I find Blackie silently sitting in the corner???
Three years after we adopted her, 14-year-old me and 8-year-old her are finally besties, we are inseparable every day.
Peekaboo is her favorite activity. She never gets tired of it, it can always kill an afternoon.
Although the language and the species are different, I can always feel that Blackie and I have a deep spiritual connection. So communication is never an obstacle.
She is furry, like really furry. Her black sleek fur makes her the spotlight anywhere.
But the doctor diagnosed my animal fur allergies when I was five. A pet was not allowed in our house. After I begged my parents infinite times, they finally allowed me to adopt Blackie from the shelter on the day I turned 11.
She means more than a pet to me.
I can’t stop and control myself while touching her, and I can’t remember the last time I touched her, just can’t.
Blackie had become our family member. She had successfully converted my parents through her mild manner. I mean, you can tell from the wall that is full of her pictures!
She probably has had a bad appetite recently. The cat food seemed untouched in the cat box and unattractive to her anymore. Every morning, Blackie would suddenly disappear, making it impossible to find her, and there was no response even when I threw her favorite ball.
But she would appear again in the early morning, her whereabouts will never be traced.
We finally get a chance to play your favorite peekaboo again. I know you are afraid of the dark, but this time you choose to hide in the wooden box.
This year I’m 17 years old, but you are still 8…

Submitted: February 27, 2023

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