The Weeping Willow Tree

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Weeping Willow Tree

Some length across the wasting way,

two old and hoarish houses stand with nothing to say.

Their glossed paint’s all a-peeling,

and the oaken wood’s started at last to crack;

they’re fading, no longer even half appealing.


Those two alone watch what's left to see,

and out in front the one, stands a lovely,

lovely willow tree.

The street they live upon

is shattered and aging;

neither end remains--both are gone.


There’s no way, really, to reach there,

nor no way to take leave of the puzzling pair.

The sun, like the road below,

forgot the lost long ago;

each night is endless as it is cold.


Two souls aside live lonely here,

the first maudlin manacled, the other by fear.

The only lights to be seen at all

shine out softly against the pulling pall-

One on one, the other on the other.


Sometimes in this province of dark,

one would step outside and dare to embark

but they’d remember the past

and think of the portended futures

and would once again consider leaving last.


But on this new night,

there bravely shone a different sort of light,

a lonely lovely bright broke out in the gloom

and alighted upon the weeping willow tree--

A pillar of surly starlight wove together now

and danced on the earth simply seeming to avow

that the darkness had lasted long enough

and that though the years had ridden rough...

Well, would you look at that?

Some length across that wasting way,

there came out two hearts filled with words to say

and they looked at each other, a vivacity and a virility,

one at the other, and the other at the one,

and fell to fate; what was done was done.


Though the street, at length by,

simply ceases to be,

and the darkness still pervades the sky,

pierced at last by a mote of moon gray--

the willow tree stands forever within:

a spot of celestial circumstance,

and, if you look closely, it even sometimes grins.

The two who came to see, examiners of chance,

found what lay across the road

and chose to ignore what the past would bode;

crossed across the wasting way,

and carpe diem, seized the day--


You see, they found each other lovely,

and sent an invite,

to Eternity.






Submitted: October 06, 2015

© Copyright 2021 eavent. All rights reserved.

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