Lingerie Football, Seriously?

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This article is my opinion on why lingerie football is a negative "sport" for women to agree to take part in. In it I talk about the reasons why lingerie football actually exists, and why I hope women will start to boycott against it.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011




Why is it when men play in their professional football league they wear the complete normal football uniform, and when women decide to play football they wear lingerie?

There are many reasons why lingerie football exists, and every single one of those reasons seems difficult to understand to me. I know you are probably thinking just don’t watch it if it you don‘t like it. Well, I do not watch it on a regular basis, but I have seen it, and instantly I felt bad for the women playing. Yes, I know the women in the leagues chose to play, but that is one of the reasons why I feel bad for them.

I am a strong, athletic woman myself, and I’m defiantly all for showcasing women’s empowerment. I do not find wearing lingerie while playing football as an act of women’s empowerment. I know a large reason as to why lingerie football leagues really exist has to do with the commerciality of it, but that is a whole other thing in its self.

Yesterday on the news I found out Cleveland now officially has a lingerie football team. I decided to listen to the whole news segment to see if anything about this league existing would not anger me. The news segment only deeper installed my dislike for these so called athletic women.

When interviewed the players stated how you needed to not only be good at player you also need to be pretty. I wondered by whose definition these women were considered pretty. It made me feel as if maybe the reason a lot of these woman plays has to do with them needing special attention to remind them they are “pretty”. I feel saying the women who play have to be pretty opens up a whole other issue. It is as if you could say whether or not you are pretty has to do with rather or not you look good playing football in lingerie.

Another point one of the girls made had to do with those who play being real athletes. I do not doubt many of them are athletic, but if they are really focused on being taken seriously and thought of as true athletes why must they run around in such skimpy clothing? I’m not saying they have to dress the same as the men to play football, I just feel their outfits can be more tasteful than they are.

In the end it really does not come down to the lingerie they wear. It comes down to the principle of the thing. I just feel when women agree to take part in things such as lingerie football they are not really making a choice for themselves, but they’re setting an example for all women.

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Lingerie Football, Seriously?

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