The Storm *A very Short Story*

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A girl watches as the land she once knew like the back of her hand is destroyed by The Storm. I wrote it last year for a quick-write activity in English.

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



The wind whipped around the corner, moaning and whispering to me that a storm was on the way. The warnings had not begun, but I knew that I would be taking shelter soon. A green color had taken over the once blue sky, making it churn and rumble. The radio behind me began to make a static sound, drowning out the voices. It would cut in and out between connections.

Alert! Alert! Alert! A storm is on its way.’ The radio faltered but worked its way back to being audible. ‘Please take shelter in a room with no windows. If that is not possible, stay as far away from the windows as you can.’ The broadcast cut out once more. ‘Again, please take shelter!

The radio seemed to talk forever, saying the same message over and over again. Eventually I turned it off and looked out the window at the black clouds.

The valley had been so beautiful a few hours ago. Now that the storm was coming, it appeared that nature had gone insane. The wind roared like a freight train, the sky turned a sickening green, the clouds looked like they had been made from ash, and the air became uncomfortably cold.

As I sat on the window sill, I watched as a tornado began to develop in the horizon. The beautiful land I once knew was now being destroyed by The Storm.

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