To Her Royal Queen Of Hearts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a poem I had written a few months back about a girl I used to be friends with, but left me after a series of mistakes we made. Funny enough, she did speak to me for a while not too long after this was written, but mysteriously vanished from history again.

Dear Queen of Hearts,


Tonight, I search for you again and again
Melting away in my own personal glorious sin
A year and half I spent with whom knew me better than the rest
Out of all the seraphs I dedicated time to, it was she who was the best
I would never regret a second spent in the company she gave
In fact, I pray for a way that it could have been saved
Perhaps I don't deserve her, the definition of a beautiful friend
O God, must happiness always end?
Never once was I given the chance to see her in the flesh
Very seldom did I hear her voice for back then I could've cared less
But is it possible to stitch the mends together, to end the pain?
For never can it be too late, we may turn it all around and have something to gain
Happiness, Friendship, and the thing we once had called Love
The thing given to you and me that's as gentle as a dove
But how can I when you are nowhere to be found, and your hatred for me grows?
Leaving me with the sort of feeling that a man who died alone only knows
You were a part of me, and I was a part of you
There is absolutely no use in denying it for we always been stuck like glue
But before I get down to my final task
I have just a few for you that I must simply ask
Where are you now?
After you left me for dead, searching only for thou
Do you think of me?
Like I do for you every second of every day, until I see
Do you miss me?
Or would you just rather continue spitefully to fill yourself with glee?
Will this pain ever end on a happy note?
Or will it be inflicted over and over again like a knife to my throat?
You are the only girl I would proudly admit falling in love with
But now my heart fills with more dread than Beethoven's Fifth
I hope that you shant view this letter, for it would kill you if you only knew
That - since the day we first spoke to one another - I always loved you

~Ace of Clubs

Submitted: March 11, 2012

© Copyright 2020 EagleOfMordor9615. All rights reserved.

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