Jims door chapter 3

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chapter 3

Submitted: September 19, 2012

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Submitted: September 19, 2012



Chapter 3


The Killing


Jim is a respected member of the community and helps out whenever he can he takes part in the local church and volunteers with learning difficulties and also works with the homeless once a week handing out drinks and food which he gets a lot of satisfaction from. He see some of the regular on a weekly basis and some turn up just on the odd occasion while just passing through the town which is good as Jim gets to see some new faces and gets to hear some new stories and fresh conversation which he like.

Doing this voluntary work is strict you cant get to close to people or become friends which Jim doesn’t but it is difficult not to feel sorry for some of these people and Jim does offer to let some people stay at his home the odd night if they stay quiet about it and no body does say anything as the prospect of a hot meal and a comfortable bed helps to keep their mouths shut.

Jim was talking to a young lady about some problems she had although she is starting to turn her life around Jim talks to her every week and is fond of her and helps her as much as he can getting her information for her and he always likes to catch up with her. Chatting to her he notices a new face out the corner of his eye. A young man he has a back pack on and a holdall over his shoulder and a baseball cap on.

Jim approaches the young man asking him if he is ok and if he wants a drink and something to eat which the man gladly accepts.

“My name is Jim”

“Hi my name is Harry”

“Are you just passing through I haven’t seen your face in these parts before”

“Yeah just passing through on my way south not sure where yet”

“So no plans then”

“No just going south and something may turn up”

“So where are you staying”

“Just sleeping where ever I can where ever its dry”

“Where you staying tonight”

“Not sure yet”

“I have a spare room if you want it just for one night you would be welcome”

“That would be good”

“I am not meant to do this the people I work for don’t allow it so it will just be between you and me ok?”

“Yeah that is good with me as long as I am warm for a night I don’t care”

“Ok I will finish of here and I will meet you outside the car park”


Exiting the car park Jim pulls up and Harry jumps in putting his bags on the back seat. Driving back to Jims it is quiet in the car just music on the radio.

Driving up the high street Jim asks “are you still hungry”

“A little bit”

“Would you like some fish and chips?”

“Sounds good but I got no money”

“Don’t worry about that you my guest for the night”

“Thank you

Jim pulls up outside the takeaway and goes inside returning with the fish and chips and some buns.

“A meal for kings” Jim says with a smile.

There is just a short drive to jims once there jim hoes in and puts the kettle then goes into the front room

“Sorry Jim says I don’t have a tv the radio will have to do”

“Retro don’t worry I don’t have a tv either” the both laugh.

“I will get those chips do you want a cuppa a tea to wash them down with”

“Yes please”

Jim brings in the food and leaves it in the wrapper then brings in the tea.




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