returns to his dinning room and heads straight for his meat, glancing down into the bath of bloody water he sees the face of a young man which is slightly submerged in the water. Jim takes his meat and returns to his table and sups his now slightly warm tea and applies sum mustard to his meat and bread and takes a small bit “perfect” Jim mutters to himself with a smile of contentment spreading

Chapter 2

Finishing his tea Jim goes outside to his car. It is a beautiful spring evening birds singing flowers out Jims garden is always perfect finely cut grass with flowers beds full of colour and fragrance from his lavender plants.

His garden shows of his house where he moved to in 2006 after his messy divorce the house is a new build on a new estate.

Jim heads to the car a light blue Honda civic which is always kept clean and tidy. Jim goes to the boot and retrieves a couple of bags of shopping and heads back into the house and goes to the kitchen to unpack and clean his dishes from tea, putting away his shopping tea, coffee and fruit he places a roll of bin liners on the kitchen worktop

Finishing his tasks Jim heads into his back garden again a perfectly manicured lawn where he meets his dog a cocker spaniel, Jack is a lively thing but very friendly and playful heading towards his garage petting jack as he goes Jims notices a bird entering one of his bird boxes on his fence which makes him feel good.

Going into his garage by the back door is a large chest freezer to the left and fishing rods fastened to the wall, the floor has lino down as he does a lot of fishing and it’s easy to clean when he guts the fish. To the left of the freezer is a large grinder on a stand which he heads to and pulls away from the wall. The walls are all painted white in a expensive paint that gives a plasticy feel but it’s waterproof and easy to clean.

Jim takes a large bow saw and Stanley knife some large hedge cutters and an axe and he arranges them neatly on the garage floor, he removes a large plastic sheet from a cupboard that is above where the grinder came from then he make his way back to the house, he moves the table and chairs to one side and lays the plastic out on the dinning room floor which meets another piece of plastic that is already underneath the bath, he heads for the kitchen and returns with some duct tape and joins both pieces of plastic together.

Jim heads back towards a cupboard under his stairs and pulls out a pair of overalls and pulls them on over his good clothes then returns to the dinning room closing the door behind him.

Jim walks over to the bath standing behind it he bends over pulling a head out of the bloody water then pushing his arms down under it’s arms he pulls a body out of the water and it falls onto the plastic

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