You're Not So Bad

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Teen Pregnancy.

Submitted: September 13, 2009

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Submitted: September 13, 2009



God I Was Stupid

That Night

That Party

You Would Be Ashamed

But I Will Never Tell You

I Used To Think That I Hated You

That You Would Ruin My Life

That You Were A Curse

I Carried You With Disgust For Three Long Weeks

And Then

A Bump

I Felt It

The Lightest Of Pokes

And Then

I Got To Hear Your Heart Beat


Does It Awlays Go That Fast?

When I'm Sad, Some Times You'll Kick

As If To Tell Me

It's Alright

You're Here

And Then The Day Comes

It Hurts And I

Start To Think I Hate You


But Soon It Passes

And There You Are

In My Arms

Looking Up At Me With Big Blue Eyes

You Smile

I Smile Back


I Love You

No Matter What

You Didn't Ruin My Life

You Changed It

You Aren't a Curse

You're a Blessing

You're My Baby

My Little Emma

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